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    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    I don't know what moron decided kids had to be at school at 7am to start classes half asleep, but by my junior year of high school I had given up trying. It helped that my first period history teacher was an arrogant jerk who liked to belittle students. So I would wander in just before 2nd period, report myself Tardy to the front office and go to class. I racked up more detentions than the dope smokers and trouble makers, then used the time to read or do homework.
  2. Had a feeling something like that was coming.
  3. My husband and I run the Paint and Take table at a local convention, Recruits. It's held at the high school, admission is free for all area students, games are child friendly, etc. We get really good turnout. The paint table is free for kids of all ages, even grownup kids, and it is funded entirely with donations. All of the figures, all of the paint, water cups, brushes, etc come from the wonderful community we have here, from the internet, and from vendors. It's typical for me to arrive early Saturday to set up and find one or more anonymous boxes of figures or paint waiting. A couple of years ago at Reapercon folks helped fill a box with mouslings for me to give away. I could not do this without the support I get from the painting and gaming community. So here is this year's class: (BTW, if you got stuff in your Bones4 core that you do not want, find me at next year's Reapercon, I will see it goes to a good cause) This is our table about ten minutes after setting up. Busy the entire day. Some of the fine works of art created by the kids who participated. They look forward to this all year. Got to pick up more baby dragons next year. I only had the one and it resulted in crying. :( More later,
  4. It's got my attention, for sure. I like almost everything but the sea trolls in the first preview. Eh, who cares. You can add "fish men" to just about any game as a swarm of low level bad guys against the players. I think "slithe" is a Reaper term. I've only seen it on their products.
  5. Here, too. Wasn't bad out this morning, I went and picked a bowl of fresh tomatoes and peppers from the garden. Now it's raining and cold. Was going to dehydrate the tomatoes, but the dang contraption is broken. It's a cheap heating coil on a plug, something broke somewhere. Not using the oven, tried that over the weekend and they turned black. They're so small they dry too fast. Break a leg!
  6. Mmmn, Gurps. Crunchy! We can wish, but I doubt Reaper has a license do do anything GG/Gurps related. This. These days you can put robots nearly anywhere, steampunk, D&D, sci-fi. I'm trying to think which chronoscope figures haven't already been done in Bones that could end up along with an automobile. I'm hoping for an expansion full of new figures, but an encounter set sounds much more likely this time. Also, will there be any Pathfinder this time around?
  7. Inarah

    99 Days, 99 Minis Challenge

    Cool little piece. The layering gives it almost a sedimentary stone look.
  8. Same here. I have so many random figures I'm just not sure of the core set at this point. I have enough unpainted dragons to keep me busy for a decade. Hoping for some more cool stuff in the Greek expansion and the rumored pulp expansion. Hopefully as people wake up we'll see pledging increase.
  9. Inarah

    Already broke my "reapercon paint poke stick"

    I recommend ball headed quilt pins. You can get a couple hundred at a time for a few bucks at most craft stores.
  10. It's a good terrain piece. IMO I don't think you'll have trouble selling it afterward if you get it. There seem to be people who like the altar, but don't want the spiders or bodies.
  11. You're braver than I am. I always pay someone to do that. I can't see the back of my head, god knows what it would come out looking like if I did it myself.
  12. Bob is the one that likes to do terrain pieces. I'm 99% sure he built the shrine and Julie added spiders. I suspect this is going to be a boxed set, about $30 in retail because of all the pieces. It's not going to be cost efficient to break it up for retail if it is all on one mold. The character figures from DDS2 are available separately in metal.
  13. Those look really good! That medical bay is slick! If I ever get back into Hirst Arts, the sci-fi molds are first on my list.
  14. Oooh, finally! Something I'm excited about backing. That poor little adventurer doesn't stand a chance. Where are his buddies?
  15. Inarah

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    Aside from the usual laundry, housework, and vet appointments there is the yard to deal with. It was neglected for a few years when I had surgeries and we've been playing catch up since. Last winter we lost a lot of branches, some has been cleaned up, but the lilacs need a good thinning to make them healthy again. I have to kill/rip out as much of the invasive honeysuckle as possible. Really though, the project keeping me from painting is a fun one, I'm building a new quilt. I've been procrastinating (ie, painting minis) all summer and I'm not as far done with it as planned. Today I'm clearing a paper project off the work table and picking up the sewing again. Mostly what keeps me from doing anything is chronic fatigue related to various health conditions. The latest one they've tacked on to the list is low blood cell count thanks to the chemotherapy. I feel ok because disease is in remission, but I'm out of breath all the time now.
  16. Looks like a nice evening for grilled chicken. Have to check and see how wet the wood pile is. It's under cover, but sometimes the rain blows sideways. It's also getting to be time to make a batch of pesto, before the plants freeze.
  17. Inarah

    Ghoulie bag

    Remember it has to be $40 before tax and shipping. Something like a $39.99 paint set won't trigger the shipping dept software to add it to your invoice.
  18. Appear to be 3 in package.
  19. Inarah

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    BTW, Windex (brand only) is a good ranged attack on roaches. If you have the kind that scuttle away the moment you move near them, a focused spray nozzle will get you 3-4 feet of range. Something about that brand gets inside the carapace and kills within seconds.
  20. Inarah

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    The usual assortment of flies, ants, spiders, other small bugs, and the occasional mosquito. Sometimes a cricket gets into the basement and starves to death. For the flies, opening a window during the day gets them out. We poison the ants if a whole nest finds a way in. Spiders I will leave alone, they eat the gnats and pillbugs. We had raccoons in the attic a few years ago and they were a pain. Destroyed the roof, had to be professionally removed. I found a dead possum in the garage once. Really dead, not playing. I would have let it out if I had known it was there. No idea how it got in, as they typically aren't active during the day and DH is careful to keep the doors closed.
  21. I've been watching it.
  22. I've finished it, and thank fraggle it's over. Not a bad start, way to long in the middle, and finally ends. I hope they don't do another season. They are out of story. But yes, beautiful to look at, even the creepy parts.
  23. If it's going to be massive it better be functional. Something that large I want to use to fling dice across the table.
  24. She is a pure bred and pedigreed Maine Coon showcat. Her features are more on the delicate side for her breed. And she is the sweetest little lapcat. AFAIK none of the rest of my group has heard about it or looked at it, so I'm going to save it for April.
  25. Today's halloween cat photo is brought to you by the words "me" and "ow".