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  1. Have they said what dollar amounts are needed to unlock 2 and 3 of the Dark Depths, yet?
  2. Sad there was no warning, or I'd have written down my pending order. The site no longer works in IE11, though, which I preferred. In IE11 you can't add to the cart and the pictures no longer align properly. Otherwise it looks good. Guess I'm stuck with Firefox.
  3. More merfolk, mermen in particular. Maybe another one or two sea elves. Octopus, giant eels, aboleth, tentacles, other sea creatures. A halfling pirate that isn't a cook. Guess who's running a sea campaign? :) With the new Falling Star sailing ship out, and the coming release from Wizards of their "Ghosts of Saltmarsh", it would be cool to fill out the ranks of monsters/NPCs.
  4. I also have a few items in my cart, waiting for the 1st.
  5. Sweet - I can take it out to my game room and check off the ones I've already bought and painted. Sometimes I end up ordering the same mini twice, a few years apart, because I love the figure and forgot I loved it and ordered it before.
  6. Ah, thanks muchly! I already downloaded the picture to my 'Painting Guide' folder, but until you told me, I wasn't seeing it as that. It's hell to get old.
  7. I'm painting 89027: Lini, Iconic Gnome Druid. She has a Sickle in her right hand, but has something I can't make out in her left. Is it an acorn? I've tried looking at the painted gallery version and still can't make it out.
  8. Had a similar experience just recently. Had gotten an Ankheg that was missing one leg. I sent an email asking if they could send me one of the sprues of legs, as both sprues would have the missing leg. They sent me a complete replacement, and it arrived before a different order I'd made a few days earlier. Awesome customer service, in all the years I've been buying from them.
  9. More non-rogue hobbitses. Druids? Clerics? Barbarians like Wild Hobbits (Faerun's Ghostwise Hin). And, of course, their nemesis, the Tall Mouther :)
  10. I'd like to see a Tall Mouther - scourge of halflings. 6 armed, head only beast that is a natural enemy of halflings in Faerun. Alternatively, a suggestion of large creatures whose hairy arms could be scavenged, along with a large hairy head, so I could try to kludge one. I have a few cocky halflings in my group that need to be reminded of their childhood boogieman. https://forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Tall_mouther
  11. That was kind of what I was leaning towards. Thanks for the 2nd opinion. kg
  12. Gentlefolk, Does anyone know what the objects hanging from Blorg, the hill giant's (2579) belt are. On his right side, between his keg and the little buckler? I can't make heads or tails of them. Are they game birds? Which end are the heads and which the tails? I did check the gallery, but unfortunately, he isn't there. I know they're not vultures ;-) I have a few other things to paint before I get to them. thanks, Karen G.
  13. In Darkhaven Legends Bartenders/barstaff of the other races. Half-orc female thief and/or monk small dragons and large (not huge or humongous - you have that coverd) dragons (familiars work for tiny, the baby dragons for medium) a non-samurai ogre mage chain devil Halfling on a riding dog (maybe with interchangable riders - male and female - ranger/fighter) Bathalian thief and Bathalian fighter A few more seagoing figures without the firearms Metal bases so I can use a select few of the warlord line mixed in with my 400 or so dark haven ones, without the square bases looking weird (or requiring baking anything in an oven). All the monster manual. MMII, MMIII, MMIV monsters that are missing. I use the Goblin Wolf as a Barghest, but would like to see a "Greater Goblin Wolf" Stone Giants (yes, this is my second post to this topic). Warg-mounted goblins (maybe 2 or 3 figures so you could have a mixed group). thanks kg
  14. Gentlesir, I don't know about how he got his name, but I painted them as vultures, and they do look like vultures now. I actually bought him because I thought a half-orc ranger would have vultures as animal companions. I can't see, having painted them, how they could have been ravens. But, I've been wrong before. kg
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