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  1. They are essentially the same and mix well. One is not easier to use than the other. Individual paints will have different properties (more or less translucent) but that is not a factor of which line they are from, it is which pigments are used. I suggest getting one of the Learn to Paint kits, it will have a variety of colors, plus instructions. Add a single mini or additional bottle of paint to your order to get over the $40 threshold and receive 2 free figures with your order.
  2. Ah, but they are good options for incense. Search for "7 Scent Sampler Natural Wood " online. Nice woodsy smells there, some are pretty intense.
  3. The gold one is the black dragon hatchling from Reaper. The others were a 3d KS over a year ago. My husband made them. If he can tell me what the name was, I'll share it. edit: Monster Families from La Louve 3D Ooof! I have that, and that is a lot of minis. I got my copy last year right before covid caused our group to go virtual. I've opened it, but not going to take it out and play until we can meet again. How are the minis? Are you using primer or anything on them?
  4. That candle shop at the mall, or the incense tent at Faire where all the good smells mingle.
  5. @billeecats days like that are when I do priming, or base coats. Stuff that moves the train along, and is hard to mess up even when tired. I grabbed three colors and started on Aeowyn, and discovered they might not have been the best 3 colors to mix. It's just the base coat right now, I'll see what it looks like tomorrow and make changes as I finish her up. Hopefully I can give her the paint job she deserves.
  6. I'm still considering colors for Oman and Aeowyn. They are primed and ready. Planning to get a couple hours in this afternoon or evening.
  7. Rat-tastic choices! I had no idea they came in so many colors. Of course the last time I saw one it was night, so I thought it was black.
  8. Atlanta, GA repeatedly disappoints. I would give up body organs to never return there.
  9. It's a gorgeous sculpt. Congrats on getting it printed and painted. Your images are broken but what I can see from the links it looks good.
  10. Yes, cats have a small liver and cannot eat many things that humans do.
  11. Great! I will dig him out. I have a duo partner, so we could use a 3rd person, if anyone wants to jump in. If not, I can still paint as a duo, you will get points.
  12. It was my understanding that Fast Palettes would remain in the store after the RVE, just like the High Seas sets from Reaperconline. You just have to catch them while they're in stock.
  13. I am looking for Feb Trio. I have most of the following to paint: 1380 Mousling scout 2979 Alisha, warrior 1404 2002 Holiday Sophie 3004 Dorva, dark elf 1416 Sophie in cat costume 3060 Kierra Darkdreamer 1505 Reapercon 2008 Sophie 3078 Pearl the Mermaid 1506 Tabitha and Friends 3084 Virina, demon 1510 Artistcon 2009 Sophie 3128 Sela Windsprite 1513 Reapercon 2010 Sophie 3135 B'thuhl, pirate 2007 Domur, Huntersmoon 3155 Vandora waverunner 2101 dancing girl 3170 Lurien, ghost 2139 Jean Paul, werewolf 3415 Lanura Windsong 2140 Cleo, weretigress 14053 banshee 2164 Marda of the Blade 14096 reptus shaman 2171 bakarathi 14131 Elsabeth 2177 female elf 14216 harpy 2243 Robert O'Mannon 14322 Callindra 2248 Alyscia, forest sentinel 14333 Incubus 2413 Josephine, sorceress 14345 Nicole, Merc Cptn 2423 Michelle Dancingblades 14542 Nasithe 2451 Shawna Wolfsister 50084 Brigitte, maid 2458 Liriel Silverlocks Reapercon 2011 Sophie 2462 Isabella Reapercon 2007 Sophie 2485 Egyptian sorceress Pirate Sophie 2487 giant foo dog Reapercon 2009 Sophie 2493 Lathara the sorceress Reapercon 2006 Sophie 2499 tomb wraith ReaperCon 2005 Sophie 2504 Bria,necromancer highlander 2511 Midori, female monk 1405 2001 Holiday Sophie 2534 Kiri, female ninja 2543 Elladan, elf 2551 Monique Denoir 2562 Gossamer, air sorceress 2594 Egyptian princess 2633 Vandorendra demon 2645 Maria Roseblade 2692 Tolan, male druid 2700 Tox, wizard 2711 Amiryth Elmlighter 2731 Yuri, female monk 2735 Alaine, female paladin 2762 Tuilin, elf 2783 Xiao Liu, female monk 2859 Melisande Wavecutter
  14. She's glorious. I love how her skirt came out, and you did blue and yellow together and made them look natural.
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