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  1. welcome broode... Terrans are definitely Fun, Outek is a master of tactics... trust me I have been on the recieving end of his knowledge several times... the fun thing with Outek is you never know WHAT he will pull out of his head... usual conversation game? sure? points? number given him select option number usually 1, 2, 3 I choose number game begins massacre ensues my terran unit is the 32nd Meusoc UTFF Marines
  2. broode.... I know Outek perosnally and his, castlebuilders, and sergei's conversion abilities are absolutely incredible... I haved learned so much from them.. best of all, if you ever run into them at a con or event they are more than willing to share thier knowledge with you... they are all awesome peeps...
  3. I am not aware of any free software... ArmyBuilder EX is a pretty decent program and is only 40.00 as far as data cards and such that have the current stats goto the Rage Cronicles link at reapergames.com and those are free for the asking. from there just use pen and paper to point out your army.
  4. I am planning on doing a CAV CityFight scenario Tim... littlebit more refined than last years but no less fun... this would be for both orgins and gencon...
  5. castlebuilder FYI this link Heavy Gear Resources page: http://www.dp9.com/Funhouse/Aids_HG.htm (Look at the Paper Terranovan Scenery links) no longer valid.. went to both the links they show but no product matching your discription about the only link that showed buildings is the last one... (9.00 download)
  6. As much as the Army likes to blow their own stuff up, nothing really beats a precision air strike from the Air force....... Mike Yup, they're great at blowing up the Army's stuff, of course if you want to blow up the OTHER guy's stuff you need to find the Navy or, better, the Marines air power.... Sorry, sethoman, I had to say it. DRG OOOOHRAH +1 The only Air Force Bird i ever got excited to see besides BUFF was the A-10 Warthog... f-16's and 15s are nice but they don't really have the werewithawl to mix it up in Close Air Support... as far as the BUFF hey, anything that can drop THAT many bombs etc is awesome.... yes when i was in the corps they did a actual 3 ship arclite demo for us my posistion was about a mile away and we could still FEEL the impact of the ordance...
  7. tours of area 51 where do i sign up yes i step out of da shadows.... been up to my eyeballs.... my lovely wise advisor at school had me take a 6 week course... (mind you this is normally a 12 week course so i have been up to my eyeballs in schoolwork, have made a few breaks but have been very busy...
  8. one time... one of the few times i tried a cleric character in D&D, this was second edition.. i went to do a healing spell on a badly wounded character... i said oh this wont hurt at all.. did the roll i rolled a natural one... end result one dead pc
  9. my deepest condolences Erin I will keep you and your family in my deepest thoughts
  10. Aryanun PM me please concerning paint rack please
  11. awesome pics sergei.... I love thee look on Castlebuilders face looking at Godzilla on the board..
  12. so far from what i have seen I love the new cards especially the Rach stuff i am with Castlebuilder time to make a force and call it the zoo Jackals, cudas and moguls oh my
  13. well, i could see that as a possibility... however consider real life... missile team launches missile and then subsequently gets hosed.. missile does not auto explode at that time it will still go along last course.. or if laser guided may go a bit off course.. I am figuring that the cruise missiles are also smart enough that once they have their data programmed into them they will go on regardless of what happens to launching team.. that is what happens with missiles like the ALCM, Tomahawk etc.. they are programmed at launch point with data and then sent on thier merry way to cause havoc and destruction.. once launched they rely on the data that was programmed within them.. this was done so as to reduce the effectiveness of enemy jamming...
  14. just a note chrome.... when i have gone to print the document I wind up with 2 copies of page 21 (faction doctrines(adon, malvie and Rach) and the templar and terran doctrines dont print at all. I am doing this in print even pages only (for preperation for 2 sided copies) mode
  15. will that be increasing the points cost.... I like the new Kahn 74 and Vanquisher 74....
  16. Makes mental notes Very awesome job on the Rach Cards.... me happy Pat understand about RL.. have my hands full as well
  17. makes mental note to keep games small with outek so he can field less tbirds I am tickled over the changes I am seeing
  18. I like what i see... I, Like Castlebuilder look forward to what the Rach have in store for them.... I look forward to the final product on what is coming.... have the laser printer on standby for much CAV goodness.... Hats off to the reaper and mil-net crews
  19. first find out if he likes hot wings second... you need liquid refreshment to wash them down sends vutpaki 1/5 of Jack and couple of 2 liters of coke classic Many thanks vutpaki
  20. yup that one..... sounds good to me.... I had a bad bout with sleep apnea last night
  21. i clciked on the rage cronicles link gus and it still shows RC07 however data cars section is correct...
  22. I am very impressed overall with the designs that are featured in shards...
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