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  1. Looks good. I may have to try some of that quickshade on my larger unpainted armies.
  2. Very nicely done. The OSL is quite nice and as others have said, not overdone.
  3. That drow Sorceress is spectacular. I think the Sword might benefit from some shading but other than that, Stellar paint jobs on both.
  4. The face is amazing. Very nicely done sir.
  5. Painted this guy up for the fun of it. Have had him sitting in a box for a very long time now, and a color scheme just sort of came to me out of the blue last night. (didnt work exactly how I pictured it) Here he is. Let me know what you think. Thanks for looking.
  6. You have created a very cool scene sir. Well done.
  7. That is awesome indeed. You ought to be proud of this little dude.
  8. I like all the bright colors. They are very cool lookin.
  9. Wonderful as always. The little fire demon is amazing. It really looks like its burning.
  10. WOw! I really like the color schemes youve used. The highlights are all very clean and smooth. That freehand on the back of the second dudes cape is very well done. Thanks for sharing, and make sure to do it more often.
  11. He just so happens to be my Favorite GW fig as well. @ Dargrin. The Yellow plant is just Woodland Scenics grass dipped in glue and then dipped in fine Sawdust.
  12. I really like the terrain youve done for them. That tomb is sweet. Awesome stuff.
  13. I'll echo that red hair comment. It works very well with the bright green. Keep on going. Looks awesome.
  14. Looks to be a good, well rounded list. Your first troop is almost an exact replica of what I usually run. Just swap out Ra'am for Nai Kahanon and its there. I think either one will fit the bill for for your uber melee troop.
  15. Great looking fig. I really like the freehand on the shield. I vote the blue background as well.
  16. Nicely done. I really like your Amat paintjob.
  17. Very cool. I might have a go at that, here real soon. Thanks man!
  18. Thanks for the comments! A for the base. He is intended solely for gaming. I did want him to stand out a bit, hence the cork raising him up above his rank and file fellows. For future reference though. What would you guys use in place of cork that is still easy to work with?
  19. Thanks for the comments fellas. I really lke the suggestions to better myself so keep em comin.
  20. As before . I really like the blood and stuff all over Lug. Really like the metals as well.
  21. Just finished this guy up last night. Would love to here what you think...good or bad. Thanks for lookin.
  22. Very cool. It was awesome to see this come together. the painting, conversion and basing are all excellent.
  23. Woah! Very nicely done. The skin is very nice.
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