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  1. I'm sure there are persons who will, for a small fee, carry out the instructions as written. 😄 For those who don't follow the Twitch broadcasts, Reapercon badges are supposed to go on sale at the end of the month. No VIP badge this year, only 4-day, 2-day, etc. Meet&Greet probably at hotel under a separate ticket. Swag bags available to con attendees (may be leftovers after the con) and swag boxes with different stuff on sale on the web. No details on what's in them yet. Volunteer, teacher and vendor info coming soon.
  2. Similar story. Our new cat was sick and not eating much so we were mighty surprised when, one evening, she jumped up on the table to steal a slice of ham from husband's snack plate. That earned her the nickname "ham snatcher".
  3. Yes, it's a 3d printed figure. Reaper is using very high end professional machines. The first 3d printed figures they released were last year during Reapercon.
  4. No. As others have said it's mostly articles copied from the wire services, which I read online days or weeks before the paper publishes them. I stopped buying the Sunday paper when they stopped including coupons. Their business practices are terrible. I tried off and on to have it delivered but they couldn't get anyone to work in my neighborhood, so I canceled and then spent most of the following year answering collection calls and telling them to shove off. And during the early days of the shutdown they called every day, sometimes twice a day trying to get me to re-sub, and nearly drove DH crazy while trying to WFH. We do have a small local paper which comes out once a month and is free, and I pick that up because it actually covers my neighborhood. Right now the March issue is lining the cat box, however.
  5. Are you going to let the dice fall where they may, or do you adjust things for the enjoyability of the game? Our GM very nearly had a TPK on his hands last time. Since it was an "off" night we were playing with only 3 people and not the full group. He surprised the characters with multiple simultaneous attacks that dropped a PC, our NPC guide, and wounded the cleric severely. That left 1 PC standing, with no healing skills. Our entire party would have been elfed, but he saw what had happened and introduced some convenient coincidences, like a healing potion hidden in the robes of the NPC. I am pretty sure he intended more combat but the encounter was too deadly., so he held off Luckily we figured a way to revive everyone eventually, otherwise it would not have been a fun night.
  6. In home ec class they told us to use a blanket or dump flour on it to smother a fire. Fortunately I've only had to do that once.
  7. It's mostly used for grocery and other retail store rewards programs and digital coupons. That and maps/gps to get me to unfamiliar places in town. When we travel we use it for finding gas stations and looking up restaurant reviews. For everything else I have a secure PC at home.
  8. Swallowtail. One of the good ones. Do NOT kill.
  9. Nicely done. I haven't seen this set painted up before.
  10. Nice job! Good use of color to make it interesting. It makes me want a horde of the things.
  11. We are having boiled dinner, because it's Friday. No piper, but the cops may go by later with sirens on.
  12. Cool figure. I don't remember seeing it before, even when Warlord was active. The green hood came out well.
  13. Had fish tanks when I was a kid and we lived in the tropics, stocked with tropical fish. As an adult my husband tried saltwater tanks for several years with a variety of critters, corals, and fish, but it's extremely difficult to maintain the correct conditions and he got tired of it. We have gotten rid of most of the tanks and gear. I repurposed the lights for my house plants. One of the small tanks is now a terrarium. We have a 10ft tank in the garage that will be there till we die because it's too heavy to move.
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