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  1. Bay of E usually has sprue of some kind, check alt spelling "bitz" as well. Reaper has a number of weapon and accessory packs, search keyword "conversion". Crocodile Games sells bits, if you look carefully through their web store you can find not only extra shields and weapons but statuettes, urns, an anvil, etc. Bombshell Miniatures used to do the same.... but I don't see it on their site now. Hasslefree has a ton of stuff, but you pay to ship from Europe. Ginfritters still has lawn ornaments, not sure what happened to the other items they used to have.
  2. I can understand things like the Dwarf Crypt being a set, but I'm going to real disappointed if I have to go to ebay auctions to get the one elemental scion I wanted. They mostly line the walls of the basement and act as extra insulation. Seriously though, I paint them, and the lucky ones get used in games. Not being able to play has definitely cut down on the amount of painting I do. I'm wondering how many people are staring longingly at the KS page in between applying for jobs online. A lot of gamers are younger and without job security. Would love to have a safety bubble with our game group. Unfortunately we have a couple of guys who aren't taking precautions, and even though nobody has got sick yet I'm not risking it. It's been Roll20 for us for about 8 months now. The ability to have maps and handouts is nice. Everyone misses the minis though.
  3. I think you're doing ok mixing it up or focusing on one color like you said. Times have been stressful and motivation is lacking everywhere. It's ok to acknowledge that you're struggling with it. Don't stress out if you're not getting as much done as you "think you should". Do what you can, when you can. The hobby should make you happy. If you can't relax and enjoy it, don't force yourself. Find something that you do enjoy, let your brain and energy rejuvenate. You may find new motivations. When I'm struggling with projects sometimes I sit and look at stuff and try to gather my thoughts. I don't reach for a brush, but I'll look at figures and try to come up with a reason I put it down. What wasn't working? What if I did something different? I'll also tidy up. Fresh newspaper under the work area, clean water, put away colors I'm no longer using, etc. No stress, no goals, just relaxing in the hobby/craft environment. Then the burning desire to fix that paint job comes on its own. Remember, it's not a competition or a job. It's ok to not paint for a long spell and not feel pressured or guilty.
  4. Or people could use key words and the tag function more often. I see a lot of posts where that line gets left blank.
  5. There's no pressure to paint eyeballs or do freehand or special effects. Nobody will be judged on what they did or did not paint. :)
  6. Unlikely, but not impossible. There is no normal sales schedule, these were discontinued paints offered one time only. Some time in the future they may find something else to get rid of and will make an announcement. Just have to watch and see.
  7. They look like they could be used in a number of different games. Good job.
  8. @Goddesstio. @Lidless Eye, @Fencig, @Marc. is there interest in doing a group paint? I cannot mail until after the 18th, so I will have time to prime and outline a figure if you want. It is voluntary, does not require you to do more than slap one or two colors on, and the figure stays with the box and can be claimed by someone next round.
  9. Not that I've heard. But you can wash them out and use them for your own paint mixes or washes.
  10. Searching for "warlord army packs" will get you most of the metal figure multi-packs associated with that game.
  11. You're welcome, and I'm glad it arrived safe. I was a bit worried when tracking showed it hadn't moved in 10 days.
  12. Reaper put out some crazy stuff in the early days. I'm still kicking myself about not getting more of the original mouselings.
  13. Yes, or contact the person sending to you with your address. If you get no response within a week or so, contact the next person in your line.
  14. There's also going to be limits based on the box size. If you take out ten metal minis and want to put in 20 Bones figures, you may find there just isn't room for them. Most of the boxes are already packed to overflowing. Thanks Chaoswolf for organizing this again.
  15. Finished this just before christmas. I'm rather happy with the way it came out. The blending is probably the best I've ever done, and I used true metallic shading on all the armor. I hope my Secret Sophie partner enjoys it as well.
  16. Inarah


    I'm thinking at minimum you need to contact reaper directly and set up a Retailer account with them.
  17. Good job on a tough mini.
  18. No. I went to 3 different high schools and didn't make any close friends, or stay in touch with anyone from college. If invites were sent out I had changed addresses multiple times by then and never saw one. Really have no desire to see people I didn't know back then and talk about stuff we didn't do.
  19. We've allowed 3d prints in the past and I'll be putting in a few. Make sure your prints are clean. The box is for figures you don't want, but don't put in stuff that didn't print right. Try to pack it to prevent breakage, resin can snap easily and the boxes get abused in transit. Also, label your stuff. There's so much 3d work being put out these days it's hard to track it down if you don't know what you're looking at.
  20. I use Orange Brown, Pumpkin, and Marigold.
  21. If I may offer suggestions, the nose is a little too pert. Cats have a slope from between the eyes down to the nose. And the muzzle is still a bit too rounded. A cat's head is more of a wedge shape. The nose is good, but it could be flatter on the bridge, and the mouth is more dog shape than cat. A cat's mouth would not droop on the sides, it would have a more horizontal line. Just my observations. I know you are in the early stages and have lots more work to do, and since you like to work from real life examples you'll have plenty of pictures of cats to guide you.
  22. DDS2. I actually had a test piece out and primed, and a color scheme figured out.... and went to buy paint only to find my primary base color was one of the discontinued lot. So it sits on the edge of the table until I work up the energy to start over. I've wanted to do the Lost Kingdoms figures I got, too. Opened up these babies, to find they are microscopic, in multiple parts, and need flash cleaned off every piece. Sigh.
  23. This month I'd like to: -- finish some of the pile of figures on my Desk of Despair. -- snake people -- orcs -- general fantasy characters -- large monsters: griffons, chimera, sphinx -- various cats -- continue working on the pile of Bones and 3d printed terrain pieces, leading up to tackling DDS2. Let's hope my new paint color choices don't get discontinued again this year. -- all this so I can select some new, fun figures to paint in February
  24. Completed the quilt. Doing the last of the hand binding during today's online game. Still have a pile of half painted figures .... Paint Binge started, but lost my motivation somewhere along the way. Overall, not a bad year but probably my worst in terms of numbers finished. Ended with 52 figures and ~20 pieces of terrain painted. Staying home and watching hundreds of hours of paint tutorials seems to have improved my skills, however.
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