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  1. :wub:


    Not a fan of the purple for Skorne*, but the execution was excellent. I've painted both of these models a total of five times combined, and you got the detailing right-on all around. I also really enjoyed the skintones.


    *That's just my personal taste. I prefer deep reds and cool whites myself.



    Thanks! Only reason I didnt stick with red is because I play Khador as well, and I basically followed the studio scheme for those guys. Wanted my two main armies to look very different.

  2. Well done, sir. That's a look I haven't seen yet on Skorne, and you nailed it.


    Got any more Cyclopes in that scheme? I'd love to see a Brute or a Savage in purple lacquered armour.

    Thanks! I do indeed have a bunch more skorne painted like this. 2 Savages and 1 Brute, with Molik Karn soon to be started s well. I will try to snap a pic today.

  3. As far as my experience with the P3's goes. I like the paint. It has good coverage and is very smooth. I needs thinning quite a bit more than other paints but that does not bother me. The pots they come in are by far(imo) the worst in the industry. The tops break off, or they get gummed up to the point of not being able to close all the way.


    you do get more paint for your dollar versus GW paints as well.

  4. Thanks for all the comments! unfortunately I cant snap a pic with another fig. This guy has gone off to his new home.

    If it helps at all though, I did have to hot glue him to a peanuts can, to give me something to hold onto. and he filled the top of that very well.

  5. @ Alex3:I do think they could be used for rocks and such. once the stuff is fully cured, it is very similar to pink foam consistency. it can be carved or sanded pretty easily.


    @ Malefactus: Thanks for the suggestion. Should work out well too, as I live in Utah and the entire state is covered in Sage Brush.


    @Warlordgarou: I'd love to see some pics of what others have done with expanding foam.

  6. I am also in the same boat with those that liked the first 5 books. They have become increasingly dull and repetitive though, and I dont think I shall ever finish.


    If I could recommend a good series (IMO) The Riftwar Saga by Raymond Feist. Loved every spec of it.

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