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  1. Autocorrect fails. I can't get enough of them and will laugh until I cry.
  2. I've officially reached my fund raising goal! 4 days to spare! This means I really will be plunging into the icy cold waters this Saturday!!!! Did I mention it's supposed to be around 20 degrees on Saturday? brrrrrrr!!!
  3. Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've been here on the boards. Probably since last RCon! I've been a busy gal the last (almost) 12 months and it sure has been interesting. I don't really need to get into all the details but I've decided 2013 is a year for doing more for myself and more for others in need. So.....drum roll please.... Next Saturday February 23rd I will brave the frigid temps of Minnesota winter and willingly walk out onto a frozen lake with a giant hole cut in it and take the plunge! My Dad has done the Polar Plunge for the last few years to support Special Olympics Minnesota. Dad has challenged me to participate this year. I know there has to be others on the forum who have participated or know someone who has participated, any tips or suggestions? For the rest of you in warmer climates..how crazy does this make us northerners look?
  4. Two more sleeps!!! Though to be fair, I've got one sleep before I head out. 2 sleeps before I set foot on TX soil. Who's excited?! Who's not even thought about packing yet? Who is going to get absolutely no productive work done this week? Can't wait to see everyone!!!
  5. I am SUPER excited to give out some tacklehugs! I've been storing them up all year :) I always look forward to seeing my reaper family and the vacation is much needed this year
  6. mmmmm cake!!! I'm pretty sure I can make it....pretty sure....
  7. Woohoo! We just booked our hotel and we're roadtripping with Cutebutpsycho so no flights to worry about booking. BTW, we booked through hotels.com and got $76/night at the Best Western Lake Dallas. Pretty darn good price!
  8. Having been recently put on a restrictive diet by my doctor I would definitely appreciate a vegetarian option. Without it the plan was to eat breakfast at the hotel, leave at lunchtime to find something I can eat, or pack snacks, and then dinner out somewhere.
  9. Aww! If we were flying this year we might have been on your flight Randy! Enjoy your brief layover in the land of passive aggressive!
  10. Happy New Year to friends all around the country and the world. May we all celebrate the joys and learn from the missteps of the past! It's gonna be a great year guys!!!
  11. I'm ok with getting rid of the intervening months, IF and only IF by getting rid of the months I also magically advance in my trainings at work. If I can't magically advance, then I need those months. Sorry Todd!
  12. We're hoping to make it. Hopefully worst case we'll come in late friday and head home late Sunday. Got lots of balls in the air right now!
  13. Forgot one more thing, and I'm sure this will be a part of many speeches over the next 6 months but, I just need to say. I'm SUPER glad you're not a serial killer!!!
  14. BRIDEZILLA!!!!! AHHHHH!!!! Run away people of Reaperland!!!! She'll rip your heads off and drink your soul! haha ok. Erin you know my thoughts on this, and I know where the complaints are coming from, and I can't agree more with Vince. The cry babies are going to miss one hell of a party!!! My wedding was on graduation weekend (sidenote: I grew up in a smallish city with a massive family. I was related to probably well over half the city) and all I heard was how someone couldn't go to so-and-so's graduation because of my wedding. PIGGY SQUEAKS! My wedding was way better than a graduation party! Susie Johnson will never remember that you weren't at her high school graduation party BUT the video of you doing the YMCA lives forever on my DVD rack...hahaha Anyway, I know I've told you a million times before but I am very very very happy for you. Mazel tov to you and Matt and I'm honored (though not a maid or matron ) to be asked to share the day with yous guys!
  15. BW is where its at! Plenty of time to socialize, Lets say Reaper kicks you out at 11pm, you've got a full 8 hours to socialize before you need to shower, eat breakfast and head back to Reaper.
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