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  1. Some may remember this piece when it was a big pink monstrosity. After a game of Warlord using it I couldnt bear the pink foam anymore so, it got some paint and sand. All thats left to do is add tons and tons of foliage, plantlife and other interesting bits and bobs. Anyway here it is. Tell me what you think.
  2. OOh! Thats cool. Wish I could come. How big is the entire layout?
  3. This is looking great! cant wait to see more. I may have to steal this idea if I start demoing in my area.
  4. Agreed. It's a very neat looking scene. The Vampire model is a very convincing sith. I gotta ask though. Why all the Jedi love here on the boards lately?
  5. *Claps hands* Agreed. I would love to see a good gnome or halfling faction. the dragon riders would be cool, and I think a number of people would buy into them. I mean, in what other game can you play as dragon riding halflings?
  6. I remember those old Chaos warriors. They should look great on the table. Thanks for sharing.
  7. That is awesome. Both yours and Froggy's are great.
  8. All of that sounds awesome! I like the idea of the element worshiping acolytes as the "lesser" soldier types. The water type of acolyte could be very difficult to hit but fragile ie. single damage tracks but decently high DV.
  9. I'd love to play against such a well painted VC"s army. Great work.
  10. The Marauders look great and those alternate chaos hounds are awesome looking. Cant wait to see more.
  11. If an AOE spell doesnt target a specific model (i.e. you center it on the ground somewhere) what DV or Target number do you need to roll against? My friend and I decided to roll once and apply it to everybody's DV that was under the AOE spell to see if they were hit or not. Also, if youre troop leader dies do the troop members still automatically take a shaken token? We couldnt find the rule for this one. Are there rules somwhere in the document that explain how to move up and down higher elevations? Or is it just standard movement up and down typical places such as ladders and rocky cliff faces?
  12. Another faction I've always wanted to see fleshed out would be an all summoned elemental type of force. All the leaders would be elementalist's and summon in most of their army when and where they were needed. Probably way too difficult to make it a viable faction, but it would still be pretty cool imho.
  13. Nice work here. I like the dark hair, I've only ever seen her painted as a blonde or very light brown. A little OSL radiating from the crystal would be pretty neat.
  14. fantastic paint work The blending on the legs and coat is great. The expression youve gotten on the face has got to be my favorite part though. She almost looks kind of snooty.
  15. Very cool figs and nice paintjobs to boot. It's too bad those models are so difficult to get a hold of.
  16. I know you say its a human population, but the idea of a dark dwarf faction is frickin sweet.
  17. Amazing fig. The little scroll case hanging on his belt was the first thing to jump out at me. The NMM on it is flawless. Love the freehand on hos pants as well.
  18. I think the thing that kills the silver clothe effect is the sword and laser gun being very close to the same color. If you painted the gun black and maybe changed the sword to a bronze or some other color I think the silver clothing would look much more believable.
  19. Good looking paintjob, The face is painted very well.
  20. I think It would be pretty sweet to have the entire continent explored through expansions, with different types of mercs or whole factions available in each book.
  21. Wow! Very nicely done. I love the green and the bandages are done very well.
  22. Are the other three factions known? I've heard a second dwarves and elf faction may be in there but I could be wrong.
  23. For those who have played 2.0, what would be a good size for a demo army? I was thinking 500 points, would that work?
  24. I am also planning on trying to become a BL member and running some friendly tourney's. I already have quite a few people ready to jump on board when the new book is released. The biggest hold up right now is the lack of starter sets....but thats neither here nor there.
  25. I've always liked my Orc flesh very bright so, you get a thumbs up from me. Excellent blending as well. The only little thing I would have to critique is to take your shadows much darker. I'm thinking some blueish purple shadows like Jabberwocky did on his Reven Orc a while back. (think it was Jabberwocky) MamaGeek does have some very good ideas though. (think I'll be printing that color wheel for myself)
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