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    2635: Winged Tiger

    Not specially. The tiger was a serendipitous purchase, and since he has wings I thought I'd proxy it rather than wait to get the eagle at Reapercon. I had some of the 25mm log bases for my deathseekers, so I thought I'd get one to put the tiger on, too. I may make all of my hunting cats tigers, or maybe leopards, I'm not sure yet.
  2. Inarah

    03289: Ilana, Female Shaman by Jeff Grace

    Her skin looks wonderful. I like the richness of it. My .02.... The orange fur looks a little out of place with the bright blue bikini and the green accents. I like the muted earthy tone of her cloak, but the bright orange just doesn't seem to go. It works on the beads (?) hanging from her pouch, as an accent color, but it's too much in the other places.
  3. Inarah

    Dragonblood Miniatures

    Yeah, it was sad to see them go. Sounded like they had a buyer though I haven't heard anything announced. [listens for squeaking of the rumor mill...]
  4. Inarah


    I use 16g florists wire. Got a bag of 25 spools at the dollar store years ago, but I am sure you can get it inexpensively in any craft store.
  5. Inarah

    10033 Mousling Heroes

    Is there a suggested price for these yet? I see most of the boxed sets are $25. I hope the mouselings will be cheaper, being smaller than your average figure.
  6. Inarah

    What works with,...,

    Off the top of my head, jade green 9015 ocean blues triad 9726 bright skintones triad 9778 luminous green 9147 (disc.)
  7. Inarah

    Curent minis you'd like to see rules for

    There could always be a boxed set or a DHL Classics 3-pack released.
  8. Inarah

    Conversion Exchange Mini From Warlordgarou

    What are the twisty wire looking things? Nice change up on the weapons. And the crutch is a nice touch.
  9. Inarah

    Curent minis you'd like to see rules for

    Bakarathi! 2278 2258 2240 2171 2179 These guys just scream "Come and get some!"
  10. Inarah

    dungeon citizen list needed

    ghouls ghosts snakes spiders bats beetles cavemen troglodytes
  11. Inarah

    Conversion Idea

    At the price given for that figure I expect him to be around 3" tall.
  12. Inarah

    Black Hair

    I paint back hair with a black basecoat and then highlights in PP walnut brown or some shade of dark blue. Sometimes I highlight with grey.
  13. Inarah

    Black Hair

    I'd be interested in seeing pictures of this when it is done. I've never used metallic black for hair before.
  14. Inarah

    Aeronef Escort Craft

  15. Inarah


    A very nicely done conversion. I always like to see evil figures come over to the light side. :)
  16. Inarah

    3482 Lauren Silversail

    Nicely done.
  17. Inarah

    Sgt. Mack Torrey

    Nicely done.
  18. Inarah

    4 more weeks!

    I haven't started packing, just been tossing things into my tote bag like "Oh yeah, I'll need my paint notebook..." I've got a handful of Warlord figures to finish up and haven't done anything on them in days, other stuff keeps popping up. Trade-in metal is stripped and bagged. Just waiting as the days count down.
  19. Inarah


    Excellent work.
  20. Inarah

    metal trade-in question

    I know Reaper will be accepting loose metal for trade in. I have a couple of pristine blister packs of figures I do not want, and am wondering if these can be traded for Store credit?
  21. Inarah

    Platinum Blond & Anime Hair ?

    For Jade Star, My link I used 9024 amethyst with a wash of 9099 clear purple.
  22. Inarah

    Spike's Olde Worlde RPG

    Solace tends to her two wounded hirelings, and anyone else who got nicked.
  23. Inarah

    mini exchange from kristof65

    Nicely done by both parties.
  24. Inarah

    Traveller Monk

    Nicely done.
  25. Inarah


    So you can move guys out in the pre-battle phase. Seems this would just make them early/easier targets. How do you use Ranger to your advantage?