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  1. Every good fantasy story needs a mysterious stranger who is sitting in a dark corner somewhere. Here is my take (mini by Otherworld Miniatures):
  2. Here is a rat catcher by Otherworld Miniatures. I absolutely love this sculpt and it was a joy to paint. Some time in the far future he'll maybe play a small part in a Rangers of Shadow Deep game...
  3. Finally varnished and ready for the table: Sepp, Brunhilde and Urs. I painted them up to kick off my Rangers of Shadow Deep Project. More infos and a bit of backstory can be found in this WIP. Those three are my first attempt at OSL. Luckily, I did not have to make this journey alone: I'd like to thank @Geoff Davis for a great class at RVU and an even better private lesson via zoom. Enjoy, C&C very welcome!
  4. Like your subtle colour transition in the reds! Came out great!
  5. Your bronze came out great! Thanks for sharing your recipe!
  6. Thanks! Since this is the first mission of the game, based on my roleplaying experience I'm guessing it's rats, probably... 😁
  7. As my painting sessions are becoming sparser since work is picking up (which is good!) I decided to take some time off my rangers project to finally advance this one. I began with cleaning up the paint job on the metallic parts and was really hoping to finish the metallics today. Instead the flight stand came off. 🤬 This project is cursed, I tell you! Cursed! ☠️ Well, good thing is, now I have another chance to decide what to do with the base. Bad thing is, I have to figure out what to do with the base ... ... again ... The eagle pegasus has
  8. Thanks for your suggestion, @Grumpy Gnome! I read your blogpost, it seems there is a lot of assembly with a lot of little parts. I tend to get a bit too impatient in that sort of situations...😊 Anyway, the vacancies have been filled: 2 packs of giant flies by North Star, And an assortment of spiders from Otherworld, Wizkids, Tabletop Art, and Reaper. Again, thanks everyone for your help!
  9. Thanks for a good laugh, I didn't expect the Spanish inquisition! Absolutely love that guy with the sunglasses!
  10. I really love those little illustrated stories! Great job on the minis and the scenery!
  11. Thanks guys, I really appreciate your support! ______ I've got to get some other projects off my desk, so this one will take the back seat for a short while. ... But I think I can hear some strange sounds outside. Like hissing and the shuffling of feet ... ... Maybe I should take a quick look ... ... NOOOOOOO!
  12. I've heard it helps if you use acrylic varnish for thinning rather than water to avoid chalkiness. Have never tried it myself, though, so I don't know if it really works...
  13. Good job, especially like how you painted the skin!
  14. I guess she needs the torch to fire up the oven and the rolling pin to make cookies? 😇 Looks great, I like your selection of colours!
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