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  1. Hi. I haven't posted in a while and felt the need. I have finally finished cutting up and converting Rod Blackreef over to a pirate scalawag. Facial hair, boots, and an arm repose.
  2. Great stuff, Matt. Did you do the painting too? I bought a Dub too and trying to make pirate helmsman out of him. I hope he can drive. I still need to get that alien-species-monster-girl.
  3. Given that some of the other names/figures have stories behind them, it doesn't surprise me that there is a significance to the name Michael Noe. But I have no clue what - care to elucidate? Well, Mr. Michael Noe is the president of Iron Wind Metals. This sculpt is a pretty good likeness. I figured there must be a friendly-good-natured story behind this. I've chatted with him a few times on the phone, but have only seen him around the convention halls. I haven't talked face to face to him yet. I don't know him well enough to know his humor, but seems a really nice guy.
  4. I can't believe I missed that the Biker is named Michael Noe. That's funny and kewl. Is there a story to go with this?
  5. I was sort of thinking a generic is great for a first hero. In my mind, i'm not sure comic book superheroes have a lot of variety anyway. tights, tights, tights.... I am thinking a few alternate heads or greenstuff a mask, cowl or pointy ears on him could go a long way. I think I could make a great batman out of this guy pretty easily. A separate piece cape might have made it double dutiful making Spiderman or Fantastic Four, but next time!
  6. My Lindberg Goose came in. I taped her together I was so excited to photo her next to Jake. It looks like a pretty rugged model. Like the Tiger tank, it's pretty simple. There are no small doo-dads to break off on the game table. Like the Tiger's one piece tank tracks, stuff like the radial engins and cowls are all on piece. The interior is accessible by way of a snap-out dorsal hatch, but there's not a whole lot of things to go in there. (No seats. The Tiger had a removeable cover too and some basic details inside. it will be neat on the game table to model or hide role playing clues or traps on the inside.) It came with two pilots and a command seats. My second Goose did not arrive so maybe they are having a slow release. One is getting Navy insignia and one is the obligatory white, red and black.
  7. 1. One for the forum savvy - I can't seem to attach photos to my posts anymore. It comes up as an "Attach URL" box. Did I reach some upload limit or do I have something set incorrectly? Well since the metal issue has been covered already I'll take a shot at the first one. You can only upload a picture in specific areas of the forum. You don't use the icons at the top of the screen. If a picture can be uploaded then that capability and buttons are located underneath the text window, so just scroll down a bit and you should see it. Hmm, I guess I never noticed that. Not all Forums allow you to do that. A MUCH embarrassed thanks to you for pointing that out. Ok, yeah they are a mish-mash of various forgotten manufacturers. Thanks for the help, all.
  8. Hmm, I have two questions: 1. One for the forum savvy - I can't seem to attach photos to my posts anymore. It comes up as an "Attach URL" box. Did I reach some upload limit or do I have something set incorrectly? 2. For the casting company - I have been saving a small sandwich baggy of conversion leftover scraps, slot tabs, and extra sprue. My casting buddy does not want it because it "changes the properties of his casting material." Before I pitch it afterall, can Reaper use it in a "garbage" pot or anything at all?
  9. I've got Merlin's Magic and it is great. Also Durham's Water Putty works well for general blocks too. I am not sure how strong it is, but it is easy to get at Home Depot and very cheap. In a pinch it makes a great budget substitute. http://www.waterputty.com/
  10. Extra Jack Harrison head and an extra Victory Force Miniatures US Paratrooper Officer. Wrong war, but he'll be great for Reich of the Dead or AE-WW2. To make it wackier, he swapped his cherished Jump Boots for cowboy boots.
  11. Yes, yes, yes. And an American nightclub singer with a wireless radio in her suitcase, a blond hair blue eyed priest, an asian pirate princess, and her samurai bodyguard... Eyup, that was my show.
  12. Hey pulpy Jack Harrison fans, Then there's the flight cap alternate head... I just noticed last week this model. It's not out yet, but is being released supposedly early August (and it's a $12 kit). I've got one pre-ordered myself. http://www.lindberg-models.com/air_model70512.html I know someone was mentioning dogs in another message thread. now we need a Jack Russel terrier - and with alternate heads as well.
  13. I had a very enjoyable time playing RotD. It was great to see the Kroids in person. I am looking forward to the next installment. I was told the rules are still in development. My only question about the game is whether the models stats were final or are they still in devlopment too? I probably would have put more importance on the officers and NCO's with the smg's. Thanks again. After getting smoked by the Kroids alone I really fear that Whirbelwind...
  14. "The Quick and the Dead." Someone should make a movie title out of that. I was the lone American player in the 4:00 to 6:00 Saturday night RotD. After I got almost eaten I think the score was Kroids 4 - Americans 2.? What was the final score? Fun game. Thanks Quicksilver.
  15. Sorry, I was out of town at Origins. Woot! Thanks for the compliments. The decal idea is sounding best. i might either pick up some of the print your own water slide or simply print on paper. The paper would give it sort of a relief, but would be impossible to cut. Yes, Helen's face is a little cruel. I had noticed for a while she should a less projective chin. A few weeks ago i had been trying to gently sand it back. It does look a little softer. As for the mouth, maybe, but I struggle with lipless face sculpts and I was trying to get some feminine look to the mouth. Are you talking the corners as the upper lip turns down to the jaw? The masks I was mostly going to paint on since even in close ups in the movie they don't seem to have any thickness to them. i think the computer guys just rendered black areas on the models. Except a small ridge along the brow and bridge of the nose I might add just a sliver of putty. And that ridge only shows up along the top of the masks. I am chopping the arms off the regular male dolly and making Frozone. I wasn't going to, but there is very little work to do.
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