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  1. Wow! Very nice Dargrin. Looking forward to where this goes.
  2. Really like what youve done with her. The hair and base stand out as the best parts to me. The skin is also very well done. Threw ya a vote.
  3. Man! You were extremely productive for Gen Con. Congrats on all the coins.
  4. Looks really good man. The base, the colors and the painting are all awesome.
  5. I am surprised at how good these look. I may have to try it sometime. A group shot would be sweet.
  6. Wow! That pose makes him leaps and bounds better. I really like the colors youve used and the blending on the skin is excellent.
  7. Seconded on that base. I would love to see a tutorial on your display bases. Especially thee outdoors types.
  8. Wow! what a cool base and the paint colors are excellent! I have had this fig for quite sometime. I may have to go paint it now.
  9. Sure... though its kind of all over the place. I used VGC Tanned flesh as the base color. Washed everything with GW Gryphonne Sepia. Shaded the very deepest parts with GW Scorched brown(up under his hand and such) Re-highlight with the Tanned flesh and then slowly added in P3 Menoth white for a few layered highlights until its almost pure Menoth white on the very tops. Hope that helps.
  10. Alrighty. Perhaps these pics will be a bit better. I tried to deepen the shadows a bit and think I got the hair done. I feel like I need to work on the face more but its so small I'm sort of lost as to what to do.
  11. wow! Very nicely done sir. I would have been worried putting a gray beard right next to silver scales, but youve pulled it off very well.
  12. what a great expression. very nice fig Cyradis.
  13. Thanks everyone. I will for sure see about pushing my shadows deeper tonight then. @ Chipchuck. I just use postertac to stick my models to old paint pots while I work on them.
  14. The Lichen does look a little huge for the base. Its not bad but you may want to have a look at this. http://terrainthralls.com/Tutorials%20folder/Gimme%20Shelter/big%20images/R_left_Big.JPG A good friend of mine does Some of the most excellent terrain ever, and his painted eggshells may work for what you need. The sorcerer is looking very good btw.
  15. Painting this one up for the wamp competition. My pictures are looking over lit but hopefully you can get the idea. Let me know what you think.
  16. Heres what Ive gotten done so far. Let me know what you think.
  17. Geesh I have no idea what that second fig might be. They are both well done though. I really like that coral/salmon color you used on the chick, and It seems to be highlighted nicely.
  18. That is so cool! makes me want to start a naval combat game.
  19. Lookin good man. The skin is very nice. The blood spatter all around is very cool. Good luck in the competition.
  20. I have seen a number of people using the pathfinder dragon in Warlord now. He fits in just fine, and he's not so huge as to impede gameplay.
  21. That OSL is crazy good! Its a very cool scene.
  22. This fig is about ready to grace my painting area as well. I really like your color choices on her.
  23. Nice job. I really like the subtle freehand for the texture on his coat.
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