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  1. Not completely, because I have inherent direction sense and I know when it's wrong, but it has done some strange things and taken me to the wrong places (and even a few that didn't exist). But never totally lost.
  2. Burnout... yeah I hear you. Sept was super busy but I finished my RCL Duo, Trio, and 4+, and a few others making it a total of eight figures for the month. Planning to take it easy this month as I am getting tingling in my hands from pinched nerves somewhere farther up the arms and until I see the doctor I don't want to push it. Got some terrain kits I am excited about and really want to dig into those. Right now it would be assembly and priming, not too difficult. Speaking of priming, our weather is mild and dry, perfect time to prep stuff for winter painting. I'll think about it.
  3. Nicely done. The little guy on the far right has this look on his face like "Uh, guys, what pose were we going to do for the picture?"
  4. Not that I can remember. A couple weddings (including my own) had photo shoots outside, but I think all the ceremonies and celebrations were indoors. I only had one friend who had a lavish wedding party, and remember that their photographer was a jerk and they got over charged for the food that was served. Happy for the couple, but "meh" for the experience.
  5. It made the rounds, I think everyone found something in it they liked. Pictures were posted. To be clear, it was "sci-fi AND terrain", and a good portion of the box is still misc fantasy and stuff. I'm passing the box to a new owner who will decide what to do with it. If you'd like to have a dedicated box for sci-fi, make that clear in the next sign up round.
  6. I usually enjoy getting out in the nice weather as long as the crowd is not too large. But lately there hasn't been enough time or energy to go to anything. DH is always tired and doesn't want to leave the house on his days off. Not that he leaves on the days he's working either. Not exactly a festival, but the local quilt shows are in the fall and I have been to a few already, with another one on the calendar for tomorrow.
  7. I went back and listened to the stream again, all the 5.5 info is in the first 15 mins. They did say all US orders without a ship are packed, and would be picked up by UPS today (Friday) or maybe Saturday. Some folks in chat said they had no shipping notice from Reaper but got a notice from UPS, so like Talae said, check for that. They are going to work on UK and AUS next and expect it to take another week or 10 days to get everything remaining packed up. Restock items that came in with 5.5 are being sorted and counted and will be in the store when that is done. They are still casting for Base Boss. Comprehensive update on the 7th. Waiting on the container of pre-painted Mal Drakars that will go on sale this fall. Or whenever.
  8. Well, something's messed up then, because half my stuff hasn't shipped and I'm not waiting on a ship or one of the items they didn't get enough of.
  9. Planning to do a punkin headed bugbear for the occasion.
  10. Like others there are age related difficulties, failing eyesight, unsteady hands, achy joints... For me a few things help: -- being in a relaxed state of body and mind -- making sure I've had a meal or snack and blood sugar isn't low -- if necessary, taking a deep breath, letting it out, and holding that for a few seconds while painting the difficult bit I'm not sure I could contort myself like that. 😮
  11. I would use a sharp knife and slowly shave off parts of the wing "peg" until it fits more snugly. I've had to do that with some Reaper stuff, too.
  12. I've been tinkering with a couple of them. Brushed the jade green onto a lizard guy and, nope, that was not the look I wanted. Maybe for something else. Playing with the magenta on another figure. With another dark wash for shading it is looking ok. I'm using them straight out of the bottle, no thinning except for a slightly moistened brush.
  13. I really like the effects and textures you got. The whole thing says "you will regret opening this".
  14. Licensed collectibles, usually carried by gift shops. Over the years a variety of miniature companies, including Reaper have done this.
  15. Kind of. I have notebooks into which I have recorded most purchases from ~1984 forward, but not the last 4 years or so. Everything purchased prior to 2020 that is unpainted is in labeled tubs. Painted models are in storage labeled by genre and year, fantasy, western, modern, etc. So I can tell you if I bought it before 2020, and may be able to find it if it is not painted. Specific painted models are a little harder to locate.
  16. No shipping notice yet, but they had a stream up of B5.5 fulfillment that started today. I believe they said the boxes would be picked up tomorrow, but I'm not sure. And I don't know how many got packed. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1599234959
  17. It looks like you have a nice range of purples and pinks, but only the two very dark greens. If you used some yellow-greens as highlights and did dark purple in the shadows, you get some cool effects. Inspiration pictures:
  18. Congratulations and happy birthday.
  19. I'd call that a diorama. I am working on a piece like that, it is a house with a garden. The house is about 3cm high. It is an ongoing project that will take time to complete.
  20. This guy? https://www.reapermini.com/search/roogtarki/latest/30018 All from Reaper except the cat girl.
  21. Not much difference on the rats that I can see, but you do whatever makes you happy. Bunch of progress shots: This one I finished today: Some more painted than others: Speed paint do-over Just about done with this guy: Barely started: I'm helping put on a local con this weekend, so very little time to paint right now.
  22. We watched Samaritan last night. It was an ok 90 minutes of entertainment, if you like seeing Stallone growl at kids and beat up bad guys. Not much else to it, stereotypical characters, some cringey moments, and budget effects.
  23. I don't think a black wash would do you any good here. Maybe a brown or some other color. Definitely some lining around the eyes. I'd use brush on sealer in places where the texture is rough, multiple coats if necessary. Combinations of drybrush and wash can bring up the texture in places (allow to dry between layers). The tentacles are very pink, you might add more variations in color, more fleshy or green for instance. Keep going, just getting a base coat on a guy this big is an accomplishment.
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