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  1. I like the addition of the wings on the chronotechnician. The wereshark looks nice as well, though I think a few light washes to help smooth out his skin would l make him that much better. Good stuff overall.
  2. Very nice all around. I really like the undead group a lot.
  3. looks like they will make for a very stunning force. Cant wait to see more.
  4. Holy moly! She's a bright one. Looks good though and very fitting for the fig. Nice work.
  5. Have any of you Reptus gurus tried running a Brood rider heavy list? I just picked up my fifth one, and what was wondering if you guys think thats too much of a points sink for a 1000-1500 point game. Theyre so cool lookin I cant keep from pick'n one up every time I go into my LGS.
  6. This is what I'm thinkin too. And now with 8 more factions coming out I will have a mighty thin wallet.
  7. Well, Here are my painted forces. Reptus. This all I have painted thus far, but there are a lot more to come. http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o22/sco...hn/101_0779.jpg Warning. This pic has a nude female model in it!! Mercs. Not all of them are "legal" figs but we kind of use what we want around these parts. http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o22/sco...hn/101_0780.jpg
  8. Most people just throw up their pics in the show off section with everything else. Though I wouldn't mind seeing a place for only Warlord armies in all their glory.
  9. I missed this one. I really like the armor, very nice paint work.
  10. Sounds like alot of fun. Using a map of the state is a cool idea. I wish I could get a group that large committed to a campaign. Do you think you'll release your campaign ideas after yours is complete?
  11. I would think no. But I am not sure. Somebody with a little more knowledge will have to answer that one.
  12. Its missing the last sentence. The book says the resurrected model joins the spellcasters troop, Ignoring troop capacity and may immediately take one action of any type.
  13. Nope. "Bob" becomes part of troop A, the spellcasters troop, when he is resurrected.
  14. Ya, I'm stoked now! I will definitely be buying this book as well. I want The gnomes, I want the Giants, the Black orcs....I'm just gonna have to buy them all.
  15. I'm all for rgtriplec's idea to be packaged, shipped and sold. It seems that every one of them works pretty well. I think having an actual Warlord figure in each box is essential. I can hear the people at mt LGS now, saying "its called Warlord, but I dont get a Warlord in the box....lame".
  16. Great stuff! I agree on the blond beard it did turn out rather nice. I really like the green capes as well.
  17. Very nice. I love the grayish skin color you gave him. The armor is great as well. That breastplate is amazingly well done.
  18. Dwarves. King Thorgarm=148 Ivar=71 Dwarf Warrior x 5=145 piercers x 2=62 Dire bear=75 501 total. Elves Prince Danithal=147 Ardynn=54 Royal Guardsmen x 4=140 Vale archers x 3=99 Baeldrinahr=62 502 total
  19. I think a 750 box might end up being a bit pricey dollar wise. 500 may be the way to go , so people dont see the price and run. Maybe one troop of basic type soldiers(half archers half melee), the poster boy Warlords, a mage/cleric and then some sort of solo. So, in other words almost the exact same type of setup the old starters came with except some of the soldiers would be swapped for a few with ranged capability. Heres an example of what i would like to see in a starter. Khong-To= 157 Pakpao=52 4 x Reptus warriors=164 3 x Reptus Archers=78 Crymorian Warrior=59 Co
  20. The skin tones are great on this one.
  21. Very nice. The color combos are great and the painting is topnotch. Thanks for sharing.
  22. Hey all. I'm alittle confused about running with a flyer. If I were to declare I was running with, say, a Gaan hor warrior. would I move 18 inches followed by and additional 2 for the running bonus, or do I have it all wrong? Any help with a little clarification would be appreciated, thanks.
  23. Very nice stuff. I really love the skin/scales but then again I'm somewhat partial to blue lizards(all my Reptus are blue )
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