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  1. That shield just keeps drawing me in. Looks very cool nicely done. Her armour is well done also. Her "war face" is really convincing ST
  2. Thanks to everyone for the kind words
  3. Very nice. The work you did on the face is exquisite. Love the colour choices, especially the hair. Good inspiration idea with the goldfish. welcome
  4. Hello, Here is the latest mini I, more or less, finished. Thanks for looking. ST
  5. Hey there, The base is pretty much finished, maybe a bit here and there left to be added. I primed and painted the stump and trunk. Sculpted a mushroom, and painted it. Also added was ground bark bits and leaves. Grasses are from thistle seed fluff. The mini is on the home stretch now and should be finished shortly. Thanks for looking ST
  6. Hello all Moving right along with this Base WIP. As mentioned earlier I tried to branch out (pun intended) by adding a rotting tree trunk with my tree stump. Seemed to work out fairly good; know more when its primed and painted. I used some heavy gauge Christmas wreath wire to fashion the stump, then "greened" it for details. Thanks for looking ST
  7. Hey all Thanks LCS for the comments of encouragement. I painted the sculpted added rock parts. Not a perfect match but it should work fine when blended with other terrain cover and bits. I am hoping to add a sculpted dead wood log or stump or something next, then the finishing touches of leaf litter and leaves and moss etc. thanks for looking ST
  8. Hello all After a long hiatus from painting, I am almost finished a new Wolfen mini from Rackham. I hope to get it on ShowOff soon. I wanted to post some pics of the basing process. I like to find rocks that could pass for 34mm scale. Usually very uneven with lots of irregularities (and one flat side to rest on). I had to do some considerable sculpting because the mini's left foot didn't sit level. But I liked the way the staff came over the crest of the cliff. Looks like he's actually in mid stride. Anywho....
  9. Hello Jen Thank you for taking the time. I will keep an eye on the auction and see how the budget goes and touch base with you. That is in fact the mini I am looking for. I like the idea of sharing the lot since I just got three new Wolfens that I am working on. Hope the price doesn't shoot up over the next few days. Thanks again for your efforts p.s. good eye Phil
  10. Nic job, I like the earthy colour choices for this one. Very realistic looking. The white is nice with the dirty stains. The book and other leathers are sweet too, very muted and smooth. The torch is cool with the charred wood at the top, nice touch. Not sure what I think of the flame. Maybe a little orange or red at the top. Good work I like the base as well.
  11. Hi John, It is named Wolfen Prowler, nothing else. He's the Samurai looking wolf guy that has one foot leaning on his huge samurai style sword in scabbard, holding a smaller curved sword in his hand. He has robes from head to toe and is carrying a bow with a quiver of arrows on his back / side. I know this line has been temporarily? discontinued; a real shame since they are all quite spectacular. Anyway the search continues. ST
  12. Hey there, I am wondering if anyone knows where I might locate a surplus Wolfen Prowler its by Rackham and I know they are scarce but thought I would put it out there. I know it's a long shot. But hey someone may have a lead. I apoligize if this is not an appropriate request for this board. p.s. Willing to trade or purchase. ST
  13. Hello Eostar, Love the colour scheme you chose for Lurien. The faded dusty look is very appropriate for a ghost. Her skin and hair rock. I think I like the work you did on the eyes best... same for the other girls. There eyes all look to have their own "look"; very nice. cheers
  14. Fantastic work! You sure have captured the authentic look of the Crusader. Colour scheme is great, face and details are stunning. Really like that creamy white too, stylin' By looking at this guy you might think he was 54mm with the detail you've captured... especially with the armour, Sheesh. I always struggle with my armour. Every new project is a crap shout on how it will turn out. I tackled this guy a while back and opted for the leather covered armour look. But you nailed it here. Great technique and execution. Feeling generous? Sure would love to know the recipe for your armour. Look forward to seeing some more great work of yours. Oh, how did the back turn out? Shame we can't take a peak. Cheers ST
  15. LCS, The ogre looks really cool. I love the darker skin tone. I think this choice of base coat really makes the definition and veins pop. The work on his armour bracer is wicked. His mace rocks too. Other things I really dig are the beige coloured pouch on his back. Its a great alternative to the usual darker brown leathers. I like the chain and skull and his mail armour... Did you paint each peice individually? You were asking for critique observations as well. I find his teeth really distracting. Much too white (and a little splotchy) for an ogre, maybe a wash or a blend to a darker tone. And that shield just doesn't work from my angle. I may have tried making the shield face look like it was carved out of wood and left plain. Just my opinion Cool work and colours!! Cheers Sparrow
