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  1. Jason, Here is my army list that I placed second with. Too bad you didn't make it. 1 Larnach the Grey (127) 1 Caerwynn (U) (60) 1 Lysette (U) (63) 1 Luck Stone (3) 2 Vale Archer (33) 6 Vale Warrior (22) Troop 2 1 Chiral, Centaur (71) 5 Centaur Warrior (54) Troop 3 1 Daereth, Royal Guardsman (60) 4 Royal Guardsman (35) PS. See Dan I told you I still played with my Centaurs. Thanks to you I only had one unpainted mini and I'm working on it.
  2. I have seen magnets used to swap from one size to another. He used the magnet strip pack from Walmart for less then $1. As for playing a friendly game, it should be no big deal. My son and I have used figures from other games with the wrong base size to proxy for models we didnt have. It standard practice for us. ANY game is about having fun and enjoyment, so it should be no big deal. As for a tournaments, though, I would get the right size bases.
  3. I have the same issue with Lesette of the Elves. I have to use models to make a wall to shield her or I may only get one spell off. That may work for you but then again Elves play more defensivly then Reptus.
  4. Personally, I like a stable playing system. If it has been tested properly the game is balanced. My question for companies that have to update their rules constantly, why can’t you get it right, or is it the money income? I’m betting on the money. I know in Warhammer certain models have been removed from play, the Everqueen and her guard for example. Again why? If I spend all the money and time painting them should I not get to play them in tournaments? This is two reasons why I like and play Warlord. No model becomes obsolete! ONE time cost and time investment in painting. I admit that some factions work well against others, ALL factions have that flaw. Every army has its bane, that’s what makes the challenge. If you build your army to take out your bane it probably will not do well against other armies in a tournament, assuming three rounds and not all the same factions. Warlord is also a skirmish game where in most GW games you field more models so the startup cost is a lot greater. Of all the miniature games I own, Warlord is my favorite, but sometimes I want something different. So in the end it all comes down to what to YOU like and how much can you afford to pay to get into the hobby and maintaing it if needed.
  5. Yes, you'll want archers, but I'm not sure I'd agree with the not wanting 8+ of them. Variations of the following list have proved to be devastatingly effective: Elves - 1000 points Troop 1 Larnach the Grey Caerwynn Lysette Vale Archer x 8 Hunting Cat x 2 Troop 2 Selwyn w/Arrows of Seeking Peruhain, Elven Monk Vale Archer x 8 Hunting Cat x 2 Of course, you can certainly still buy your archers 3 at a time if it is more within your budget to do so. Ultimately, find what works for you. :) ~v Facing a fast army you WILL have issues with this list. Your elites will need to be protected from being based and Vale Archers aren't very good at that job. You will need a blocking force, warriors or swords men will work. I find with Elves, a mixed force works best. Once you get a rule book play a few games using proxies to see what works for your style of play. That way it could save you money by not buying too much of one thing and also finding out you need more of something else.
  6. When using a caster you have to protect them. Use your vale warriors or swordsmen to keep the enemy off them. The list above are sound and will allow you to stand against many different types of armies. Use the monk to bless your troops to get that +1 for your archers or your swordsmen. If you use the Protectors of Tirithial Doctrine you get a +1 for the swift strike models, but its usually a one shot wonder, make it count! Play defensively with your casters and archers and use other troops to tie up as many models as you can. With elves its all about model elimination, if there wounded they can still attack so put enough hits to bring them down and that's one less model that can base you. Using chain lighting from your two magic users on the same models can take out 4 to 5 models of troops if you are lucky. Use mirror image to make a couple of Caerwynns to focus on large DV models. Oh, and don't lessen to Wowahboy, he only talks like that when he's not facing me!
