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  1. As of now I have an ever expanding Reptus army and I am totally stoked for the Icingstaed giants. I have always wanted a dark dwarves type of faction. Still crossing my fingers for a future set.
  2. He looks very nice the, conversion and sculpting are excellent.
  3. Looking Great TS! Thanks for adding in the fig. He's not quite as big as I first thought but still a large chunk of metal nonetheless.
  4. I typically dont like going with more than one primary color for the main colors of models, but in this case it has worked out rather well. Great job. Any more TK stuff to show?
  5. There arent any details on the back, as I designed it to be a corner piece. I plan to someday, make the interior beyond the door, so skirmish battles can actually take the fight inside.
  6. Thanks much! The vines are burlap pieces pulled apart and all of the different vegitation is just stuff I've picked up at various local craft stores, and Woodland scenics long/static grass.
  7. Hour wise it probably was in the range of 30 or so hours. Actual time from start to finish was well over a year. I put it on the shelf and sort of forgot about it until recent;y. Nothing yet, but I will soon. This is the biggest piece for the planned table so all of the other smaller stuff should go relatively quick. Thanks for the comments.
  8. Finally finished up my Jungle tomb. Its mainly to be used with my Reptus, but I wanted it to be generic enough to translate into all the games I play. There are a few very minor touches to finish but this is basically it. Let me know what you think. (there are still spots where the glue had not dried before I snapped the pics) Thanks for looking.
  9. I like that deep rich color. I look froward to the progress on this guy. Mind putting a human next to him so I can get an idea of the size? It would be much appreciated.
  10. I think the caucasian skin color works much better on these than the typical grayish color. Nicely done.
  11. Good stuff, and great background for them. The basing is fantastic!
  12. OOh what is that model? I really like it. BTW great work , I really like seeing your armies come together.
  13. They look good , and very cohesive. I especially like the one that has stripes on his loin cloth.
  14. The way you painted him makes him look furry. Dont know if it was intentional or not but it look great. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Great use of so many different colors. Makes him look like an eccentric old wierdo(which most wizards seem to be) The flames on the bottom of the robe are excellent.
  16. Very nice. The blues are particularly well done.
  17. I continue to tote along Ssudai for my games. He never seems to get any spells off, and he's so dang squishy I have to dedicate valuable troopers to protect him. He has gotten a few very clutch spells off before though, keeping him firmly implanted in my builds.
  18. Amazing stuff here! They both look awesome. The yellows and weathered metal on the Ork look great.
  19. I like your ideas for getting those slayers to rank up. What a pain they are. will you be using that cannon as a flame cannon, or regular?
  20. I ended up finishing 186 miniatures for the whole of 2009. My goal was to make it to 200 but alas it was not to be. Most of mine were a mixture of Reaper, GW, Privateer Press and Rackham figs. I'm going for 250 this year.*fingers crossed*
  21. Those are very nice! I especially like the Alpha guardian. I'm going to have ten factions before I'm done ......*sigh*
  22. Agreed. It looks quite nice. Great job!
  23. I love those longbeards. I have had trouble getting mine to look right so I'll refer to yours for inspiration.
  24. Man , that looks like a blast. Very cool.
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