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  1. Went to the Zurich art museum the other day and got to see the original (well, one of the originals, at least). That painting was a lot larger than I expected. This is just a part, I didn't want to step back too much and lose all the detail. So, here's a greeting from Zurich for some additional motivation!
  2. I tend to stay away from air-drying modelling pastes, because they tend to shrink. Not too much, but enough to annoy me. My go to would be milliput (standard yellow/grey variant), it's way easier to knead than green stuff. Also, its much easier to smoothen with a drop of water and it's even somewhat sandable when dry. For additional texture I finish with a very thin coat of vallejo earth texture paste:
  3. This project is absolutely insane! In a good way, of course. I'll enjoy following along!
  4. Thanks, guys! And thanks @R2ED for the praise! I'm not really sure I've reached the level of your little zombie lady but I'm very happy you liked those two.
  5. Got inspired by @R2ED to paint some monochome zombies. Quite happy with the result. Coal black, Maggot White, and added some Ebony Skin for the shadows. So - not really monochome, but let's not be too picky 😇
  6. Sergej, the rat catcher, is still hiding inside the outhouse. He peaks through the little heart shaped hole. That rat-thing is still there. But now he can spot something else. Two figures are approaching, shambling closer and closer, their silhouettes outlined by the pale moonlight. Luckily, Sergej doesn't have to soil his pants. He's already inside an outhouse. And here they are, Dieter and Jochen on their night out. I consider them done for all intents and purposes. And that monochrome colour scheme works really well for zombies, they look absolutely creepy. Of course, it helps a lot that those are some great sculpts as well. 😇
  7. Happy birthday! Have some more cake after you've fed yours to the wolves 🎂
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