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  1. Nice to see some physical products and not another bunch of 3d files that will never get printed.
  2. Ok, I asked Anne during her stream and she suggested mixing Stone Grey and Cloudy Grey, or moving to the Stone triad as your closest colors.
  3. I can't be sure, but I'll ask Anne when she goes online in about half an hour. I'm betting it's a mix of white and walnut brown with a little pink.
  4. I'd call it a form of coffee, yes. It has a time and place. Nobody is forcing him to drink it, so I don't see the problem.
  5. Amazing Figure Modeler is still going and the last I can remember being purchased. Reaper advertises there. A number of sewing, quilting and craft publications are still on the racks. I wonder how they hold on, what with the internet being the source of all things free.
  6. The cats had a night-time visitor they were not happy about. Young one, got up on the deck and could not figure out how to get down. Usually they're gone before I get my camera.
  7. Nice job on a traditional figure.
  8. Brilliant! I need to do this. I have multiple sets of villagers in metal and bones. I think the issue is whether or not the Bones version will have the crisp detail that the resin does. I know Reaper thinks Bones is just as good and their house painters can do a marvelous job with them, but I have handled some that look like they were cast in marshmallow and not plastic.
  9. I have a few copies of various mags from different hobbies, but could not tell you what titles or where they are located. I used to subscribe to a few, but found them repetitive after a year or two. I currently have no subs to any paper versions of any hobby publications.
  10. New York style? If it reaches a temperature high enough to kill bacteria and viruses, the food should be safe. Safe handling practices, clean hands, gloves, etc ought to cover the rest. My girl kitties are celebrating their 12th birthday today. That is, they are asleep and oblivious to everything, as usual.
  11. Ha ha! Yes, I learned one year why you do not want to plant pumpkin and cucumber next to each other. I got something round like a pumpkin, green skin like a cucumber, with stripes and very hard skin.
  12. Yellow pattypan don't have much flavor but they are definitely edible. It might be that in your country they are only used decoratively. In the fall you can find many small decorative squash (pumpkins) at the grocery store, but it always seemed silly to buy them because you can't eat them and they go bad. Obviously many people enjoy them, because they keep showing up for sale in the stores.
  13. Mine showed up in today's mail. They look great. Far more detail than I was expecting.
  14. The daily takings: The cucumbers are "Pick-a-bushel". They are resistant to the midwest mildew and mosaic virus. I traded some today for the little green pepper and a pound of hibiscus tea. Not sure what kind of pepper it is, but it's going to be part of tomorrow's breakfast. There were also 2 jalapenos which are in the oven, and 2 beets, which we'll get to later.
  15. I'm cooking an old fashioned meatloaf dinner, with mashed potato, and spinach salad. A couple of bacon wrapped home-grown jalapenos on the side for me. DH has put Blackmore's Night on the music player.
  16. It does not do this body any good. It does some very nasty things, in fact. There are alternative methods of getting calcium. But fear not, fellow feline of the Flat Lands, breakfast was not "missed" today. The magical life-sustaining qualities of tea sustained me through my morning errands. Tomorrow I return to my normal schedule of bacon, egg, and carbolicious baked goods, followed by a pilgrimage to the gymnasium. Depends what time you have breakfast. I suppose.
  17. @TGP just imagine what next year's table will look like. It could be like days of yore, with treasures overflowing the table....
  18. Tea before breakfast. Water with breakfast. Unless I'm at a hotel (like @Reapercon) then coffee. Me either, unless you count a shrimp and rice bowl before noon as "breakfast". That sounds divine.
  19. Zoom defaults to 100 participants. With purchase of a licence it can go to 500 or 1000. I do not know what Reaper has planned.
  20. Very nice! He has a good clean look, and I like the eyes.
  21. I am sensitive to the taste of coconut, but not in a bad way. Case in point, I was given a tin of cookies, the kind that come from your part of the world and have the word "butter" in the name. Only in this case the manufacturer had used inexpensive coconut oil instead. I could smell it and taste it, but no one I shared with could. To me it seemed very definitely coconut flavored, so I fear a small amount in tea would be too much. I drink hibiscus in the evening because it has no caffeine, but I also like the flavor and it would be good with a nice black leaf tea during the day.
  22. Inarah

    The Green Death

    IIRC it was Reaper linen white, Moth green (or possibly Spring green), a wash of unshaken Plaguebearer flesh contrast paint (just the clear liquid in the top half of the bottle), another light coat of Moth green, and then highlights in Linen and White. They're a bit lighter in person. The photo really brings out the green.
  23. Inarah

    helper robots

    A pair of speed painted 3d printed robots I completed during my 4th of July Paint Binge. I found the GW Contrast paints to be very good at covering large smooth surfaces easily. The red one was from a KS project by EC3D. (and yes, it's missing an arm) I am not sure where my husband found the other one, but maybe Thingaverse.
  24. A trio of figures from two different companies. In red is a rogue from Perfect Six miniatures, overlooking the training of two Little Wolves (Amazon girls) from Bad Squiddo games.
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