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  1. I have similar neighbors, except the cartridges are not blanks, and "morning" starts around 1am. Over here we call that "hash" and it is a fine meal for either breakfast or dinner. ( derived from French: hacher, meaning "to chop") There are as many ways to make it as there are ingredients. :)
  2. Hmmn, I have a few convention specials that were limited release, but hard to say how many are out there and what constitutes "rare". I have some unreleased Reaper models I got off ebay many years ago, and a few of those tokens like Crowley's bottle cap (but not that one). I have yet to have any custom figure sculpts done.
  3. Watching the new season of Endeavor. It's interesting watching a modern tv show trying to recreate a time period and place I lived in. Watching the new season of Grantchester. They're flogging a point, which will get tiresome, but I'm enjoying the show none the less. Watched the first two parts of Foundation. I'm going to be disappointed, I can tell. We watched the first episode of The Lost Symbol, and are stopping there. Plot holes you could toss a basketball through and a lot of WTF moments. Re-watched the 2000 vintage Dune tv series, t
  4. Very nice work everyone. I'm impressed by what some people can do in ~30 days. I was excited by Reapercon, but a little burned out afterward, and got off to a slow start this month. Managed to do this, and the wizard was a last minute 3 hour speedpaint.
  5. You're doing well. I'd add: try to keep paint out of the ferrule (the metal bit that holds the bristles to the brush handle). There's a temptation to load up the brush with a lot of paint, and the ferrule can gunk up quickly and be impossible to clean. Shaping a clean brush with your mouth isn't bad. Never do it when there's paint in it. It sounds gross but you can't believe how popular this used to be.
  6. That was faster than I expected! Post pics of what you kept, if you can. We'd all like to see.
  7. Looks promising. I've backed a couple of these and been satisfied with the outcomes.
  8. FWIW, the skull plinth is not that large. I would not say it was bust sized. Some of the Bonesylvanians, and the colossal skeleton have heads about the same size. Those might be in stock where you live. (I do agree Reaper should think these things through more often, with international shipping becoming a real issue now)
  9. My first minis were one of the TSR boxed sets from around 1982 or so. Most of those were painted. The ones that grabbed my attention were Julie Guthrie's Personalities line. Those gave me a case of "gotta have 'em all!". The ones I collected in the 80's and 90's are all painted, a few I have found since then are still in blisters.
  10. Only this: No more specific info at this time.
  11. It looks good, you just need to do more. For instance, the yellow transition is pretty stark. Work on blending that green and yellow line, and the yellow to red line. You may need to mix some colors to get there.
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