  7. Valkyries, I want Valkyries..... I agree with Castlebuilder. There was a lot of work in Warlord 2 from a lot of people, all trying to make an enjoyable game that is well balanced. I calculated over 600 hours of play testing (in just my group), who knows how many hours working out the points cost and programming those spread sheets, hours and hours reading all the emails and post to see what all of us wanted then trying to make it work, and that was for just the factions released in the book. NOW we start again for the next set, plus the challenge of making it balanced with what has been released before. Is it a lot of work, yes. Is it fun, yes. Is it frustrating, yes. Dose it take a lot of time to make it right, YES. The World of Warlord is a big place, it can grow. How big or how many factions? Who knows? I think it all depends on us the consumer. If we support and promote Warlord it can grow. Will it take time yes, because the people in control want a good game thats fun and balanced just like us. I know the post that are sent in with ideas are read and are discussed. A couple I overheard being discussed. We play tested a lot of them. Some work, some were tried and couldn't make work withing the game, but we were not ignored. Im sure if we keep the ideas coming who knows how many factions we will end with. Ok, I'm getting off my soap box. PS. I like this WOW better then the computer WOW!
  8. Gaming quality. Nothing fancy. Two coats of thick poly under the dullcoat to withstand plenty of rough handling. Gave each one a name from Greek mythology. See them here (click the magnifying glass at upper right corner of the pic for a closer look): Nothing fancy he said, Ha. They are GREAT! Thanks again Dan. Oh, do we get to paint yours???
  9. Hay, I just figured out how to put in four Mossbeards!!! But no teleport :( I admit its a little too much, and I told you it was a cheeze list!
  10. It looks like we may have a couple of more people joining us! I started a yahoo group to post the rules and army layout example and campain updates. It is CAVcampain. Feel free to use it as needed.
  11. To help generate interest in CAV I was thinking a campaign would help. I had two ideas for a campaign. 1. War of Attrition Everyone must play 5 rounds against a different player 2000 point games. Must present a total force list of 7000 points. If ANY vehicle is damaged beyond 50% it is not eligible for the next round (out for repairs). If ANY vehicle is eliminated it is gone from your list (Boom, its dead can't use it no more). All entries must play one game every week (this should let those that have hard to please jobs play). 2.Battle for Arric This will be a long campaign. Each player will have a region to defend while having to attack other regions. The regions will be broken up into sectors which will give benefits to the owner if he exceeds his own starting number. Some regions my have starting bonuses to offset poor demographics (optional). An example of bonuses, captured air port – one free air strike per battle, three captured agriculture sectors give a extra rife squad per battle. Alliances can be made/broken as players wills,( its your honor will you honor it?) Defenders get 20% extra forces but must protect critical buildings. We can do a lot of things here. This us just in the idea stage, but I don't want to put a lot of time into it if we don't have the players. Let me know what you think. I don't know if Reaper would sponsor prizes, if we have the campaign I will ask. If they don't we could put up a kitty of a couple of bucks each if we ALL agree.
  12. Will we be using the Beta set of stats for the tourney?
  13. The tables around the wheel of pain have been used for card / board games. Those could be used again for open gaming if no one objects. In the past they are only filled during lunch, Tim's drawing presentation, and the auction. Could a dry erase board be made available for those that want / need people to play games? It could have number of players, where, and when. It would be great for people looking for pick up games for Warlord and CAV as well. If you need a volunteer to help organize the tables and times I am willing.
  14. sparkey


    In between classes, tourments, playing games that provide reaper bucks, and demos, a few of us play games. No, really. I seen Panzer Blitz, some space game I didnt catch the name of, open warlord and cav on open gamming boards. One of the largest cav games I have seen was played at a Reaporcon. If you bring it, we will play..... and if you dont I have my own.
  15. From the Elf's point of view. Ranged vs Airborne units. From a elf's perspective I say law of averages. Say out of every 20 shots you get two 10s. Most fling units are hurting after two hits and slows it down. Your opponent must ether heal the flier, sacrifice it, or protect it. For a your opponents speed is your bane. If you use a flying unit to face elves bring in other fast moving units to make him split his fire or be overrun. A griffin and a couple of bear riders work well as a team to draw fire away from the charging slower units. Borrowed units I will have to start caring Rock Friends again. ;) Borrowed units can breakup formations of ranged units and even chase them around. They have driven me away from covering units and have made me spend too much time dispersing my ranged units to only let him get one. IF Airborne units can get in range it works for them to.
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