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  1. Hello I saw someone mentioning this on 1stlistsculpting and I thought I'd put up a link here. It's free of charge and very user friendly, though it doesn't include different poses. Of course the nervous system, digestion system etc are not of much use to a sculptor, but there's a lot about the skeleton and the muscles which makes it well worth checking out. http://www.visiblebody.com/
  2. I do different parts of the body in intervalls, I'm not sure how long I work on each part as I don't keep track of the time though.
  3. Thanks. This summer I will have sculpted for 2 years. I agree about the guy's cheeks, they're out of proportion. I'm going to work slowly on these, redoing things I'm not happy with, that's good for practice.
  4. These two were made mostly to practice anatomy. The first one has a huge jaw, I'll probably redo the head later. Especially since seeing the pictures I realize I have to teach myself to clean my work space more often (dust and articles on the models: not good).
  5. Are there many here who use super sculpey when sculpting miniatures? (I really don't want to use the acronym, since it would be SS ) I have been experimenting with it for a time, but even as I've tried hard to like it, it doesn't work for me. Maybe it's just my own personal preferences, I've seen sculpts done with super sculpey that look incredible, so obviously this medium is not a bad one. My problem is mainly that it feels brittle, epoxies have a more elastic and durable feel in my view. Also I think it's positive that epoxy putties cure without baking, you just need to put it in a makehift putty oven and it won't be long until it's cured enough to continue working on the sculpt. There are times when I prefer super sculpey though (the unlimited working time is great). Making musculature on the torso and legs for example feels more natural to me than when I use Greenstuff. But then when I start doing protruding objects like arms and feet I want to go back to GS for some reason. Maybe it's just personal preference, or maybe I need to learn more about the baking process to make it feel less brittle. I've been looking around for tutorials on how to bake sculpey, anyone here know a good source for that online? Most of the stuff I've found about sculpey are about the making of larger sculptures, not miniatures.
  6. Nice dynamic pose. It would be interesting to see some more angles perhaps. I like the falcon, nice detail work. Will you be drilling a hole for the new sword arm?
  7. I have a different view of my sculptures, to me they are sacred relics. I put them on an altar and conduct animal sacrifices to honor them, and sing psychedelic mantras . If I threw any of them away the gods would probably punish me very harshly . Maybe I'll have a more relaxed attitude to my figures as time goes by and they become so many I can't keep track of them all.
  8. I can't get myself to paint my figures, I keep thinking that maybe, maybe one day I would regret it . But hopefully I'll get around to it soon. Miniatures are meant to be painted after all.
  9. I also think it's a nice pose. Seems tricky to do, but it turned out really well. Nice work, especially the clothing!
  10. Height to the eyes is about 29 mm. I wonder if it'll ever be truly "finished" (maybe if I have to), there are always small unfinished details I postpone again and again. It was originally going to be right handed. I stood in front of a mirror doing the pose with a ruler representing a sword. When I drew a simple picture of myself, the ruler (of course) ended up in the left hand without me noticing it. Any comments will be velcome! The materials are greenstuff, brownstuff and Apoxie.
  11. I like the pose and the smooting is good. The eyes are a bit big perhaps. Keep it up!
  12. I'm struggling to learn anatomy and I'm very impressed with the musculature, the pose feels original too. Nice job!
  13. This one I made somewhat faster than normal, maybe 5-6 hours. I really wanted to finish something as I have so many WIP's lying around. The only thing that needs work is the right ear, remains to be seen if I get that done. It's made out of GS mixed with Apoxie ( a great combination IMO) and is ca 30 mm to eye level. http://my.imageshack.us/v_images.php http://img441.imageshack.us/my.php?image=front2od1.jpg http://img441.imageshack.us/my.php?image=back1sq9.jpg
  14. It's a very good first attempt, though some of the basic proportions are unbalanced. The neck is too long, and the eyes should be nearer the middle of the head. Seems the head should be pointing in another direction due to the positioning of the torso (this positioning is very well made but the head is not aligned to it). There seems to be a lump on the back of the figure, my guess is you applied a layer to make the back of the dress and it became too thick? You seem to have much of the basic proportions under control and that is a very good start. Keep up the good work!
  15. Congratulations on the comission! Looks very evil and alive.
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