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  1. Hiya, Thought I'd stick up my lastest minis, for some feedback. I've got Meridiana, a Darkspawn Sargeant and a Games Workshop Mordheim Witch Hunter. We recently got given a load of GW stuff from my other halfs sister who doesn't have time to paint anymore, so this is the first GW I have to stick up. I'd really like some pointers/comments/critiques, especially about skin and skin tones as I always seem to have trouble with this. This is why I've done Meridiana with dark skin tones, as these don't end up looking lumpy like some of my lighter tones do (I had to go over her about three times cause I wasn't happy with the way the lighter tones came out) Also, i'm not very good at highlighting (especially on arms and legs) so comments about these areas would also be welcome Thanks in advance, C.
  2. Hi, thanks to everybody for the replies and pointers. DFo, thanks for the nice words about this monochrome one. I'd say the DVD is well worth buying. Sargent Crunch, I agree I could have done more shading, but I was trying to go for a lighter material on that area of the costume. Also thanks to Versutus Vulpes for your positive comments, the amour on that mini was the elf skin triad mixed with weathered blue. Thanks again, C
  3. You're right about working on the contrasts & highlights - I keep telling him this... C
  4. Hi, Here's a couple of my recent minis. Three reapers and a darksword female fighter. I did Caerwynn in monochrome (well, it's supposed to be) nowhere near as good as Jen Haley on that DVD she did, in fact far from it - I'm not happy with it, but it was my first try I had to put a close up on Lonnias butt cheek, cause I thought it looked really cute Comments, criticisms and pointers definatley welcome. Thanks, C
  5. Inarah, Thanks for your comments, glad you like the fairy - she's one of my favorites (I've just bought another one, but I might keep this one for myself) Tombwalker, Thanks for your comments too. I understand what you mean about the skin, I hate skin I can never get it right using skin tones - I end up putting on too much and making it look lumpy and messed up. C
  6. Hi, As suggested by Tombwalker, I thought I'd put a few up. Feedback and critiscism or any pointers, tips, advice is welcome. Tiviel, Hellborn Rogue Fairy Elf Adept -------------------- Alyscia of the Forest Kierra Darkdreamer -------------- Lysette the Sorceress Kaitlin Succubus Thanks, C.
  7. Ah, that explains it then, the photos in the asylum show 3 minis in the warlord packs, that must be the poses. Thanks for clearing that up for me. C
  8. Hiya, I've been browsing the asylum store looking for some new goodies to order, when I noticed something odd. The Warlord Army boxes, have 3 minis (approx) in them and cost $39 - but the DHL army boxes have 3-4 minis and only cost $12 As the warlord range are about $5 per mini, why are three so much more expensive, but the DHL boxes are about the price I'd expect (a little cheaper, actually) Am I missing something, is there other stuff in the warlord boxes that arn't in the photos? I think I must be missing something, why the huge diffence in price? C
  9. Tombwalker, I was going to reply back saying, "gah, you americans don't know nuffink " (Joking - no offense to those fine americans reading... honest) until I noticed that not only are you from the UK like me, but you're also from the same county !!! You Clayheads don't know nuffink !!! Actually, far from being fey, she's dressed for a French day at school. But yes, the top one is a human boy !! C
  10. Congrats Kit on your new arrival I must have missed this topic until now, so here are my two babies ... Adam (5) and Jade (10) C
  11. Hmm, Some very intelligent responses, I'd never seen the bigger picture that you guys have pointed out, just what's in the Daily Mirror. I suppose everything will sort itself out in the long run, in the meantime, it's just 'suck it and see'. I actually sell in USD on ebay as it encourages the US bidders, i think, because of the exchange rate - and yes, it's nice for europeans buying from the US at the moment thanks for the responses, Reformed Chicken Little
  12. AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHH !!! Is anyone else having the same problems ?? My sales have really slumped over the past couple of months, is this affecting anyone else ?? I'm assuming its this worldwide depression I keep hearing about. Most of my sales come from the US, and I'm getting hardly a fraction of bids that I used to get. Anyone else with the same experience ?? Or with a conspiracy theory as to why it's happening ?? C.
  13. Hi, Stubbdog & Toad, thanks for the words of encouragement, they are really appreciated, I was pulling my hair out wondering if I was heading in the completly wrong direction ... you guys really saved me from baldness Vaitalla - That explains loads, thanks. Everything you put makes perfect sense, I just hope that I can put your words into practice. I think I'll make sure my next few minis have loads of Nmm so I can try getting the hang of it !! Thanks again, C.
  14. Hi, I've been trying to learn how to do NMM with a couple of recipies I found in this forum. I'm doing something wrong, but I don't know what. My NMM attempts don't look anywhere near as smooth as the minis I see posted in show off. I think it might be down to the fact that I'm not a very good blender, but any comments on these two first attempts (especially the sword) woudl be recieved with open arms. These are my first two attempts at NMM, the first is NMM gold from the painting recipies sticky thread, the second is a black steel from the same thread. Here's the pics, thanks in advance, C
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