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  1. Unexpectedly, I managed to squeeze some hobby time in! Tried a few paint schemes for dark skin, only to realise they look completely different once on the mini. On paper I really liked the Dark Elf triad (top first): After applying a base coat of Dark Elf Shadow it turned out way too purple, so I toned it down with a few glazes of Walnut. For Ogana I'll be base coating with Walnut from the start. @Great Khan Artist: You were absolutely right! Far to the south, where the endless jungle begins, Ogana's brother plays one last concert. No one gives him any co
  2. Looking good! Those minis bring back a lot of memories! Dark Sun was by far my favourite fantasy setting ever. I used to play it a lot (albeit in a heavily home-brewed 2nd ed. setting...). And I still have the old Ral Partha "People of the Land"-Box on the shelf, waiting to be painted. Well, some day...
  3. Thanks @Inarah. Actually I'm not sure, it just says "for acrylics and oil, but there's some acetone in it, so you may be right. What I forgot to mention was Step 4.5: First apply another safety coat of Army Painter Satin Spray Varnish, because I have it and never use it much. So there's your acrylic rattle can. 🤭 As for the turpentine: I'm way too scared to try that. So I'll just let it sit and let the chemistry do it's thing. Maybe it will stay tacky, maybe it will eventually harden and maybe I'll end up with a blob of slime. We'll see... If I remember
  4. Happy birthday, Chaoswolf! 🥩 🎂 (not sure if cake or steak...)
  5. Found this thread too late...😭 So, do you think there is any chance of this Toluene stuff evaporating over time? I fear I just ruined my wall of ice mini I painted during RVE. Here's how NOT to do it: Paint the Wall of Ice during RVE and be proud of the result. Attach it to bigger base as a backdrop for another mini Seal it with reaper brush on gloss sealer so nothing will happen to it I'ts sealed now, so I'm safe and can do anything I want with it, right? Give it a coat of expensive Sennelier gloss varnish for artists, for that extra shine (my fa
  6. Thanks for your help, Khan! I just had a look into the Miniature Monday video. That is a much lighter skin tone than the one I have in my mind right now. I'm thinking Grace Jones on the Cover of her "Nightclubbing" album. Depending on the picture there's quite some purple in the skin. I'm thinking dark elf triad and/or maybe some walnut or burgundy wine and a brown filter. I'll see how it goes. If all fails the Crocodile Minis drummer will be a bald dark elf (or Ogana's brother has suffered the "curse of the moon" or whatever) and I can fall back on the trusty dark skin triad.
  7. I vaguely remember David Soper writing on his blog about experiencing problems with baking soda for basing. Unfortunately I can't find the post anymore. And I'm not sure it was about mold... EDIT: Hah, found it! here Not about mold, he talked about "white bloom", whatever that is...
  8. This! Thank you so much! I have the impression that "cultural meanings" of colours are often presented as "psychological meanings" (to use your terminology). This is something that annoys me quite a lot in classical colour theory and I'm very happy that you point it out. While it may be true that red is seen as the colour of love and of war in a certain culture, during a certain period of time, that is by no means universal. On the other hand it's probably not disputable that humans in general have a strong reaction towards the colour red. In terms of evolut
  9. I like her! Actually I think warm white was the better choice. It looks more natural and also makes a nice contrast to the blue flask.
  10. This is probably the last day in a while where I have some time for painting. I worked on a few side projects and based and primed Ogana's brother. His cup of coins is still empty, but he is vigorously promoting the beat of the universe, as you can see. I'm not sure I really like this sculpt: He is leaning forward too much and his head is way too big for the body. So it's a great mini to try some new things, without fear of messing up. I used a bit of crackle paste on the base and I'm quite pleased with the result (hard to see in this picture, though). Also I started wi
  11. Back in the southern kingdom Ogana's brother is nervous. What if Ogana doesn't come home? Who will then rule the kingdom then, once father is no more? Ogana's brother may be a prince, but he's no ruler. Not since that night when the beat of the universe was revealed to him. He's a drummer now, touring the kingdom and playing that beat to anyone who wants to listen. And to anyone else as well, his drum is really loud. Sometimes he plays for many, and sometimes he plays just for himself. Sometimes his cup is full of coins, on other days it stays empty. His life would be pointless an
  12. Finished these as part of my Rangers of Shadow Deep project, so aiming for table top standard. Mostly, just a few washes over a zenithal, and some dry brushing. And a lot of GSWs coagulated blood effect. This was fun! Already posted pictures in my RoSD-WIP-thread before varnishing. I think the varnish tied everything together nicely. Very happy with how they turned out. Enjoy, c&c welcome!
  13. Love it! I imagine he can retract that eyestalk, just like a snail can. 😄
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