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  1. Wouldn't LEDs and Phiber Optic rods require a power source? it'd be kinda bulky to have a 25 mm figure with a battery back twice its size dangling behind... :P
  2. I'm not familiar with Michael's. Can anyone give me a URL?
  3. I was working with zap-a-gap, and accidentally got some on thay grey sponge-like material that comes in minis boxes and packs...After a couple of seconds, the impregnated area swole up and turned green! This is something definitely worth getting into...has anyone seen this as well? Have they used it for something useful/nice/etc?
  4. since I have never painted drow, this is purely theoretical, but... since obsidian is really glassy, how would it look if one painted black, did some highlighting in white or very light gray, and then semi-glossed the skin? I probably am taking the "obsidian skin" thing too seriously, but I think glossy, glassy black...
  5. I used to have a rather small lizardmen army when I used to play Warhammer (now I paint purely for pleasure). I decided I didn't like the way GW had painted the skinks, so I took a book on rainforest tree frogs and painted each one (I had only one unit of 10 skinks) with patterns from various poison frogs. Unfortunately, I sold the whole thing away, but since I was rather new when I painted them, I figured I will buy some more at some point and redo the idea, only better. I'm thinking semi-gloss to simulate wet skin, and drops of white glue or resin to simulate water drops. Dunno if this counts as "special effects", but I was mighty proud of them.
  6. good thing I'm not a fan of the golden demon award, then ;) I like Haley's work. She seems to understand the effect of light on a figure better than most. I won't repost my opinion on Wong, tho.
  7. He is? I never really liked Bobby Wong's work too much. I feel that his work feels to much like a picture, and not as a mini. Shows what I know...
  8. I find myself using mostly white, but once in a while I like to experiment with weird primer colors. The owner of a gaming store in colombia had the coolest ideas: He bought himself an airbrush, and he'd mix "custom primers" according to what he was going to work on. I remember he telling me he had use tan and light green on occasion. Has anyone else tried such things? what were your results?
  9. I myself don't black/darkline. I have found that just with good shading, whether by dark blends or washes. Darklining (IMHO) feels too much like I'm doing a 2-D picture on a 3-D medium.
  10. Thanks for the advice. I too was under the impression that reaper didn't make bronze (why, oh, why??). I was hoping to avoid buying citadels (I am half planning on "accidentally" letting them dry out), but, if after trying the mixing advice I am not satisfied, then I will resign myself.
  11. To those who have used these interferences, could I request some pictures of finished projects? They sound like something really cool to use on minis, but I don't know exactly what they are, so I can't translate it to spanish so I can ask at art stores here. I figured that if I have pictures, I can show the art stores' people.
  12. I was hoping on some pointers on how to mix a nice bronze color. I acquired a mint Draconians set from Ral Partha oin Ebay (God, I suffered during that bid), and I want to do a really good job. But I don't know brass and bronze too well, so I don't know the difference between them. Thanks for any help.
  13. Not to nag, but I feel it's important to reiterate the point about safe disposal of all these chemicals. They are indeed rather toxic, and not only can cause health problems, but also cause environmental bruhahas if one goes overboard. In so saying, so I don't become "the nagging newbie", I will supply my meager knowledge of this by telling you what I was told by a supposed expert :) paint thinner (mineral based): If the quantity is small, it is safe to dispose of via the drain. if it is a lot (ie: most of the aforementioned "death tanks"), the chemical should be placed in a glass container and marked, then given to the trash collector or recycling center for safe disposal Acetone: In small cuantities, the best thing is to let evaporate. In large quantities, there are many recycle centers and institutions that will take that waste and recover it (eg: )." target="_blank">chemrec" target="_blank">chemrec" target="_blank">chemrec" target="_blank">chemrec" target="_blank">http://www.chemrec.com">chemrec). Brake Fluid: Yes, feed this to experts as well. Only this time, it is not reccommended to flush even small ammounts of it (it is VERY toxic, and can cause failure of the nervous systems and kidney, if ingested). Yes, you are all welcome to yell at me :)
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