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  1. Ok, it took me awhile to get back on and post her, but, I touched her up, using all of your advise, and came up with this...I'm not sure I like it better...the wings still look terrible, they really do need to be smoothed out, but I just didn't feel like working on her again before I posted her...I took straighter pictures, I would have used a brighter light source, but when I did, it made her skin look grey for some reason....Also, the green thing in her hair, is a hair tie...I've noticed allot of people don't paint hair ties, but I like adding them....thanks sooo much for all your advise, and compliments...I'd love some pointers if anybody sees anything else they think could be done better... Linked for nudity http://i115.photobucket.com/albums/n287/XgamerXchickX/1.jpg http://i115.photobucket.com/albums/n287/XgamerXchickX/7.jpg
  2. Thanks for the advise, pointers, and reminders about CMON...I plan to fix her up tonight, I'll post new pics of her once she's touched up, and see what everybody thinks...
  3. Well, I WAS happy with her, until I looked at other paint jobs of the mini...and saw her rating...That's my problem, I care allot what other people think of my minis, my fiance never quits telling me that if I like it, it's fine...And he's right, but after I see better paint jobs, it makes me hate my mini, even if I loved it before hand...That, in itself, has almost made me give up painting a few times, I'm to much of a perfectionist, and I let it get to me when I can't make something the way I'd like it to be... Could you tell me what you think I need to refine? That'd help out allot...ever since I looked at the score, all I want to do is make her paint job better, and I for some reason can't figure out how...the familiar is a bit rough, I want to re-paint his wings like a monarch butterfly (I think that's the right kind...), and I was thinking about taking away the dark blue on her wings and making it light blue, or even light green...and maybe giving her more shading on her face...But, when I suggest these things to my fiance, he calls me crazy and tells me to leave her be... Thanks for the props though, I really appreciate it, it's nice to know that I'm improving, even if I can't see it...and that people still remember the work I posted on here awhile back...
  4. Ok, here's a mini I worked on for freaking ever, and I thought she looked really good, atleast a 6.5 on CMON...BUT, after a few votes, I had a 5.7....I hadn't painted in awhile, I took a break from all things miniature...but I didn't think I'd gotten worse at painting just because I took a break...I usually can kick out really nice stuff if I try, but after 4 days of work...I came up with this...HELP!! What's wrong with her?? Be brutally honest, please, I need it... PS...I know the highlighting on the wings is WAY to rough...I plan to fix that after I find out what else needs to be fixed....
  5. Magdalena


    This is just my opinion, but I think the black lining on the boots is to thick...BUT I've only done one serious attempt at NMM, so I might not be in the best position to give advise...
  6. WOW....that's all I've got to say...WOW....I was convinced I was terrible having 200, after I started reading the posts I was shocked at how many unpainted minis some people have on here, and jealous of the people who barely have 20 and such...I suddenly don't feel like I have TONS of unpainted minis...just, a few, lol
  7. Just curious, how many miniatures do you estimate are in your unpainted pile? I would say I probably have around...probably 200 possibly more, but that's because I've bought a few GW army boxes and haven't gotten around to finishing them, not to mention the 50, maybe more, reaper etc. minis I have that need to be painted...Sooo...how many do you have??
  8. He was my fiance's mini originally, he painted him up really nice, but never really liked how small the sculpt is. Not to long ago he let me strip him of paint and try painting him myself, I wanted some practice at painting NMM because I have a Master of Carnage that I need to finish, all that's left is the NMM on him, and I've been reluctant to do it, because I don't want to ruin him, he's coming along nicely. Thanks for the props on the free hand, it came out ok, I think I could have done better, but I wasn't going for *to* fancy of a paint job since he's a tester mini for NMM, and I'll probably try re-painting him on a later date(After I finish the HUNDREDS of other minis I have to paint), I really like the mini, and I had fun painting him. I'll try the dark lining, and I do plan to change the light source on his shield, also, I'll try a deeper base coat next time I do NMM, thanks for the tips and such ...
  9. Okies, I've posted him on CMON as is, and later, when I get arround to touching him up, I'll post him on there agian, but for now... his CMON listing, if you care to vote http://www.coolminiornot.com/151723
  10. Neat drawing, it reminded me of a concept necro warrior my fiance is working on, I scanned it in real quick, it's not done, but it's a start, but I just trimmed out the un-finished portion for now...just figured it fit the subject, I'll probably have a finished version later today, if anyone wants to see.
  11. Ok, just wondering, not criticizing anything, but why doesn't anybody ever paint the hair ties on the GW wood elves? I've noticed most people just leave it the color of the hair, and it bugs me every time...can anybody tell me?
  12. Excellent paint jobs, I love the monks, this is one of the first times I've seen them painted REALLY good, I also LOVE the gargoyle, I have been wanting to get that mini for some time now, oh, and the praying paladin looks amazing as well...I could go straight down the list, I suppose what I'm trying to say is excellent work!!
  13. Hmm, yes, I totally forgot about my light source on the shield, I think I painted it with the model turned upside down or sideways, so I spaced where the rest of the model's light source was, I'll have to fix that, thanks for pointing it out.
  14. Thanks, I wouldn't have done quite as well if it weren't for my fiance being here to give me pointers, I took pictures as I went along, then he'd say what he thought should be done, he doesn't use NMM, he likes metalics better, but it was still allot of help having his eye to help me... Thanks, I'll go ahead and try a glaze over it, I'm guessing smoke is a dark grey? I want to start using reaper paints, but I don't really have the money to buy a set right now, and my fiance likes the craft paints, if I buy reaper paints, I'll be the only one using them, which is another thing that has discouraged me from buying them aside from the money, but I plan to get some soon, I"m thinking about buying the master series, it seems to get pretty good feedback... Thanks, that sounds like a recipe I got off of the pinned post for paint recipes, I tried it on the spear I did, it came out really nice actually, but I just got lighter with dark greys, light grey, and finally white, I'll definitely take your advice, along with everybody else's on here, my fiance has never painted NMM once, and he helped me out allot when I was painting that...
  15. This is my first real attempt at NMM, my actual first attempt was on a spear blade, but this is the first time I've ever done NMM...I suppose I'm satisfied with him, I think he's pretty good for my first try at NMM. If you could, I'd love some tip and pointer on how to make it better, the recipe I used for the silver was [Dark grey, medium grey, light grey, and then white] And for the gold it was [Medium brown, medium brown mixed with yellow and bit of white, then yellow mixed with white, then white] I'd give color names, but I use paints I get from a hobby store, Americana paints, I think. Anyhow, if anybody could give me tips and such to make it look better, that'd be awesome, because I want to get good at NMM before I attempt it on my Master of Carnage...Thanks!! {oh, by the way, his face and such still need to be touched up, but I plan to do that after I touch up the NMM with tips from here ]
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