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  1. Inarah

    Reaper Bones Kickstarter 4 Orrery

    That looks nice. I particularly like the bronze metal parts of the base.
  2. I have a healthy concern for severe weather coming my way. This IS tornado alley and we are remembering two deadly tornadoes that came through here 62 years ago this week, and the Joplin tornado 9years ago (on my way home from Reapercon). 9000 people are without power this morning in my area. I don't panic, but I do have a healthy respect for mother natures power.
  3. Inarah

    Atlantis Wood Elves 5/22

    The renders are lovely, but I need to see what they look like after casting. They seem to have an awful lot of fine detail and deep recesses. Also curious about assembly.
  4. I can typically do 3 or 4 in a day, start to finish, to tabletop level. I remember doing GW goblins is batches of 4-6 at a time, in a 4 hour period, so theoretically I could do ~24 army painted figures in a day. Most of my painting "days" consist of about 4 hours in the afternoon, unless I'm bingeing.
  5. It's that time of year again. Those of us in the US have a 3 day holiday weekend coming up (May 24-27) and I am challenging you all to join me in a massively multiplayer paint binge! Everyone is welcome to join, even if you can only paint for one day.  The object is to finish as many figures as possible. Quantity counts over quality. All manufacturers are fair game, posting of WIPs and finished pieces is strongly encouraged. You may prep and prime figures before hand, in fact I recommend it. Get out all those new Bones, old primed or half painted figures and get ready to finish them! Got an army to finish, need to move some half painted terrain off your desk, want to tackle that dragon for the big figure contest? This is the time. All manufacturers are fair game. Prep and prime your figures now so they are all ready to go Saturday morning (or if you're taking a 4 day weekend, Friday morning). Have your camera ready to share photos. Photos strongly encouraged! For this holiday there is a special extra challenge: paint a figure in memory of a lost friend, pet or loved one. Anything goes. Painting begins at 00:01 May 24 and ends 23:59 May 27, in your time zone. Those of you who video chat are welcome to set up channels. Link to 2017 Challenge Link to 2016 Challenge
  6. I think I have my figures all ready to go. Need to clean the paint desk, palette and water bowl this week. My starting line-up: On deck: In the bull-pen: Outfielders:
  7. Yeah, the media was really unkind to that one. I thought it was a decent movie. We've got the newest Aladdin in our crosshairs this week.
  8. Inarah

    77503: Temple dragon x3

    Very nice examples.
  9. We saw Tolkien the other night. I thought it was a very nice film about the writer's early years and motivating influences. It went briefly into the dark period during the war, but overall was a positive celebration of the writer.
  10. Yeah, I used to host one for Labor Day, but the con schedule changed... Try again at Thanksgiving. This will be my 7th year. :)
  11. Inarah

    Tree of Despair Bones 4

    Looks good as-is. Can't wait to see what you do to it.
  12. Inarah

    Nolzur's Treant, autumn leaves edition

    Need to get some saprolings now. I have several spooky trees I've been meaning to paint for a graveyard scene.
  13. It started in 2015, but I did not host one last year since I was at Paizocon. Well, that was a weekend of painting, but not shared online. Yes, I will be participating this year. :)
  14. Television is still a thing? I thought everyone was binge watching Netflix or similar internet services these days. I had to look it up and the answer is no, never seen a single episode.
  15. Inarah

    Reapercon 2019 Sunday get together dinner

    Some place in Oklahoma City or Wichita works for me, that's where I'll be on Sunday evening. :)
  16. Inarah

    Raise your hand if it's snowing

    Heavy snow is being predicted in the US Rocky Mountains this weekend/Monday. Local weather guys says there could be up to 40" in places. The rest of us are getting rain and flooding.
  17. Inarah

    Legion of Justice and Caeke 01429, 01428, 01427 01424

    Nice to see the group all together.
  18. Inarah

    Love the new Book of bones

    Bwah? Is this something we can order or does Reaper send them out randomly?
  19. Inarah

    Hobby Hijinx Corner 2019

    For speed paint I would plan 90 mins. 1 hour painting, 15 min judging, 15 min break/reset.
  20. Yeah. If the intended recipient isn't hanging out on the forums, and isn't answering messages that's a pretty good sign that the Box is not high interest or priority right now. Better to skip them this time and include them later when they are more involved.
  21. We had to replace a box last round. Between what extras Chaoswolf had, and stuff I sent him, and maybe a few others we filled a spare easily. As long as it doesn't become a recurring problem I think we can replace a box once in a rare while without significant trouble.
  22. Driving in a straight line without getting hit by other vehicles. It seems that lately every time I go out I am *nearly* hit by some idiot who misses a red light, stop sign, brake lights or other traffic signal. I feel like I'm playing dodge ball with my car.
  23. I've seen that preview, looks like a good Date Movie. Next on our list is Tolkien. I had to study him in college with a prof who was way too into "meaning" and "intent" and over-analysis. I'm interested in how the film portrays the man.
  24. Nothing recent comes to mind, but it probably involved either a knife or a 400* oven. I have several visible scars.
  25. Inarah

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    I just realized Reapercon is less than 4 months away. I don't think I can decide whether or not to enter a figure in that time, let alone paint one.