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  1. I tend to stay away from air-drying modelling pastes, because they tend to shrink. Not too much, but enough to annoy me. My go to would be milliput (standard yellow/grey variant), it's way easier to knead than green stuff. Also, its much easier to smoothen with a drop of water and it's even somewhat sandable when dry. For additional texture I finish with a very thin coat of vallejo earth texture paste:
  2. This project is absolutely insane! In a good way, of course. I'll enjoy following along!
  3. Thanks, guys! And thanks @R2ED for the praise! I'm not really sure I've reached the level of your little zombie lady but I'm very happy you liked those two.
  4. Got inspired by @R2ED to paint some monochome zombies. Quite happy with the result. Coal black, Maggot White, and added some Ebony Skin for the shadows. So - not really monochome, but let's not be too picky 😇
  5. Sergej, the rat catcher, is still hiding inside the outhouse. He peaks through the little heart shaped hole. That rat-thing is still there. But now he can spot something else. Two figures are approaching, shambling closer and closer, their silhouettes outlined by the pale moonlight. Luckily, Sergej doesn't have to soil his pants. He's already inside an outhouse. And here they are, Dieter and Jochen on their night out. I consider them done for all intents and purposes. And that monochrome colour scheme works really well for zombies, they look absolutely creepy. Of course, it helps a lot that those are some great sculpts as well. 😇
  6. Happy birthday! Have some more cake after you've fed yours to the wolves 🎂
  7. Dieter, the charcoal burner, and Jochen, the cobbler, have hated each other for as long as anyone can remember. Not anymore. Now, together like brothers, they hunt any living soul in the village. The shadow deep is not all bad, it can turn bitter enemies into mindless corpses the best of friends! @R2ED painted a really cool zombie lady that inspired me to try my hand on monochromatic zombies. I can't find his original thread, but you can see a picture of her over here. I cant't hope to reach that level, but as they say: Aim for the stars and maybe you'll hit the zombie that's crawling towards you. First I had to re-prime my candidates with a zenithal: Next: Figuring out a colour scheme. I opted for coal black/maggot white, with some additional ebony skin for the shadows: And here is a WIP-shot. I need to refine the blends and push the contrast a lot, but I like where this is going:
  8. Oil paints! Why am I like this? I haven't even gotten the hang of acrylics yet. Super excited to try them out, though...
  9. Thanks a lot, guys!
  10. Finished my first zombies. Are zombies really green? These are. The next ones won't be, I hope. Thanks to @Inarah for a skin tone recipe. For the next zombies, I'll try other recipes mentioned in the thread above. Enjoy!
  11. Nice work on the base with the cracked earth!
  12. I'ts been almost exactly a year since I've started this project. In my first post I expected to play the first scenario in late 2023. So it seems I'm way ahead of schedule. 😇 With the Hans, Franz and Heidi finished this is what remains to be painted: two heroes left to finish (I'm bit scared to mess them up, to be honest) four more zombies a lot of spiders more spiders I'd say late 2023 is still very possible. By then the hype is over, nobody knows this game anymore and nobody will understand what I'm writing about in this thread. 😁 I don't care, though! Onward! To victory!
  13. Well, sometimes the fire just goes out and it's time to move on. In the end, it's just a hobby, so there's no point in forcing yourself to do it if it's no fun anymore. Thanks for the ride, I really enjoyed your battle reports!
  14. Three more minis finished. But I can only show you two, because forum rules.😇 Here are Hans and Franz, dressed up for their last dance.
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