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  1. woops sorry, how do i do that?
  2. Here are 2 of my latest greens that I finally got around to finishing. A gargoyle/imp creature with big meat hooks and a vampire that is trying to float above some heads (he just was napping on?) Both are exactly 30mm to the very top of their head 28 to the eyes. ;D let me know if Reaper is interested in either
  3. Here are 2 of my newest WIP's A vampire (will be hovering over a broken coffin) needs hands and feet A gargoyle wip(needs wings feet hands) here is the 3d render I made for the head Then here it is as a green -Nicolas Genovese
  4. cool, thanks! i have been sending him updates now and then when i get a few more greens sculpted. Maybe some day :D
  5. Thanks! any chance I could sculpt a mini for Reaper? I haven't gotten a reply to my email I sent a while ago.
  6. Here are some more WIP's ill keep this thread updated with my latest greens that I can show publicly. Here are a few confederate mutants for an upcoming game set for release this fall: still have to add hands and guns to many of them.
  7. Here is a giant cyclops. 75mm tall. This is my most recent piece. Scaled next to a gw marauder(black) and a marauder I made before the cyclops. (30mm tall) -Nicolas Genovese
  8. Buy some kneadatite putty, clay shapers and tools, and metal 22 gauge wire to make skeletons. Then start adding putty and pushing it around. Build a base layer to start and then work from that addign additional muscles. An anatomy book will help.
  9. id rather see brocolli bases from reaper then cad crap any day. At least they are still true to sculptors sculpting rather than phony machines :D
  10. If you plan to cast them use green stuff. Procreate i have always had bad experiences with when casting in high heat which the majority of casters do around here and i dont feel a difference other than it being lighter than green stuff. And Sculpey is good if you cast in resin which may be a decent idea if your willing to go resin. Get good at both and you wont need to worry :D
  11. Here are those last sculpts we made got them cast in pewter and painted them up! Jotun Troll (Has an interchangeable club hand for right arm not shown) Snake Priestess Cyclops 3 bog raiders with interchangeable parts. Easy for converting. (the human head being held and arrow are bits and are not included)
  12. hi i wanted to know if anyone can point me towards some big tabletop gaming forums? I am trying to add a bunch to favorites. So far i have reaper and a couple others. Thanks!
  13. If your looking to sculpt don't waste your time on books. Except for an anatomy book. Look at already cast figs sold in stores each of those must be of value and be good otherwise it wouldn't be in a store. Buy a couple and buy putty, clay shapers and a cheap sculpting set at the nearest art store. Make sure you have two lamps with 100 watt daylight bulbs and start pushing putty. It takes a few months before you see any vast improvement. Don't try to be like any one sculptor out there we are all unique. This method will save you a lot of time and frustration. Doesn't get any simpler than this :)
  14. a jabberwock kinda like this? reaper should buy it off of us :D
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