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  1. I think this guy is my favorite of all your "Hackmaster" figures. A crossbow was very fitting for that fig.
  2. The blue armor on these ladies is very nice. I like the blond hair as well , looks very natural and realistic.
  3. Well, I was severely disippointed when I saw that dragon on the front page and realized it was not the Brood master sculpt. Dont get me wrong though, it is a wonderful sculpt I was just hoping it was for my Lizards. Does any one have any word on when we may see the Brood master himself?
  4. Woah! Very nice job and, a cool little mini to boot. Viks beard and helmet turned out great.
  5. Agreed. Lets hear a report if youve got the time.
  6. Wow! I like that a a lot. The insides of the wings are amazing
  7. So, if they are eligible proxies. Do you think any of them will ever get Warlord stats?
  8. He looks good. I really like the purple. The only thing I would change is to have the Bronze colored medallions a little brighter. As is they kind of blend with the color of the beard.
  9. Probably a dumb question , but will the new Pathfinder figures be legal proxies for Warlord? I want me some of those goblins.
  10. I started off with Reptus because i have always done the dwarven factions in the other games I play. I thought dragonmen and dinosaur types would be about as far from dwarfs as I could possibly get. Now I'm starting to get into BSG's because where else can you play as a faction of evil Gnomes?
  11. So, as the title says I use mainly dropper style paints now and have some reaper paints but mostly Vallejo. The problem I'm having is that sometimes they seem to become pressurized and when I open them the paint starts to flow out of the bottle until I take the little stopper/spout out of the top. I thought it was maybe because i hadnt opened some of them in a while but the more frequently used ones do it as well. Has anyone else dealt with this problem?
  12. Have you tried throwing a cleric in the troop to bless them, and then having the archers "focus"? Both would help a great deal. My Clutchling archers dont go anywhere without T-Kay to help them along.
  13. The Blood stone Gnomes stats will be released in the next book. I think its supposed to be here early next year.
  14. Don't forget that in Warlord 2nd Edition, you can move through your own guys. Players from older editions of the game frequently miss that change. Hmm. Guess I hadnt noticed that change. Very nice to know.
  15. Amazing piece, and those chains really take it to the next level. The weathering and rust are excellent.
  16. I wish they had been kept on the cav base for better maneuverability but ah well such is life. I should be running my Rider heavy list here this weekend so, I'll let you all now how it goes.
  17. I was always under the assumption that 25mm is closest in size to 1/48 scale and that 1 inch was roughly six feet scaled up.
  18. I was thinking about doing a list almost exactly the same as that one. I just like the though of exploding zombies.
  19. Very cool. Looks like the model was made that way. A more detailed picture would be nice.
  20. I like the purple tones you incorporated into the cloak. I think the base could use a little something to help break up the all dark colored fig thought. Perhaps some dead grass/leaves?
  21. Wow! Looks very good. The eye ball in particular looks extremely realistic.
  22. Gonna try that skin recipe out on my next orc. It looks great! Thanks for sharing.
  23. Nothing negative at all about this guy. The colors work very well, and the NMM looks really good.
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