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  1. I got one of those today. I wonder if that is part of a new anti-spammer upgrade.
  2. Personally like the darker one in center, the others are more cartoon blue. But if cartoon/comic book is your world style, go with that. If you're trying for something "natural", take a look at this image: https://media.istockphoto.com/id/1362368205/photo/yeti-or-abominable-snowman-3d-illustration.jpg?s=612x612&w=0&k=20&c=w2O-EKeYeVaWAhkADuMSFHSav3M5We9NnvELcjxXLVo= The fur is white, with blue-grey shadow. Reverse the technique you are using now. Instead of blue paint and white drybrush, try a white base and use a dark grey or blue wash to get the shadows.
  3. Interesting take on the old standard. Nice to see someone thinking outside of the box.
  4. Thanks for all the comments. They've been sitting for the better part of a year and it feels good to finally get them done and ready for the table.
  5. You may feel that you don't need to post your work for attention or warm fuzzies. You may feel that no one wants to see your mediocre tabletop paint job. But when everyone stops sharing what they are working on, it becomes like an empty room in here. Silent. Cold. Dead. Depressing.
  6. Try Etsy. "Minotaur | Collective Studio | Barbarian, Knight, Fighter, Paladin for D&D, Pathfinder, RPG"
  7. Looking good. I started the set last summer but it's in the pile of unfinished work. I hope you'll post the dioramas here too.
  8. I based the colors on the Chinese Fan Palm, or Fountain Palm shown here: https://www.davesgarden.com/pics/2011/08/20/growin/ba24e1.jpg Plants and Rocks 3d file by PrintYourMonsters
  9. Close. I think people here are just old, not painters. 😆 If you want to see the painted stuff and enter into discussion about paints, figures, or painting, they're hanging out on Discord.
  10. Most of the painters have fled to Discord. Posting pics here doesn't seem to generate much interest or discussion any more. And most of the good painters, the ones scooping up golds and Sophies don't bother to come here these days. I'm pretty sure the majority of folks still posting in the forum here haven't touched a brush in years. But I agree it would be nice to see more from those who are still painting.
  11. No, I don't think it is wrong to not want that, but I do think you're in a minority, as plenty of people seem to be buying it. I have seen artists at several cons who have portfolio covers that say "18 years or older", so you are not the only one who doesn't want it on display for kids. If you think kids are going to see it, maybe you need an adults only section in the back of the booth, like a shelf or rack at adult eye level and not on a table.
  12. We might be neighbors, I did the same thing. Love the corner suites, but hate the long walk from the elevator. I see they still have a few rooms left this morning at the con rate. Hope more forumites are able to grab them.
  13. There are discounted con rate rooms available *right now* at the Embassy suites. (5pm central)
  14. Water, hot black tea with milk and sugar. Once or twice a week I have coffee. I rarely drink soda (I think the last was half a can at Reapercon last year).
  15. I don't believe they do hotel shuttles, the only shuttle I can recall is the one that takes people for the factory tour (and I have not heard if they are offering that this year). Ride sharing is encouraged. Many folks will offer to take people in their vehicle if they are going out to get food or going back to another hotel or making a Buccee's run. There's also plenty of taxis, Uber, Lyft, etc and may even be a special code for con attendees.
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