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  1. Cedar

    Skoli figs

    Yeah, sneak peek. I just got a chance to use my skoli figs in a game. I treated them as tieflings with SR 11 +1/level. Then just added a couple levels of fighter. Cool. Made the PC's nervous which is always a good thing. Oh, the male was J'ferrel, the female J'sette :oh:
  2. What about instructions for quoting other posts? I remember that it took some of us a while to figure that one out. To quote a previous post in your message, go to the post you want to quote. Look for the little "quote" button in the upper right corner of that post's window. Hit that button. When the window opens to "enter your post", scroll down to view the quote. Trim any unnecessary bits (don't quote more than you need). Now go back and write your post and submit.
  3. Sounds awful. Even so, I just cannot seem to feel much sympathy for the fellow.
  4. Yep. I'm thinkin the sweedish chef from the muppets. Can you do a good "Beaker" Smokin'?
  5. Ame must be doing double duty tonight in River City and outside of Searoad. So, does Warrick look anything like Mathew Brodrick?
  6. +5 cast iron frying pan. When a target is hit with the frying pan it is affected with both hold person (will negates) and heat metal (will negates).
  7. WhoooHooo! Smokin! Great posting. [the lurker stands] [the lurker cheers] :cool:
  8. Grilled onion skewers are a great accompanyment to a good steak. Just cut an onion or two up in wedges, skewer, brush or spray on some olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and some ground thyme or rosmary. Grill until they are crispy on the edges and soft in the center of the wedges. Yum.
  9. Whooop! I love it. I'd die laughing and enjoy every moment of a post by Robert (fer example) that was nothing but body language, glares, and thoughts. Oh, would that be good! That'd keep the rest of the Chosen on their toes. :D
  10. Trust goes both ways. We know of what we speak.
  11. Oh, man, just think of the interrogation you all could do with a combination of ale, illusions, and ESP. It boggles the mind. ---> Is giving a prisoner too much ale on an empty stomach 'torture'?
  12. Whoooop! Nicely said Robert! Oh my! It is fun to lurk in these stories!
  13. It is never too cold to fire up the grill. It is, sometimes, awfully dark in the evening after getting home from work. Heretic Chef tip of the day: Get a headlamp! When a man has a headlamp, a good gas grill (with a full LP tank) and a glass of wine, even ten below zero is no excuse to cook indoors. PC caveat: I suppose the above advice may very well apply to women, but since I have no personal experience being a woman, it is all just supposition.
  14. Brightglade: family name for an elf character (Ashdienen). I can't seem to remember the other family members' first names though. . . Elmondarr may have been one. Aethiel may have been another. Marista: tiefling rogue
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