  16. Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement. Hamish, the base-fu has taken me quite some time to wrap my head around. Most of my bases take a similar theme, rocks with a tree stump. Morganm, thanks for noticing the action shot theme. Much appreciated Primeval, I love bows with a string added, looks extra real. For this one I used a small strand of hemp fiber twisted and then applied a coat of super glue. I was going for a raw hide look. thanks again ST Cheers
  17. Thanks for the commenting Sigil Stern: the number and description are DHL 03190 Blacktongue, Gnoll. Regarding the weight. I think the picture is a little deceiving, the rock is only about 2 inches by 2 inches. Easily fits in the palm of your hand. cheers
  18. Hey folks, This is my latest project, the gnoll ranger. I thought having him perched on top of a cliff looking down would suit his 'getting ready to fire' pose. I see some touch ups that are needed. The base is a rock from the beach. I green stuffed the mini's base into the rock and used some ground up bark for the ground cover. I sculpted the tree trunk in the back ground. Cheers
  19. Hey there, These guys look pretty cool from what I can see. Outlining looks crisp and I like the skin and shading on the lighter colored one. Good blending job and brush control on all the bone, and teeth, and claws, really makes a difference when painters take their time with these. The armour looks cool too. I'd love to see them photographed in some better lighting though. Even a small bed side lamp aimed towards them with a contrasting background might really help make them pop. Cheers ST
  20. Very cool. I love the muted, dullish palette. It may not sound like a compliment but it is intended as one. The earthy, worn colours work very well for this little creature. The skin, leathers, and stick caught my eye. Not to mention his eyes. Good job. I love the sculpt of the face, his features seem overstated in a good way. Cheers
  21. Thanks for your encouraging comments. Fruggs- I figured I better try to do all the bits justice as Mr. Klocke is such a perfectionist and brilliant at sculpting them. How does he do it? Wyrmgear- I thought considerably about how he would look in the face. Since he was a shaman I wanted to attempt a more distinct, mature and wise mysterious look. He sort of turned out like the Joker. Which isn't all bad I guess. Stern- I try to put a little more thought into the palette to make up for any lack in painting technique. If the colors work well then perhaps mistakes are a little less noticeable. Tom- I am always looking for little 28 or 30 mm tid bits for bases when I am hiking or beach combing. The fall is a good time to scavenge flower or seed pod dead heads from all manner of plants. I keep an eye out for weathered rocks from the beach that have a cliff or rocky outcrop quality to them. My favorite is the seed thingy from the common thistle for the tall grassy clumps (similar to the dandelion seed things that blow in the wind) Brushmaster- That was the first bottle I have done. It was a nice touch to the sculpt.
  22. Very cool, I really like the palette you chose. Dark and creppy and dead really works well with the contrast of your signature flowers.
  23. Hey folks, I've been working on this guy for a while now. Finally finished, although many touch ups are presenting themselves. I sculpted the secondary rocky base under his feet. The primary base is a natural weathered stone from the beach. All the base flora and ground cover are natural except for the rock moss, everything else is scavenged from the bush. The flowers have some orange and yellow paint added to bring them to life. I love Mr. Klocke's attention to detail. The skull hanging from the back is flawlessly sculpted, as are all the other little bits and peices. Only quibble is I'm not the best at painting fur. Any-who cheers
  24. Hey y'all, Been away from the boards taking a break from painting for a while. Waiting for some new minis to arrive in the mail. In the meantime, I got a little board, and tried a conversion on Quint. I thought a rugged looking shield would suit his demeanor. Nothing fancy behind the shield, a little filing and bending of his arm, still could use some touch up work there. I used a base that comes with the sculpting armature packs and sculpted the wood and metal bits from the greenstuff. I know the painting is only table top quality but I like the final converted product. Cheers
  25. That is one wicked lookin' fig. That dark armour with that regal red brown for the "man" skirt looks tres cool. I like the tilt on the helm, conveys a real "you peeved me off and now you're in trouble" look. Nice sculpt with a real nice paint job.
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