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  1. The colourful mosaic sets a nice contrast to the golem! Well done!
  2. And onward! Second highlight: Tanned Highlight Bringing everything together with a midtone glaze (1 drop Tanned Skin to 3 drops water): That's all the instructions I get for Bertok (and the amazone). So now it's time for the nymph. Re-applied the base coat (with a hint of Linen White) and re-lined: First highlight (Tanned Skin/Linen White 4/1): Second and third highlight (Tanned Highlight/Linen White 4/1, then 4/2): Now it's up to me to finish the minis as I see fit and to "have fun". We'll see - the eyes of the nymph will definitely not be fun to paint. With the way she's holding her head it's going to be rather challenging. As for the amazone: It will be hell. Painting Dark Sword minis is really next level. Not sure if I'm ready... My thoughts about this kit: I really enjoyed using the dry palette and trying out the ratios Anne gives in the instructions. It somehow feels "right", like using the paints the way they were engineered to work. I learned a lot about the paint consistency you need for different applications. Almost as if this is the real point of the kit, and painting skin is only an excuse for teaching it. Glazing and layering finally worked like I always wanted them to work. Especially the hint that, for layering, a paint containing more white pigment has to be thinned more, was en eye opener for me. The ratios Anne gave for thinning were really spot on. So I'm happy I got the instructions - I would have missed the point of this kit without them. I also liked that only the important parts were shown and that you are left to try for yourself how to paint the rest. On the flip side, of course, that means you have to do these old kits in order. You can't really start your painting journey with this one. This is NOT a step-by-step instruction, and probably wasn't meant as one. It's more about introducing methods and applying those methods to a project than it is about "telling you what to do next/painting by numbers". I'll probably switch back to dry palette for a while. Not only is it a very methodical and convenient way for me to paint, it also forces me to paint fairly quickly, because the paint will not stay open for so long. And it saves me the hassle of preparing the wet palette. Just take out my paints, get a glass of water and I'm ready to go. I like that! It will probably take a while until I finish the minis. But I'll keep you updated.
  3. Can't wait to see how this one should turn out. Are you going to try to replicate the drool?
  4. Thanks! Thank you! Minis are like children - they grow so fast...😁 Thanks! I remember the hammerhead guy! Unfortunately I decided to spend almost all of my allowance on Lego. So no hammerhead guy for little Samedi... 🙁
  5. Yay, I got something done! At the moment, I just have time for some quick paint jobs, but at least it helps me to not completely lose the routine. Here's Tessek, a miniature by West End Games, probably long out of print. I had a Tessek action figure as a kid, and that was the coolest thing ever. Now I have a painted Tessek mini. Maybe not the coolest thing ever, but I'm always happy when I get time to paint (and finish!) something. He's really tiny:
  6. Outstanding work on the metal!
  7. A miracle happened! Some guy from the UK sold a bunch of painting instructions on eBay. Don't ask what I paid for shipping, though - but it was worth it. Now I'm all set to move forward the proper way. Since I already got the paints and the minis, the instructions were really all I needed. Thank you so much, British guy, you made me very happy! First I noticed that there was a lot more lining in the instructions than what I had done so far. So I lined some more, followed by a bit of touching up the base coat. Next step: First highlight - Tanned Skin. As I suspected there are a lot of ratios given in the instruction. And the ratios really work well. The difference in tone after the first highlight is more on the sublime side. Let's see how it looks with the second highlight later. The nymph is on hold right now because she uses a different painting recipe. I'll continue with Mr. Bertok and Mrs Amazone for now. Next step: Hoping to find some more time for painting...
  8. Had a lot of catching up to do, since I'm not so often on the forum these days. You've been quite productive! Congrats!
  9. Thanks a lot! Thanks for the tip! I used some water gel effects on top of the cloudy pour, which somewhat improved the overall result, so somewhat like gloss varnish. Didn't help with the tufts, though, so I'll just take @Glitterwolf's advice 😇 Thanks. It was supposed to be a jungle pond. Erm, no, actually it was meant to be freezing water all along! 😁 Thank you! Middle part is part of the sculpt, but I continued the path with green stuff on both ends. Thanks, always appreciate your detailed feedback!
  10. It was very interesting to follow this experiment! Thanks a lot!
  11. From Reaper's "Exalted"-line: The horned snow hunter. Well, I know a Qi-Lin when I see one, so I painted him up as such. Unfortunately, the water clouded up. Shouldn't have used super glue and water effects together. Adding the tufts before the pour didn't help, either. Apart from that I'm not too unhappy with the result. C&C very welcome.
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