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  1. this is gortens battle grop minus two of the little gunners. Tell me what you think.
  2. Sorry, but this is a total noob question. I'm just wondering what the rules on mixing the different factions are. I get the whole nuetral with good or evil and what not, but how exactly does it work. Could I have a force mainly comprised of reptus and then throw in some dwarf solitaire models or the other way around? I have a rulebook but I cant find if it ever states how its done. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  3. With the great prices that reaper has on thier minis I may do just that. I'm planning on saving up for a few weeks and going to get as many of them as I can, wich should be close to all of them. Somebody please tell me if I'm making a mistake going with reptus though, I dont want to get drawn into another underdog army like some other games have ( ahem)
  4. So, I've decided on starting reptus as my first army and need tips on building a balanced playable force also any good tactics people have come up with would be appreciated. I havnt played the game yet but I think I understand the basics of gameplay and such. Thnx in advance for any help.
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