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  1. Quite nice. The freehand is very well done.
  2. Thats awesome! Needs a cape though.
  3. Ya, I remember seein this dude as well. Looks Awesome man.
  4. Looks very nice. A closer pic would be cool if ya got one.
  5. Nice. The metallics and the bit of battledamage are very well done.
  6. If it were me. I might try to kinda go with an opposite effect for the horns. ie. From a lighter brown fading to black on the tips. Perhaps something like this. http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o22/scottykahn/101_0774.jpg Just a thought.
  7. Wow! What a project. Its very cool to see it all come together. Keep on goin.
  8. That is freakin sweet! Cant wait to see more of this.
  9. Looks good to me too. The horns are the only things that really seem to stand out as unfinished but you already mentioned finishing those up, so, youre golden. Really diggin the green skin btw.
  10. She is lookin good. The red is particularly well done.
  11. I really like those colors a lot. The blending form dark to light is very well done.
  12. woah!Leaps and bounds beyond where I was for my sixth fig. Looks very good.
  13. Thank ya much, guys. @ Kelcore. To do the rust on this dude. I just added Baking soda to my original basecoat (hot orange I think) to give it grit. I followed up with a few washes of Smokey ink. And, then just drybrushed the gritty areas with more oranges and a tad of white at the end.
  14. Oh man, that is awesome! Grimwolf will be forever know as the Drunken Buddy. Priceless.
  15. Thanks for the comments. @Bikerdrew. This is a fig that used to be produced by rackham, back when they still produced metals. They are all OOP now though.
  16. Here is My cyclops that I entered in the Large fig category At gen Con this last week. He made it past the first cut into the top 8 but was not destined to take one of the top 4 spots. It was a great experience. I hope to do it again next year. Thanks for looking.
  17. Reptus is my current faction. Favorite would have to be Reptus by default. Probably gonna start Dark reach and possibly Kraggmar.
  18. I would really like to see Reptus get some bigger beat stick type of turtles or maybe Gators. Something with Damage reduction. I think they would look sweet but might be overpowered in a lot of builds. Mav 4 ma# 2 Damage reduction 2 bludgeon, vicious.
  19. It was a very fun tourney indeed. My Reptus took a pretty solid kicking over all, and I learned to never fight Shakaks Darkreach if you dont have to...I kid, I kid. Overall, a great bunch of people. Looking forward to doing it again.
  20. the best luck Ive had with my DT is to keep him somewhat in reserve....which I had to learn the hard way.(many times) Now, every game, he handily eats already wounded swift axes and warriors.
  21. Wait... what did I miss? where can I find this Novel?
  22. some great stuff here. Very nice paint work all around. Dragon has got to be my fave though. he is sweet lookin.
  23. Amazing paint work. The color choices and the freehand are both excellent. The blending on the cloak and hood are very well done as well. I shall have to try my hand at hand sculpted bases of my own. Yours looks very cool.
  24. Great write up! Enjoyed reading it. Thanks.
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