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  1. 2009 would probably be a safe bet Are you sure about that Qwk? Aren't we still waiting for the finalized version of RC08 to come out?
  2. ok not fish but like the lobster looking hands on Maugrathoth the little things like that
  3. I really don't like the fish look
  4. it has a copyright that is where the problem is Is this sufficient for your purposes? Data Cards can be photocopied for personal use Printing the Rage Chronicles 2007 pre layout version shouldn't be an issue either as there is no copyright on the document (which was a surprise). Printing the CAV2 document likewise is not an issue since there is clearly watermarked on the document the fact that it is licensed for use by the person who purchased the document. that should be enough and no there is no problem with the rage chronicles i already have that printed
  5. it has a copyright that is where the problem is
  6. I don't know but Office Max and Office Depot have both printed stuff for me before. I just got the CAV pdf printed last Saturday before a CAV Tournament at Office Max. haha i work at officemax
  7. so where can i find a copy right release form so i can have the data cards and rules printed???
  8. maybe it is the fact that you waste time writing things like stories for the fiction and get 1 worthless point for it then your like well why waste my time writing anything
  9. well i would love to but since the change Warlord is pretty mcuh dead in NC Ohio
  10. Naaah, they found a couple mining machines next to the rotary gauss cannon they discovered recently. But hey, if you think 4" is bad, wait until you face the burrowing spawn with their 10" burrow speed! Castlebuilder oh don't hate Tim
  11. i'm not trying to say she isn't useful i field her in most of my builds i have just had several times where she is a huge target mostly cause by the 12" rng
  12. She shoots you, you take damage and then another point of damage when you fail a Tough check to remove the Poison token. Then you are out of range for charge. Even if you do, you have to double move to get her which means you can't attack. She activates, needs a 3 or better to break b2b steps back and finishes you off, and then her friends swarm the rest of yours and she runs around to stab you in the backside. Alternatively, she stands on a hill to gain and extra inch of range for every level of elevation. Meanwhile, you effectively lose an inch of movement because you have to spend an extra inch to go up the hill. Heck, if she already needs a 10 to hit you, she might as well roll twice with Marksmen and remove 2 points of damage to 2 targets if she gets lucky since sadly Poison tokens don't stack. Rogues are not meant to be stand out in the open and trade shot type Models. You hang em back where it's safe. And spend the 30 points for the +2 DV upgrade on her. Also, yeah, she's dead against most Adepts and leaders. You use Rogues to kill off the Mages, Clerics, and other soft and chewy targets from a distance, or you bring her in to finish off some of the bigger boys once they are wounded and force them to eat the Deefnsive Strikes. isn't it when you base a person on two opposite sides they can not break away??? so by simply having two grunts base her on opposite sides she would not be able to break on a 3 or better
  13. She's actually one of my new favorite models. Putting her in a troop allows her to be alot more useful, and I'm glad they swapped her magic for a poison ranged attack, it suits her more. She's a bit squishy with a dv 10, but considering that she should be backstabbing with a MAV of 8 she has nothing to worry about. yes 10 dv is kinda low and her 12" rng when she shots most people are within range to double move charge her and against her it is worth it to do that just so you can take her out and pretty easily
  14. so is anyone else as displeased with Aundine as i am??? and that is pretty displeased
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