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  1. We're flatter than a pancake. http://www.usu.edu/geo/geomorph/kansas.html What I've seen of British archaeology is you can't swing a cat in England without hitting something Roman, and much of that was built on top of something Iron Age or older.
  2. Not all game players consider it a responsibility to bring figures or terrain. Some folks are quite happy to play without them, and to use a gridded map, or play "theater of the mind" style. Not every game needs to be a big production, a simple paper map can be just as entertaining as a massive 3d dungeon set-up. Not everyone wants a big figure collection. Lots of people don't like to paint. Even fewer people make terrain because it is hard to store. (They see the crafting hobbies as separate from gaming) These people bring themselves and their enthusiasm to the table. I thin
  3. I'm a host player. I have a love for minis and painting that is not matched by anyone else in my group. Some of them have figures, but rarely paint or bring anything. I've also been collecting and painting for decades longer than some of them. I have multiple armies for the few war games I've tried, because opponents can't or won't bring their own. (I've mostly stopped playing because of that).
  4. Well done! The snowflakes are very impressive, Love the white hair and her face.
  5. That was what my first 1 GB drive cost. And I recall, in high school, my boyfriend was able to get a 5MB hard drive, for $500, which was half price.
  6. What a bunch of self-aggrieved, narrow minded, petty little.... Time to stop answering the trolls in your comments section. They're all offended and insulted over nothing, and the ongoing dialogue is just feeding their outrage. Continue to rate and give feedback, but do not respond to negative comments on your pieces except to say thank you. You do not need to explain your profile picture, your hobbies, your free time, or anything else. Stop justifying yourself to that trash. Next time someone is rude, reply with "What a charming comment, thank you."
  7. They were cool way ahead of their time. Too bad they didn't get wider popularity. I have a box of them around somewhere. Too often lately. But I rarely have to be anywhere at a specified date and time. Today is not one of those days.
  8. Like, in case I come across some teenagers camping in the woods, or what?
  9. Road trip tomorrow. Just had the car serviced, it's been sitting for over a year. Battery is good, fluids all topped off, new wipers (not that we'll have rain), tires checked out. Gas tank full. Snacks packed, water bottles and thermos ready to fill in the morning. Personal kit packed: wipes, tissue, analgesics, etc. Backup CC and emergency cash on hand. Phone and devices charging. Did I forget anything?
  10. Not everything has to be a new idea or technique. I've got a few figures set aside, like a zombie and a ninja that I can paint quickly if needed. Easy, no stress painting. They don't have to be perfect. Sometimes you just need to take a break and refresh. Do something different. Get away from the table and come back in a few days with a clear head. Finally, think about why you got into the hobby in the first place. What do you love about minis? Can you find that feeling again?
  11. Usually, because DH wakes up and that wakes me up. And if we over sleep the cats make sure to wake us.
  12. My sympathies on your loss. You did a good thing by taking care of her, she certainly lived a better life with you than otherwise. I enjoyed the pictures and stories you shared and will miss hearing about her. Give her a good burial. Be sure to leave an appropriate service review for the veterinary office. Hope the rest of your vacation week is better.
  13. Was 92 here, then it got dark, the sky started to rumble and now water is falling from the sky.... as well as the temp. Won' be surprised if it drops 20 degrees in as many minutes.
  14. It takes weeks to get an email response, I'd be surprised if they look at accounts at all.
  15. I'm thinking early to mid July at this point. Once that container gets to Denton things will start moving real fast. I hope the employees get the Independence Day weekend off to relax.
  16. Last night's dinner, salade nicoise with yellowfin tuna. I used some lovely yellow beets in place of the potatoes.
  17. Turkey. They're easier to frighten away, and quieter than geese. Plus I know how to cook them, if it comes to that.
  18. It's normally like that here every year, but we may have gotten lucky with the late freeze we had this spring. Haven't heard a peep yet, and it's been over 90 all week. Usually by now the endless mind numbing droning is sapping our will to live. Awww...... someone just needs a good snuggle.
  19. Looks like chocolate chip cookie dough.
  20. "5e campaign setting featuring new awakened animals as playable species, new classes, new subclasses and a host of one-shot ideas" https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/russrmc/animal-adventures-the-faraway-sea Launching July 20th.
  21. I presume the blinding ball of fire out there is the sun. No solar phenomena were visible at this location.
  22. Ron mumbled it in the Twitch stream a week or two ago, best watch tonight and ask about it. https://www.twitch.tv/reaperminiatures
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