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  1. 4 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:



    Autumn Salad with grilled pumpkin and goat cheese or with  shi take!



    Oh, yes I've had it that way, too, it was quite nice with the dark greens and vinaigrette.  Coincidentally, I was in the Netherlands at the time. :) 


    Most people associate the taste of pumpkin spice with pumpkin, but the two do not taste anything alike.  Pumpkin is a fairly mild vegetable and lends itself well to sweet and savory applications because it takes on other flavors very well. 


    Pumpkin roll: 



    Never had one myself because I'm sure it has too much sugar for my taste, and probably that dreadful spice mixture in it. 



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  2. Feeling very "meh" about the Dark Depths unlock.   May pick up the merfolk at some point.  Killer clam? Last I knew clams don't often produce giant pearls. 


    6 hours ago, Piata said:

    Unfortunately, I'm kind of underwhelmed by Bones V. I tend to dislike extremely large figures and would prefer to make my own terrain so there's not a whole lot I want so far.


    Yeah, here too.  In for the spider temple set though.  Two if DH wants one.  The bridge and gate don't interest me much. 


    3 hours ago, Rignes said:

    I'm a first time backer.  I only discovered this hobby after the bones IV kickstarter was done the pledge manager closed.  I guess the more often you back and the larger your collection the more picky one can be.  It only makes sense, if you have a ton of one thing from previous kickstarters than having more of them isn't ideal, especially if you are happy with the amount you have.


    As for me, I'm super happy with what's on offer for Bones V since I kind of need a bit of everything anyway.    I'm super stoked about the Thing in the Well.  


    So far I'm in on the core set, the Dungeon Dwellers expansion, the paints, and the Dragon Bust.  I'm still eyeballing the Greek expansion but we'll have to see about that once the 3rd tier unlocks.


    Glad you're having fun because people like you are fueling this extravaganza.  I went in pretty big on #1 and #4, smaller n #2 and #3,  and don't need a lot of random, general use figures. Never mind that I have most of it in metal already. 


    1 hour ago, Corsair said:

    If I were a fantasy player I would be into this much more heavily. I am waiting for scifi and Chronoscope, so I just pledged a smaller amount so far.


    I want to spend money on pulp adventurers, starship crew, supernatural investigators, steampunk characters, space colonists,  cyberpunk gangsters,  and zombie hunters.  C'mon Reaper, give me an excuse to throw my money at you! 


    Right now I'm in for the catfolk, the Yokai, the spider temple, and the Greek exp.  $85-90? 



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  3. 2 hours ago, TaleSpinner said:

    October 21: Do you like foods containing pumpkin (real pumpkin, not just pumpkin spice) and if so, what is your favorite?


    Yes.  I usually make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  I also have a recipe for a killer pumpkin pecan cake.  I like pumpkin in chili, too.  I've done pumpkin soup, but wasn't a fan of it plain. (A friend makes an excellent butternut soup, though)   I did pumpkin salt caramel once, thought it was good but nobody else did.  That was before salt caramel became a thing.   


    I strongly dislike pumpkin spice seasoning and anything that uses it. 

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  4. 3 hours ago, Generic Fighter said:


    Anywho, what are your Hobby Goals for November!


    Spending ten days in Florida, so I'm not sure much will get done the first half of the month. 


    Making up for it with my annual Thanksgiving Paint Binge


    Big local game con the week before Thankgiving, still have to get our badges. 


    Anything else is too far out to plan. 

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  5. Halleluja, more skeletons. 


    5 hours ago, NebulousMissy said:

    Since essentially all of their terrain has been cross-compatible I wonder if this gate will fit with or near DDS2 and/or various other ruins.


    Also, this is THE OPPORTUNITY to begin selling the terrain pieces out of Dragons Don't Share 2 on their own. Ruined Tower sold right next to Undead Gate and Evil Altar and...



    I was wondering how it would look with DDS2 myself.   I don't see Reaper splitting up the boxed set any time in the future, though. 


    6 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

    Is that kneeling ranger part of it?


    Anyway, I'm thinking, this would also make a great photo backdrop item!



    Hmn.  That's an option, because it is kind of a cool piece. 


    Or you cold get two and make them book ends. 



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  6. It's mostly been taken over by candy manufacturers who start in August,  and cheap plastic crap from China.  There's a few events around town, mostly promoted by liquor and beer companies and watched closely by the cops. 


