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  1. Hoping to see more progress on these soon. :)
  2. Speaking of gorgeous cats, inspector #2 is stress testing the box today. Box is 22" long, cat is 26" from ears to base of the tail. She is a big girl. :)
  3. Someone did a checklist for the core set, can anyone provide me with a link to it?
  4. We caught Avengers yesterday, while marooned in Houston. The regular showing was full, but the 3d one had maybe 6 other people in it besides us. It was ok, I guess. I found it entertaining, but it didn't leave me feeling pumped up for the next movie or excited to see it again. We will have to see it again though, missed the credits because we had to catch our flight home.
  5. "Is xxxx dead?" really ticks off DH, especially when applied to recent technology, in fluff pieces written to fill space.
  6. Is everyone tired of box pictures yet? I just collected my wave 2 rewards shipment from a friend's house. Of course it came while I was on vacation. Here is one of the box inspectors on the job. She says the exterior shipping container needs more inspections before it is deemed safe to occupy. Everything accounted for, no obvious missing bits or breakage (but we haven't been through each baggie yet). Hut is standing on its own. Was anxious to get out and have a look around, it had already clawed through its box. Now, what to paint first? Ah, box has been deemed safe for use, in an alternate configuration.
  7. Inarah

    Cheng Xiao-Chen - Hell Dorado

    Very cool!
  8. Inarah

    Hobby Hijinx Corner 2019

    It was like the Bones conversion class that was offered, but only 1 hour long and with a limited selection of smaller figures. I saw a lot of head and weapon swaps done in the session I attended.
  9. Inarah

    Hobby Hijinx Corner 2019

    I enjoyed the mini bones mash up last year, I hope that can be arranged again. Don't know my class schedule yet, but I will try to come by and help at some point this year.
  10. Inarah

    Wedding Cake Toppers

    You do a great job with these.
  11. Inarah

    Hello Houston?

    Hi folks. Our flight out last night got cancelled and we are stuck here until 8 pm tonight. What's a girl to do? Any suggestions to kill time?
  12. Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play.... No, that's not right. 20 years ago today I walked down the aisle in a little chapel in Denton, TX and said "I do" to the most kind, funny, and loving man I've ever met.
  13. Inarah

    Getting to Know You for April 2019

    Ours was built decades ago when cars were hugely wide and long, so there is plenty of space for two cars, plus about 5' for general storage. In fact, if we pull the Toyota up to the wall I am pretty sure my little Mazda will fit behind it, letting us get 3 cars in there. :)
  14. Inarah

    Getting to Know You for April 2019

    I could if there wasn't already a car, a fridge, an upright freezer, a table saw, two work benches, two 3d printers, and a bunch of lawn and yard tools in it.
  15. Inarah

    Dungeons and Doggies Pomeranian Monk

    How sweet!
  16. Remember that individual figures themselves will be available at retail at some point later this year or next. You'll be able to get those monsters you want. The Expansion sets were KS only, for backers willing to put up money in advance. Reaper doesn't plan on continuing to sell the figures as a boxed set.
  17. Shipment delivered April 22, 09:52AM
  18. Inarah

    They are risen!

    A little Easter Sunday painting for the game table. These were from Bones1. They are risen! They are risen! Tell it out with fearful voice. They have burst the darkest prison; Let the whole earth feel remorse. Death is risen; man will flee! My photos are as bad as my verse, sorry.
  19. Inarah

    Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    Is anyone going to be around this morning (CDT)?
  20. I'm not sure what changed, but on my phone clicking on the link now takes me to the Play Store, and there's no option to open hangouts like before. What works: copying the url and pasting it into a fresh search bar. I don't know why.
  21. Inarah

    Warlord 14340 Samantha of the Blade

    Nicely done.
  22. Inarah

    2019 ReaperCon Hotel Information

    You might still be able to get a room at the regular rate. You'll have to contact the hotel. Remember that it is a major holiday weekend and Reapercon is not the only event being held there. If not, there are other hotels within 1 mile of the con site.
  23. Inarah

    Getting to Know You for April 2019

    My knife does not fit in a pocket. Well, most pockets. I only carry it when I'm camping or fishing, or riding the subway, which is almost never, these days.
  24. We watched 13 Assassins. I see what they tried to do there, but boy it got really stupid in places. I'd give it a "just ok" rating.