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  1. Very nice. Awesome baseing as well. The skin tone has got to be my favorite part. Mind divulging your recipe?
  2. Pure awesome sauce right here. Whats the muzzle flash from?
  3. very nice. The base is fantastic. Looks like the weapon is pretty sweet too. (from what I can see of it)
  4. Wow what a chore to paint he must have been. He looks great, The black highlights are very well done.
  5. Bout time you slapped some paint on those poor old dwarves. The wood grain is looking great as are the blues.Keep at it bro.
  6. Ah yes excellent work. That sword blade is crazy good.
  7. Awesome work! To echo the other comments, the clothe and leather look excellent.
  8. I agree that in 2nd ed bigger games are where it s at. I love the big mash ups. Just have to wait for all of my gaming buddies to get bigger armies now.
  9. Thanks for the comments. Much appreciated.
  10. just finished these up a few nights ago. Never realized how buggy Lorielles eyes were until I tried to make them look in the same direction. On the other hand, painting Nalila Goldhammer was a very enjoyable experience. Havent enjoyed painting a fig that much in a long time. C&C welcome. Thanks for looking.
  11. Wow! the shading and highlights are excellent. Really great looking fig. Threw a vote your way.
  12. Does it not somewhat detract from your own enjoyment when you face an entire pewter horde? Just wondering. Not trying to start a fight , just saying there two sides to that argument.
  13. Agreed, if there was plenty of advance notice I would fully support painting requirements.
  14. I have missed the progress on this dude. He is looking very sharp Talespinner
  15. A, I see. I shall endeavor to finish my army. I just didnt want to get the "boot' if one or two were not complete. Thanks.
  16. Seconded. And , I really like the dark skin combined with the brighter colors up top.
  17. geesh. Dont know How I missed this one. He is quite amazing, great paintwork.
  18. Man I love these figs. A very nice looking , cohesive, little force you have there.
  19. They look pretty good individually and should look great as a unit. Thanks for sharing.
  20. Very cool indeed. I really like how the cape actually looks to be cloth. I would be most proud to have her in my own collection as well.
  21. Good stuff. The NMM turned out very well, especially on the sword. The base is Awesome as well.
  22. Very nicely done Mercius. I really like the color choices and the face is spectacular.
  23. Are there any painting requirements for these tourneys? Just though I'd find out now so I'll have lots of time if I need it.
  24. Very nice. I just picked up a few of these for myself. Thanks for the inspiring paintwork.
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