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  1. How the heck is Blade Runner considered a guilty pleasure ....
  2. urm any way I could get a copy ...... please
  3. The word originates from Venice which created the first ever Jewish Ghetto, this is back when Venice was just about the most important trade city in Europe with everything from the middle east and beyond going through it. The word derives from Venetian which I guess is some derivative of Italian but I could well be wrong. So when I think of Ghetto I think first of Venice and then Poland for much the same reasons as Kim does.
  4. I feel many people are picking old classics and claiming they are guilty pleasures. Also within a gaming community such as we are movies that might been seen as guilty pleasures in other circles are very acceptable amongst us. The best examples of guilty pleasures are movies you are kinda embarrassed about admitting you like. Josie and the Pussycats is a prime example and makes my list as well, I also love Speed Racer. Another guilty pleasure for me is Head Over Heels. But as a male then yes admitting to almost any chic flick is a guilty pleasure. Oh another for me Rocky and Bullwinkle the movie. Lets face it the John Hughes movies are pretty mainstream and very popular in their day and still are now. Of course all the men here are lying by not including their adult movie collections.
  5. I have just heard from a friend of mine who owns a gaming shop (unfortunately some distance from where I live so I rarely get to see him). That they are expecting a new UK supplier for Reaper Minis and will hopefully have access to the newest figures (ie the new supplier will pay Reaper for the moulds unlike the current UK supplier). Please could Reaper confirm on this news and let us UKers what is going on and also whether the new UK supplier will be importing Reaper paints, this could make a huge difference and currently the customs charges are putting me off ordering anything from the US. Thanks Stuart
  6. Yup now out and doing much better thank you.
  7. I like the look of the models in the list suggested by Shakandara and while I am sure jdripleys list works well it uses a lot of the same models which for a trial force that shows me various different aspects of Warlord is less good. that said I am not keen on the onyx golem. What are the restrictions of what can go into a troop, do I need some form of leader in each one?
  8. Based on what I have read 1000 points I guess would be what I am aiming for.
  9. Will have a look at the army builder, but without knowing what all the SAs do the datacards are pretty meaningless to me, hence why I am asking for help.
  10. I am quite tempted to create a small "starter" force for Warlord. However due to being in the UK I don't want to order the rulebook and then have to place a later order for minis as I will get shafted on customs taxes, better to just have one order. So what I am wondering is can some of you kind Americans who have the warlord 2 rules come up with a starter army for me. I would like a force that has a small amount of all elements in the game so that I can see how everything works. The faction I like the look of most is the overlords. Any help much appreciated. Stuart
  11. Some more pictures, one day I will learn how to take good pictures. These are all painted to a good gaming standard and get a lot of comments as people go "ohhh marines in camo the looks so cool" The scout land speeder, one of the nicest kits GW have ever done. Scout bikes Sternguard mainly done with the standard plastic marines, though one is a proper metal sternguard. I am really pleased with this conversion, it takes the heavy flamer from a terminator sprue. I saw a very good painter (James Karch his white scars are in the new marine codex) who had done this at my local gaming club and thought I would give it a go. Finally the whole lot together.
  12. Frank right here Stefan asked us to do the above.
  13. As such yes. because some people had not moved keepers to the bottom of their autopick strategy then it kept selecting the top player with their autopick. MJD got picked a bazillion times by people not there. Shame as if we had done it right it would have been dead simple. As it was the old MSN method was simpler. The ESPN software though is really neat and I enjoyed the evening, of course there were three of us at my house all taking part on 3 different PCs and cursing each other as we stole players from each other (Cough Little Brother cough ) I do enjoy the little league it really adds to my Sunday nights and I hope we get back into the spirit of it being fun.
  14. First of I want to give a big thanks to Stefan. For something that is meant to be fun I think he was given a lot of heartache on Saturday which was not fair or even due. If people had done as asked and sorted their prepicks the draft would have worked perfectly. I managed it and I was in hospital. So to Stefan - Thank you. I see Mike Kelly all his players from his team, so I am picking some up however if we get a new owner please feel free to reinstate them from my team.
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