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  1. In KS3 Diabolus the dragon was a $10 Option. In retail today he is $29.99 Mystic Circle was a $15 option, now selling for $29.99. Fire Giant Jailor, $6 option now $12.99. Most of the KS4 options haven't been released so I can't compare that yet.
  2. Inarah

    paint-n-take show off -- Recruits 2019

    @Crissair, thanks, and welcome to the forum! I haven't counted, but I would guess we get several dozen participants during the ~8 hours we are there. I love seeing the kids come back excited to paint every year. While most of the kids are younger than the paint they are using, some of the "kids" are in college and still come back.
  3. Inarah

    paint-n-take show off -- Recruits 2019

    If you like to play games, Recruits has those, too: Open board gaming tables here in front. LotR tournament play
  4. Inarah

    Realm Of The Dragon 3

    Looking good, what is the expected start date?
  5. Inarah

    I’ve got crabs...giant ones

    Nice looking critters.
  6. Inarah

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    All the shinies! Mexican fire opal, malachite, amber. Just love the soft translucence of carnelian. Sapphire is my birthstone but it's usually too dark, so I prefer tanzanite. Larimar reminds me of the ocean. Garnet, if it is really red and not pink or brown. Back in the early days I used to buy loose gemstones by the gram off ebay, thinking i could get them set later. Little did I know the settings would cost more than the stones.
  7. Inarah

    Cyclops (Bones 4)

    Very nice. I like the grey shadow that shows a shaved head and you did a great job matching the base texture.
  8. The game has been around 40+ years. I'm sure a lot of people who started when I did have grandkids, and are still playing. I wouldn't count out great-grandparents either. :)
  9. DH will want those little asian themed critters. Dragon wolf? Better be a dragon cat coming too. :)
  10. Inarah

    Amazons and Dwarves by Bad Squiddo Games

    I got mine today. Agree that they look good.
  11. I couldn't get into wave 2 even though it showed a few hundred open slots, so I went with wave 3 and then tried to change spots. It took ~90 minutes for it to process my request. I had given up on it by then, so it was a pleasant surprise. But if fulfillment goes like last year it won't matter what wave you're in. Waiting for some of the offerings to catch my attention. Quite a few figures I have in metal, or have no use for. But things will probably change by 2021.
  12. Well, it let me in wave 3, and let me try to upgrade to wave 2, but eventually broke and said they couldn't process it at this time. Yet I keep seeing the number of open slots in wave 2 dropping, so some people are getting through...
  13. That's what I'm getting too.
  14. It's just continuously timing out on me. :(
  15. Inarah

    Pre-Launch Bones 5 Excitement thread

    I'm heading off to the dentist. Save me a spot in Wave 1, will ya? :)
  16. Inarah

    Pre-Launch Bones 5 Excitement thread

    It lets you smack talk in the comments area of the KS. You get all emails and updates as the campaign progresses. And if you want to increase your pledge you can easily do so at any time. If you can't afford to pledge the big bucks right away, it's a placeholder for next year as long as the pledge manger is open.
  17. Inarah

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    I think the high point of our summer was that Nothing Happened. No trees came down on our cars, neither of us got seriously ill, hurt, or sued. Nothing fell off the house or got swept away in the flooding. I still have all my body parts. The cats are all doing well. We had a nice time at Reapercon, it wasn't my best year but it wasn't awful either. It was just a nice, even keel kind of summer.
  18. Welcome to Getting to Know You, September 2019 Edition.   The rules as they currently stand: 1. Every day, or so (unless I am out or ill or something) I will post a question. 1.5. Should I be unable to post a question for the day a crack team of deputy quisitors, former quisitors, and random forum members are all chomping at the bit to step in and post one... 2. In theory there is a 24 hour span to answer that question before the next question is posted. 2.5. (Rule 2 is the most frequently ignored rule.) 3. Questions are going to be posted sometime before 10:00am Central US Daylight time 4. Everyone is encouraged to suggest future questions to be posted via PM to me... 5. You do not have to answer every question to play... 6. If a question is TMI or N/A simply wait for the next question.. ..or post that you decline to answer (clues regarding why can be fun...unless TMI). 7. Weekend questions may take the form of two or three day quests, starting on Friday or Saturday.
  19. It's easy to make. Put stuff in pot and simmer. https://www.gimmesomeoven.com/hot-and-sour-soup-recipe/ One of the things I learned to cook in college, cheap ingredients and definitely cheaper than a restaurant. Rest and feel better soon.
  20. Inarah

    Pre-Launch Bones 5 Excitement thread

    I hope it doesn't mean weird off the wall stuff I have no use for in game. I don't know why they can't make "the usual sci-fi minis" we've been asking for during the last 4 campaigns. There's a market for Star XXXX compatible models. I could go for that, too.
  21. Today's job, sorting through the paints we use for paint n take. These were all donated, and some are older than the kids using them. Got a handful of lids on wrong, and a few dried up. Will need to pick up a few replacements next year.
  22. Inarah

    Getting to Know You -- Sept 2019

    Question for Sept 30: What painting or hobby skill took you the longest to get good at? How did you finally figure it out? For October, I leave you in the capable hands of Talespinner.
  23. Inarah

    Pre-Launch Bones 5 Excitement thread

    There's a LOT of monsters I've never encountered in my years as a player. It's nice that the KS can help bring them to us. Now we need hatchling and young catoblepas.
  24. -- chill -- put stuff away that didn't get put away last month -- paint stuff I primed last month, aiming for ~6 figures done -- prime some new stuff -- try not to obsess over Bones V -- pack up the paint-and-take supplies and donations Sept. wasn't bad considering I had events 4 out of 5 weekends, I had a lot of free weekdays. Oct I have events 3 out of 4 weekends, plus 3 Dr appts, 2 blood tests, and a chemo infusion scheduled.
  25. I photographed 14 figures, 12 of which I painted in September. Stuff still needs to be put away. A few figures were prepped and primed. Reapercon acquisitions haven't been logged. Paint and Take went off beautifully. I got a huge number of donations for next year and have started assembling and priming. BoGW is ready to go when I get an address. Calling it a good month.