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  1. Very cool. The shield design is awesome! I really like the beard as well.
  2. Very nice paint job. I really like the skin color you chose and the shading is excellent. One thing that I think would make this fig that much better would be a black wash on that axe blade to give it some depth and dirtiness. (is dirtiness a word? )
  3. Yowsa! I'm gonna second the nurse idea.
  4. That is not what I had expected upon entering this thread. Awesome job! It really is a very cool looking fig youve sculpted. Edit: BTW, the Goblins in the hobbit cartoon used to scare the crap out of me.
  5. Man I love these figs! The paintjobs are top notch.
  6. We have to be able to sing the song before the actual release dont we?
  7. Love the figs. One question, are the bases for Neo and trinity homemade or pre-fab?
  8. Love the priestess. Unless I'm playing against her in Warlord....then not so much. I really like the nasty greenish skin color you gave your mummies as well.
  9. I like these guys a lot. Having their suits in different colors gives a nice sense of realism.
  10. That is a crazy looking figure. I love the colors you chose, especially for the skin.
  11. Awesome job! I love the beard. is he a typical 28mm sculpt?
  12. Looks to have some neat stuff inside. great find.
  13. Wish there was a place that sold CAV stuff locally, it looks freakin sweet. The big red dude is my fave of this bunch.
  14. Should be a blast and a hoot. The figures are done very well. I'll have to see if I v=cant find that Magnificent ego's fig, he's pretty cool.
  15. This is the only game system I play where that happens regularly. it's quite a refreshing change from the way other games play out.
  16. I really like the fully highlighted one in the second and third pics. The fiery orange really helps give them an otherwordly and hellish appearance.
  17. Doesnt get much more dramatic than that. Great work.
  18. Exactly what I first thought. Wish I could get my skin-tones to look that nice.
  19. Very detailed paintwork for such a teeny creature. Awesome work.
  20. That red cloak is crazy good, as is the rest of the fig. Wish he were for me.
  21. She looks very well done. I love your color choices. Any way to get some more light on her? It's kind of difficult to see much of the bear with all of those big shadows.
  22. Very cool. They look so tiny, are those regular 20mm bases?
  23. Ya, I wished I could have found something suitable that was non human as well. This piece did start off as a desert/Khemri themed tomb but evolved as I got more into Warlord. Should have new pics up tonight. Thanks for looking.
  24. Thanks! I ended up getting the skull from Michaels during Halloween time last year. The entire thing is 2" pink insulation foam.
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