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  1. Awesome!


    It always frustrates me that I didn't pick up more of the Mid-nor line when i had the chance, they were so characterful and still are 10+ years later.



    You and me both. You can still get most of everything for them but its at a premium. I have had to spend the last 2 years gathering my Middies from sources all over the world. :wacko:

  2. Alrighty. Got to a computer sooner than expected.


    About the wings.(its not all that fancy) I basecoated the entire wings with Citadel Rotting Flesh.

    Once dry a did a very heavy wash of VGC smoke with a bit of black added in.

    I went back and drybrushed the rotting flesh and it looked awful. but it was necessary.

    I started to glaze with any color imaginable to help tone down the drybrushing and give them a rotted look

    I mostly used reds. purples and blues but there are some greens and Oranges in there too. I tried keeping the reds and purples close to where the metal touches the wings, to give it a soar or infected look.

    Just make sure the glazes are really gradual and subtle.


    And thats about it. Hope it makes sense.




    Edit* I use a tiny bit of FUTURE in my washes to break surface tension and it actually really helps to protect the paint as well.

  3. Amazing wings! And like everyone else I love the rust, especially on the blade. That's the type of miniature I'd buy but never get around to paint.



    Thats exactly how it happened . I received this dude for christmas 2 years ago and was totally daunted by him.


    Thanks for all the comments guys. I will sit down this evening and write out how I did the wings. Running for work now. :wacko:

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