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  1. "No rules. No Prizes. No regrets." I can get behind that. We'll see what happens in July.
  2. Given that I already carry a bag of books, a figure case or two, a bag with food or snacks, and a purse, adding an extra box doesn't sound like much fun for me. Ditto setting a large figure on the table for players to play with for 30 minutes before the game starts. Maybe if I had the luxury of being GM at home... but I don't.
  3. For game play something that is about fist sized, or takes up ~4 hexes/squares on the game map is usually enough. Anything more is a pain to transport and difficult to surprise players with.
  4. Inarah

    Secret Weapon Swag Bag O Crap

    Well, you can see by the photos how many pieces there were. 30-50 ish in my orders, depending on how big stuff was. They fill a quart size zip bag, and you get whatever fits. Could be several large bases and plinths, could be a bunch of 20mm bases.
  5. Inarah

    Secret Weapon Swag Bag O Crap

    I have bought a couple and am getting close to needing another. They are extremely random. You get anything from any of their lines of bases, in all sizes. One bag had test pieces from their dungeon terrain KS. You'll get tank bits, objective markers, display plinths. Anything they make in resin that didn't turn out perfect. It will have bubbles, or be slightly warped. A lot of it is easy to fix with putty or a little heat. If you paint/play with a variety of genres and are looking for a deal and not something specific, get one. If I can find the photos I took a few years back, I'll post them. Here's the first of 3
  6. Inarah

    Bombshell's Mi-Sher and Eureka Chinese Pirates

    Mi-sher looks fantastic. I love how you interpreted her robes. I have not seen many painted versions of her. She is one of my all time favorite sculpts, since she reminds me so much of a MMO character I played for a good ten years. I have not finished painting either of the two copies I own. Your backgrounds for photos are great, as always. So evocative with just a few pieces of terrain. :)
  7. I think "Liners" is what you're looking for. Brown Liner is often used as a primer coat with Bones and many seem to prefer it to primer. I've used that and Sepia with success. Use it straight out of the bottle.
  8. Inarah

    GURPS adventures ? worldbuilding

    How about: they track the young man to the next village where he has run off and married a girl there, leaving the party with the question of what happened to the poor village girl? (She was kidnapped by evil cultists, of course, and will be sacrificed tonight if they can't save her.)
  9. They came! Such a big box, usually my KS rewards come in baggies inside a bubble envelope. The cat is not impressed. Apparently I pledged for All the Things.
  10. Aladdin was fun. I have not seen the previous animated version, so can't compare. It was pretty much what I expected from the previews, except it was a musical. Of course it was, it's Disney. Will Smith was Will Smith, and the other actors played their parts reasonably well. The story moved along at a good pace and there was lots of action, but I noticed the younger kids in the audience were not paying attention after the first hour. May be a better movie for them as a home video.
  11. Inarah

    Your Kickstarter list. How you doing?

    Diehard Miniatures: Law and Disorder! -- Estimated delivery Jun 2019
  12. Inarah

    Lost Kingdom Miniatures: Cuetzpal Empire

    And they have arrived! I am excited to play with these. The small box on top has coins, skulls, etc.
  13. I got a shipping notice yesterday. :)
  14. Just back from Dark Phoenix. It was much better than I expected, based on comments and reviews I'd seen. We wanted to see Aladdin but it was sold out. (I forgot Tuesday is $5 night). As an action movie maybe it was not great, but as a personal drama it was good. I usually think most movies could be 30 minutes shorter, but this one could have benefited from more time spent in the dramatic scenes, more exposition, and more tension building up to the final scenes. There were some other nit-picks, but we can discuss them over coffee some time. :)