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  1. Tornado sirens are going and power just cut off. This is as far as I get tonight.
  2. Inarah

    Pricing for individual minis from wave 4 kickstarter ..

    help@reapermini.com (940) 484-6464 Keep in mind this is a holiday weekend in the US. (May 24-27)
  3. Yup, Dark Shadow is a favorite of mine too. Very versatile.
  4. I have a chemo infusion today and then we'll see if I'm good for anything this evening. New drug so I don't know what the side effects will be. And my silly game group wants to play tomorrow. The nerve of some people. Maybe I'll start with one of the demons they are about to encounter.
  5. No dedicated paint clothes. I might take care not to wear my newest t-shirt, or a dressy blouse, but otherwise nothing special when the mood to paint strikes me.
  6. The challenge is begun! Let the painting commence!
  7. Inarah

    PaizoCon 2019!

    *{wants all the paints}*
  8. Inarah

    Love the new Book of bones

    Ah, so they renamed Casketworks. Got it.
  9. I won't tell if you don't. I'm planning to paint a mixture of brand-new primed figures, and items that I started but didn't get very far on. Yes, the object is to finish things. :)
  10. Inarah

    Reaper Bones Kickstarter 4 Orrery

    That looks nice. I particularly like the bronze metal parts of the base.
  11. I have a healthy concern for severe weather coming my way. This IS tornado alley and we are remembering two deadly tornadoes that came through here 62 years ago this week, and the Joplin tornado 9years ago (on my way home from Reapercon). 9000 people are without power this morning in my area. I don't panic, but I do have a healthy respect for mother natures power.
  12. Inarah

    Atlantis Wood Elves 5/22

    The renders are lovely, but I need to see what they look like after casting. They seem to have an awful lot of fine detail and deep recesses. Also curious about assembly.