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  1. I think the yellows look very nice on this one. Really like the base as well.
  2. Finished up my Kaya a few nights ago. I gotta say she was a royal pain to paint. I really seemed to struggle with all of that detail on such a tiny fig. Let me know what you think. Thanks for looking.
  3. Looks spectacular. Cant wait to see paint on it.
  4. Amazing work! I really like everything about this one. Thanks for sharing.
  5. You and me both. You can still get most of everything for them but its at a premium. I have had to spend the last 2 years gathering my Middies from sources all over the world.
  6. Very well done. The colors work surprisingly well together. I really dig those spots.
  7. Thanks for the comments. I agree that these dudes are definitely creepy little buggers. The ones that are covered in the little dolls are even worse.
  8. Heres my last Hydra warrior(of 3) I had a lot of fun painting these dudes. Let me know what you think. Thanks for looking.
  9. he looks great. The little bit of blue you added contrasts nicely with all of the woodsey colors.
  10. Woah, That guy is bright! I like it a lot. Learning about your character is neat as well.
  11. I love this fig, and youve done a great job on it. The base is very well done as well.
  12. I really like the reddish brown wings. Well done.
  13. I'll second that. The picture from the front looks like true metallics all the way. Well done.
  14. Wow! I find myself extremely jealous of that case. I gotta get one!
  15. I seem to forget to look in the WIP section occasionally, and look at the Awesome work I miss. Geesh! He is awesome man. now, lets see him finished.
  16. Just finished this guy up tonight. He was a pain to paint compared to the other Mid-Nors (smaller) Tell me what you think. Thanks.
  17. Wow! very nicely done. I also like here better done up in more natural tones. Any tips on how you did those stockings?
  18. Thats great looking. The glass is especially well done.
  19. Nai khanon got me going on my Reptus. He has not disappointed in game play either.
  20. Alrighty. Got to a computer sooner than expected. About the wings.(its not all that fancy) I basecoated the entire wings with Citadel Rotting Flesh. Once dry a did a very heavy wash of VGC smoke with a bit of black added in. I went back and drybrushed the rotting flesh and it looked awful. but it was necessary. I started to glaze with any color imaginable to help tone down the drybrushing and give them a rotted look I mostly used reds. purples and blues but there are some greens and Oranges in there too. I tried keeping the reds and purples close to where the metal touches the wings
  21. Thats exactly how it happened . I received this dude for christmas 2 years ago and was totally daunted by him. Thanks for all the comments guys. I will sit down this evening and write out how I did the wings. Running for work now.
  22. Finished this bad mama jama up tonight. He was fun and very frustrating to paint all at the same time. More WIP pics on my blog http://scottysworkshop.blogspot.com/ Thanks for looking.
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