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  1. That was faster than I expected! Post pics of what you kept, if you can. We'd all like to see.
  2. Looks promising. I've backed a couple of these and been satisfied with the outcomes.
  3. FWIW, the skull plinth is not that large. I would not say it was bust sized. Some of the Bonesylvanians, and the colossal skeleton have heads about the same size. Those might be in stock where you live. (I do agree Reaper should think these things through more often, with international shipping becoming a real issue now)
  4. My first minis were one of the TSR boxed sets from around 1982 or so. Most of those were painted. The ones that grabbed my attention were Julie Guthrie's Personalities line. Those gave me a case of "gotta have 'em all!". The ones I collected in the 80's and 90's are all painted, a few I have found since then are still in blisters.
  5. Only this: No more specific info at this time.
  6. It looks good, you just need to do more. For instance, the yellow transition is pretty stark. Work on blending that green and yellow line, and the yellow to red line. You may need to mix some colors to get there.
  7. Have not seen the new version based on the computer game, but there are a lot of comments and reviews on Drivethru. I see that the complete original CP 2020 version is only $15, and if you decide to make a longer campaign of it many compatible books are available for that edition. I'd look for Listen up You Primitive Screwheads if you are new to the system.
  8. Isn't that a resin based varnish? An actual varnish, not acrylic sealer? The kind used with oil paints? You might try brushing some turpentine over it, and seeing if the stickiness can be reduced.
  9. Mostly yard work, because it's been overwhelmingly hot and humid this summer. We've also had lots of rain so the weeds are all 3ft taller than when I stopped clearing stuff in June. This morning was in the 50's so it will be a good day to do some of the harder jobs without risking heat exhaustion. I also have deck trellis to finish painting and get nailed up.
  10. As mentioned, probably a mold release agent. Just wash in warm water with soap or dishwashing liquid. Don't use any soap that has lotion in it. A dip in isopropyl alcohol also works. Spray primer doesn't work any better on the new Bones, so if you haven't figured out the trick to getting it just right and not sticky, it's best to skip it or use something else like a brush on. Spray sealer on a completely painted model should work ok, however. Go lightly on it, though.
  11. Step back from the situation. Re-evaluate priorities. Re-assess needs. Set new goals. A quiet space, some personal time, and a cup of tea can be a great help with the process.
  12. I hope it's not looking at the flooflets as a midnight snack. You guys have had more than your share of trouble. Maybe some of the forum members can do a collective dark working to align forces more in your favor.....
  13. I went with saturated colors on this one. Enough of the black and brown, this Sascha is from a dimension where the future's so bright you gotta wear shades.
  14. This was a Reapercon special a year or three ago, and part of my end of year paint binge for 2020. Despite that. it didn't get finished until July of this year. It's very small, would just fit on a round 1" base.
  15. Another one of my big bad evil guys ready for the table. Is he human? Is he orc? Who knows. All that matters right now is what he's going to do with that big sword.
  16. I've been slowly (very slowly) working my way through some of the larger non-humanoid figures in my collection. This one took me about a year to complete, mostly because of the wings. I haven't figured out how to do the translucent effect yet, but I'm getting closer.
  17. Blinding sun, oppressive humidity, and stinging, biting insects. It went from 88F to 58F last night. Today is going to be beautiful.
  18. I give credit to the various Reapercon teachers who have taught "chibi" classes.
  19. A. Do you want me to make breakfast/dinner? B. A pirate never talks, if he knows what's good for 'im!
  20. Thanks for the comments. She was fun, but tiny. They are definitely a challenge to do well, like old 25mm figures.
  21. Ah, thanks. He'll fit in with the rest of my green horde then. :)
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