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  1. Thanks for the info.
  2. Any official news if Reaper will be at Origins this year?
  3. Did I read this right? Any ideas when?
  4. Hey, Is their going to be anyone at Origins this year selling Reaper products. I was hoping to pick up a bunch of Warlord miniatures.
  5. Will there be Warlord demo's at Origins this year.
  6. Since I have to paint up both armies how many points per side would I need for a good game and to get a better understanding of the rules? What size tables do most of you play Warlord on? Thanks
  7. When are the new unit packs for Warlord coming out?
  8. I thought they were at the 2005 origins.
  9. Will Reaper have a retail booth at the 2007 Origins Expo in Columbus Ohio.
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