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  1. Thanks for the comments.

    The Axe was based with Scorpion green, and then it has a hash mark pattern in bad moon yellow. Then I re glazed it with Scorpion green again.


    The vegetation on the base is just some clumps of lichen/moss I picked off of rocks while hiking.

  2. I think I had that thing in my stomach the last time I ate fast food :zombie::lol: Cool paint job.


    HAha, thats great. My wife thought is was so gross looking she wouldnt even hold it to give it a look.


    Thanks for all the comments.


    @ Mercius. I think you should as well. Would love to see your take on a few of them for sure.

  3. I had thought about rusting up the armor equally as much as the sword, but with the way I do it,it may very well obscure details.

    Are you wondering about the rust then? If so, I will have a tutorial on my blog relatively soon, about the gritty, rusty bits I do.

  4. The Confrontation range of models went defunct, and is now coming back in resin from somebody or other.


    I for one wish Big Daddy Ed and the Reaper Kids would have scored the molds for this great range. C'est la vie.



    Ah, I had wished the same for some time. For Reaper to be in control of the producing and distribution of these figs, would have been a dream come true.


    Thanks for the comments all. Much appreciated.

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