    Here we are 2 weeks from the date and Fall/Halloween is already being replaced in stores by Christmas (some of which went up as early as July).  Bah, humbug!



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  7. 1 hour ago, kristof65 said:


    There are enough popular sci-fi tropes out there that could be compiled into a themed sci-fi expansion like that - take the tramp starship crew idea, for example. Dark Matter, The Expanse, Firefly - heck, even the Millennium Falcon to some extent.  Have a set that is a crew, some equipment from their starship, some law enforcement/authority like figures, some aliens and a small group of adversaries.  Probably wouldn't be as popular as the CoC expansion, but I bet it would do better than the B4 Chronoscope Expansion. 



    Tim Prow did a KS exactly like that recently, I backed it. Let me see....   https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/diehardminiatures/diehard-miniatures-law-and-disorder


    Good stuff.  His 2nd project is up and running another 16 days. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, Bane Of Humanity said:

    I think if you could actually get a good scifi tabletop RPG.  You might get more scifi miniatures.  
    Sadly there just isn't anything on par with D&D and Pathfinder.

    I think they are trying to fix that with Starfinder.


    Call of Cthulhu has a huge following, it got a very popular expansion last time.  They could sell more if they tried.


    Star wars is another rpg I see a lot of at cons, why there aren't more generic minis for that I didn't know. And don't say "copy right", because Reaper has no issues making look alikes that work for D&D without a license.


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  9. 47 minutes ago, NyarlaBcn said:


    Don't despair! 

    I heard there will be a lot of expansions on this KS, for sure chronoscope (or similar take) will be one of them. If not I think it will be the first time they don't have any Sci-fi stuff 


    Chronoscope is Reaper's red-headed stepchild.  It gets very little love.  I'm not "sure" at all that it will get an expansion of its own.   

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  10. 53 minutes ago, Doug Sundseth said:


    Would it make sense to buy multiples of the same mold to increase throughput or is one of each a better way to go?


    Depends on what you are doing.  If you are doing a lot of floor for something like a game board or dungeon crawl then it can make sense to have a second floor tile mold. Likewise, if you are building towers or castle walls you might want a second wall mold.  Most of the molds I used had multiple floor tiles and/or wall bricks on each, but there are some dedicated floor-only and brick-only molds.   It's also not an all-or-nothing process.   If you just need floor, you can just pour the floor tiles, and skip the wall bricks and other bits on the mold.    When I was doing dungeon tiles I used most of the mold, since I wanted the columns, arches, finials, and whatnot to dress up each piece.  It's worth looking at their site to see what can be done and what others have done, and how they did it.  You'll very quickly get a feel for how much you need to pour when you start.   I haven't been on the forums there in ages, but they were very helpful folk, much like this place. 


    If you play CAV they have a line of small scale city bricks that are pretty cool for making terrain boards. 



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  11. 3 minutes ago, Doug Sundseth said:


    If you're willing to spend the time making bricks, the results can be amazing. I know some people pour plaster and demold bricks while they watch TV or YouTube or whatever, and manage to make thousands of parts in very reasonable amounts of time.


    I keep looking at those molds too, but so far I haven't been willing to pop for what amounts as almost a new hobby. Really tempting, though.


    We dropped a lot of money in the years when they first came out.  I have the gothic, fieldstone, cavern, and egyptian already and can put on quite a spread when given motivation.   I did an egyptian temple complex terrain set for my Nefsokar army back when Warlord was still a thing.  


    The learning curve can be steep, and it's messy, but yeah once you get the hang of it the process can go relatively quickly.  I was doing 2-3 pours a day of multiple molds and building on weekends. 



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  12. Saturday night my dance troupe is performing at an event hosted by a local witchcraft group.  It will probably be more silly than scary.  I know our dancing will be.  The following week friends of ours are having a costume party.  There will be food and adult beverages.  Living in the city we have a different kind of spooky.  I could point you to the biking trail where three people were murdered a few years ago, for instance...


    Saturday afternoon one of our GMs is running a halloween themed 1-shot adventure.  That should be fun. 


    Probably, seeing as the 31st is a weeknight, we will spend it watching a movie or working on some painting and go to bed early as usual.  Not likely to be any door knockers in our neighborhood.


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