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  1. Thanks for the comments folks. Was without a computer for bit so I didnt get to look back in on this till now.
  2. Painted this up for a friend in a local figure exchange. They are a ton of fun to do, as you get to paint something you might never otherwise ever try. The base was left unfinished so he could match his armies scheme with it.
  3. Awesome looking figs! I havent ever looked into ww1 stuff much but these are really cool.
  4. Love the limited pallet use here. Really liking that base as well. Suits the fig nicely.
  5. The fur texture is awesome! Nicely done.
  6. Haha. Thanks! Hopefully a whole town worth will follow sometime soon.
  7. Finished the last few details on this last night, and thought I'd show it to all you Reaper peeps. Let me know what ya think, thanks for looking. More here. http://scottysworkshop.blogspot.com/2012/02/port-tavern-completed.html
  8. Finished this chicka up the other night. She will be a proxy for First mate Hawk for my Warmachine Mercenaries. Thanks for looking.
  9. Fantastic little mini. I love all those colors and how well youve made them mesh.
  10. Stuck in a gigantic pile of unpainted pewter.....

  11. Thanks for the comments. The Axe was based with Scorpion green, and then it has a hash mark pattern in bad moon yellow. Then I re glazed it with Scorpion green again. The vegetation on the base is just some clumps of lichen/moss I picked off of rocks while hiking.
  12. Heres the first Infinity fig I've gotten finished. Let me know what you think. Apologies for the less than stellar pictures. More angles here if your interested. http://scottysworkshop.blogspot.com/2011/10/daturazi-finished.html
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