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  1. Finally got a real start on one of the big bones i got in the kickstarter, the mighty Cthulhu, and since i picked up an airbrush, i thought i'd put the base skin tones on with that i'm rather happy with the result so far
  2. Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff! You're getting: Red Dragon x1 Nethyrmaul x1 Kaladrax Reborn x1 C'thulhu x1 vampire x1 YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES.
  3. True, but being Irked at Reaper for the inefficiencies of the USPS is not really fair. The USPS is notoriously bad at customer service, especially if they have to go out of the norm to do something. I'm not irked at Reaper, but I am irked at the situation. I accept it, but it still drives me a bit nuts. . This, I'm not irked at Reaper, the whole situation is entirely frustrating though.
  4. It is irksome that RoW still hasn't begun shipping yet, and whilst I understand that Reaper are likely waiting on the Postmaster getting them the truck they need to get the orders shipped, it doesn't abate the annoyance (much). I mean, in terms of people recieving their packages, I'd have thought hitting out RoW would have made more sense, considering how long it'll take for items to ship via USPS. Just hoping that once this 1500 US orders is done, RoW finally gets some love from reaper.
  5. ok, i did a search but couldn't see anything, but i'm experienceing something a bit odd, i have one single MSP cracking, 09133 Bloodstain Red to be specific, has anyone else had a similar issue with this or any other of the MSP line? or could the paint have gone bad in some way? It's cracking over primer and different shades of MSP, and this is a fairly recent thing to happen, i used it last week and it was fine, all my other MSPs are fine.
  6. miniature heroes has it listed but not in stockminiature heroes
  7. the kind of net a retiarius gladiator would have like this i'm thinking holding in the shield hand, the shield would be removed
  8. does anyone have any ideas on how to add a net to a miniature, specificly the one in the pic below
  9. i recently ordered most of the gladiator looking minis from reaper, and i've been wondering and looking for a painted 03267: The Gladiator but i can't see one on here or CMON has anyone seen or have a pic or two of him painted?
  10. here's a new pic of the barbarian with some selective lining and a simple base job
  11. here's a couple of minis i did the empire plastic mostly as practice as i've not painted a mini in a couple of months and also to paint something in colours i don't usually use the spyglass barbarian was started a while ago but i just finished up the details today didn't notice the spot on his side till i looked at the pic, and the other dot on his armour isn't as not noticable irl
  12. rather nice, i ma have to steal this idea in the future
  13. Thanks guys. The thing with the Ra's headsculpt was that he seems to be sculpted squinting, so it's more difficult to paint his eyes
  14. i'm just wondering peoples thoughts on black powder weapons in fantasy, in fantasy games to be more specific, and to be really specific, should i let most characters use them in my fantasy combat rpg, or just leave them to a small group of characters
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