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  1. I would go with #2. Not really comfortable swapping with random strangers. I know most of the people here and know they'll send their packages. But in the end it doesn't matter how many participate. Everyone still gets a partner.
  2. Black and white works for nearly everything, including the church. If you have a special leader type you need for a game, you can paint him/her in special colors.
  3. The only sure things in life are death and taxes.
  4. Qbag trg gbb perngvir be jryy yrnir ze obarf va gur qhfg
  5. If they had leftover stock sitting around in the warehouse why would anyone NOT put it up for sale just to get rid of discontinued product? I got a lot of Vallejo Model Color a few years back for $1 a bottle when a certain online vendor stopped carrying it. Happens more often than you think. I've raided my FLGS again today, but there's a few on the list they never stocked, and since we didn't get down to Denton to shop this year I'm hoping to snag some colors I can't get locally.
  6. Another influential musician gone to that great concert in the sky.
  7. Sure is nice to see some more modern terrain. Looks like ~9 large buildings with some alternate roof styles and a bunch of smaller pieces and scatter. If the stretch goals open up there could be as many as 20 more pieces/buildings. Probably not a bad deal if that happens, but there's only 11 days left. Yeah, I've done so many 3d projects this year and haven't even downloaded all of them yet.
  8. 9073 Chestnut Gold9093 Golden Highlight9112 Red Liner9114 Violet Liner9118 Dusky Grape9119 Bruise Purple9121 Khaki Shadow9130 Clear Orange9131 Clear Viridian9132 Clear Plum9139 Antique Rose9140 Blushing Rose9141 Porcelain Rose9142 Stained Ivory9145 Moth Green9146 Spring Green9147 Luminous Green9155 Desert Khaki9156 Desert Sand9169 Muddy Clay9170 Terracotta Clay9171 Fired Clay9172 Stormover Grey9173 Coldstone Grey9174 Icy Grey9175 Swamp Green9177 Camouflage Green9181 Bright Coral9182 Saffron Sunset9183 Cloud Pink9190 Sandy Brown9191 Sandy Tan9192 Sandy Yellow9193 Stormy Sea9194 Clouded Sea9195 Seafoam Blue9202 Troll Shadow9210 Red Ink9212 Blue Ink9213 Purple Ink9223 Redstone Shadow9224 Redstone9225 Redstone Highlight9226 Peacock Green9232 Bright Skin Shadow9233 Bright Skin9234 Bright Skin Highlight9236 Black Green9238 Regal Purple9250 Dusky Skin Shadow9251 Dusky Skin9252 Dusky Skin Highlight9271 Dirty Bone9272 Graveyard Bone9273 Splintered Bone9277 Spattered Crimson9283 Old West Rose9307 Red Liner9325 Carnival purple9326 Bruised Purple About 1/3 of my paint collection
  9. I don't have a site recommendation, but I can suggest starting with a pure blue pigment rather than a bottle of paint that has god knows what in it. From there try adding white (tint), or black(tone) to get closer to the value that you want. Then decide if you need to add a different color, like green or red to shift it towards what you're looking for. Think of it in 3 dimensions. You not only have to go up and down the light-dark scale, but also around (and maybe across) the color wheel. Take a piece of paper and make a grid of 1" squares and record your results. So you'll end up with something like this, but only in blues: You'll be able to see what is working and what isn't, and have a record for next time you need to mix something.
  10. Having the colors in a lesser quality still beats not having it at all. I'm hoping the news is something along the lines of new non-fading paint labels, and not another paint line my FLGS won't carry, like they didn't carry HD or anything after about #2300.
  11. Well... broccoli. Chestnut gold is one of my go-to colors, ever since Desert Tan went away, which was my replacement when Griffon Tan was discontinued. I'm going to have to find a more reliable paint line.
  12. The eyes look really good. Like they're looking at me.
  13. I'm surprised the butterfly box made it as far as it did. It had been on the circuit previous to this and was not new when I sent it to Corsair in March. Love the art card, BTW. Going to give the box a serious going over this weekend.
  14. Box has landed. Cat is standing by to supervise the Opening. :)
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