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  1. 4 cups of flour and 5 cups of oatmeal?!?! 2 bags of chocolate chips? 4 eggs? Hope you're hungry. This recipes makes ~100 cookies. Just warning anyone who thinks to try it. Otherwise, it looks fine.
  2. Yeah. Grumble, grumble. Out of the ~115 figures in the Core there's a handful I really want. Well, since the purpose of the KS was to make molds to bring items to retail I guess I'll be waiting to see them in the web store. Assuming my retirement home has an internet connection.
  3. Ah, yes, my university had a setup like that, too. I was wondering why I wasn't getting any replies on usenet, and figured out they were blocking all outgoing traffic from those terminals. But I soon figured out how to "hack" (ie, reboot) the library computers and gain access with line commands. Bwah-ha-hah!
  4. I looked, too. They are cheap in packs of ten+ from foreign vendors, with a month shipping time. I haven't ordered any yet, because I'm trying to avoid buying a ton of stuff when I already have bins of craft and hobby materials. But, if I come across them cheap somewhere, like a thrift store I won't hesitate. I had DH save some aluminum cans from game night last week. I'm going to try my hand at some industrial storage tanks this weekend.
  5. It was sometime in the late 80's, so late teens or early 20s. The internet was all line commands and IP addresses, no fancy browsers, no mouse controllers to click on anything. There was a lot of waiting for dial ups, hoping that one of the 4-6 connections was open, that the BBS wouldn't crash or bump you in the middle of a download. I remember getting simple games, puzzles and mazes, jokes (my husband ran The Joke List, which was automated and sent the joke of the day), ascii art, recipes, home made D&D adventures, all kinds of stuff. Mainly text file sharing, since there were no graphics as we know them at the time and nobody imagined you could share anything like music or video at the time.
  6. From Twitch: Reapercon 2022 Reaper U Class tickets are NOT on sale yet, but you can start planning your class schedule here: https://register.growtix.com/schedules/frontend/ReaperCon_2022
  7. I would call the irises "purple". They're gorgeous. The little white flowers look like a type of galium. There's a tiny blue flower in that pic which is a type of speedwell.
  8. Ah, done that once or twice by accident. If it happens again let them thaw, then make scrambled eggs (with a spoon of water or milk per egg). They can also be used in muffin mixes or pancakes. Meanwhile, go buy the Hellmanns with the blue label. The olive oil version is ok but tastes a little different. Making mayo at home is easy, if you are familiar with your kitchen tools and have experience. You have neither, so probably best to stick with the jarred kind.
  9. Similar to @Chaoswolf's answer, but probably look it up online. Then find a home for it. We have tiny lizards called Skinks, but not often spotted in a city suburb. The occasional alligator makes its way this far north. @Chaoswolf you probably have geckos. They mostly come out at night. Mostly.
  10. At the moment, honestly, getting their previous 2 KS projects delivered. (Bones 5.5 and Base Boss) I think Briarwood Vale will have some nice items to paint. Diehard Miniatures new Law and Disorder campaign opened this morning, it looks good.
  11. Get some rest. Taking care of yourself counts as "doing something". I hope you feel better tomorrow.
  12. First painted this as a speed paint at Reapercon last year. Not a prize winner, but not too bad for tabletop in under an hour. And then there was the tip of his hat. So I grabbed some paint an did a quick clean up/repaint to spiff him up a bit.
  13. New Diehard KS Starts Tomorrow May 26th At 9am GMT Posted by Tim Prow May 25, 2022 View on Kickstarter Hi Folks, I'm proud to present Diehard Miniatures 8th Kickstarter which launches Thursday 26th May at 9am GMT! This campaign will allow Diehard Miniatures to expand upon our very popular Sci-Fi range, the aim is to bring 79 new figures including freebies out with your help! Our main drive in this campaign will have a good versus bad theme, and those that dwell in the grey area. Sci-Fi Law Enforcers will have a new limited edition figure, Marshal Lex is mounted on her Grav patrol bike. We are very lucky to have one of the last sculpts from our guest sculptor Kev White of Hasslefree fame!! We aim to fund: THIRTEEN new 5 man units - 65 new miniatures!! FOURTEEN free stretch goal miniatures - characters, familiars and droids. AND an opportunity to pick up existing units from the Diehard range that complement this release. This Diehard KS is slightly different from our previous campaigns, we will be dipping our toe into the realms of Freebies! A first for us and hopefully a fresh new experience for you, any pledges of £30 or above will automatically get freebies. The more backers and the higher the pledge the quicker the stretch goals will be unlocked to a maximum of £87 worth of freebies!! Link to preview project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/diehardminiatures/law-and-disorder-2?ref=eekm6z&token=528b3beb Link to receive notification once project goes live: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/diehardminiatures/law-and-disorder-2 I hope to see you all on our new project as we expand Diehards range and continue our adventure together :) Tim Prow Here's just a few pics of units plus LE figure that will be on offer. Limited Edition Miniature, Marshal Lex on Grav Bike. Lex sculpted by Kev White, Grav Bike sculpted by Tim Prow. Elite Bounty Hunter unit II Undead Spacemen unit II E-Corp unit II
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