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  1. May 26 Name someone in the game industry you would like to meet in person.
  2. IIRC... it's been a few years since I took the Reaper HQ tour... there is a machine for making bases at HQ and they do recycle the sprue. It can be pelletized/chewed up and is added to virgin plastic in small amounts. I forget what the ratio was, 10% maybe or 20%. That doesn't mean that random plastic from other sources can be used or that there is any desire for recycling anything other than what Reaper is already doing.
  3. If she was using my photos, or my art, or anyone's art but her own, you'd have a point. As far as I can tell she has not copied anything except the concept of a person riding a giant sand worm. Concepts specifically cannot be protected by copyright. Thus my question, what do you think Herbert Properties is going to object to?
  4. Way to go! Crush their spirit while they're still young and impressionable. What do you think Herbert Properties will object to most? The use of copyright protected art, or the stunning likeness of the main character? Or is it more of a "look and feel" violation with the sand worm? You ought to write Universal Pictures, too, I believe they did a movie with a giant sand worm.
  5. May 25 Do you wear shoes in the house or take them off at the door?
  6. I can use the bases. I run a paint-and-take at the local high school game con, using donated figures and what I can get from the metal trade bin at Reapercon. I usually end up sticking them all on washers. It doesn't matter what size or shape the bases are, they just need to hold the figure up while the kids paint. If you can stand to hold onto them, I will take them at the next Reapercon.
  7. Young artist, first Kickstarter project. Seems to be well planned. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mashafalkov/riders-on-the-worm?ref=user_menu "The goal of this campaign is to fund the printing of high-quality stickers that are both UV resistant and waterproof. Each sticker will be 4" x 4" - large enough to enjoy the smaller details in the artwork, printed on waterproof and UV-resistant 4mm vinyl."
  8. 3 new figures and a chance to get the original 10 from a previous project. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1240892696/three-nomads?ref=discovery&term=miniature
  9. Sure, show us what you can do with craft paint. It's not really a contest to see who is best. Craft paint gets a bad rap sometimes, so the idea is to show off with it.
  10. I'm having breakfast for lunch. Bacon and egg on a bagel. Sadly, not a baby Yoda bagel, but I don't think I could eat that anyway. Game starts in 30 mins. Let's see who shows up this week.
  11. Inarah

    Wizkids bards

    Howlbears, love it! Nice job on the figures.
  12. May 23-24 What is your favorite time of day, morning, afternoon, or night?
  13. They picked the wrong crusty old fart to shove a defective vehicle off onto. I hope the replacement vehicle is offered soon.
  14. Going by social media alone, I think we're already there. All we need is next is for scientists to be attacked and vilified and forced to recant by torture and we're back to the good old days. Speaking of good, I think chicken teriyaki is on the menu tonight. I've been doing freezer prep most of the afternoon and need something simple. Then I've got to find the dullcote.
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