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  1. Ok Primed, I glued them to their base, but leftthe torso and arms loose so that they can be aimed and posed in a game.
  2. I started painting Halberds, so I vote with my brush!
  3. I have decided to start with a Templar Force, I only have 4 models (Halberds) from this faction, so they are a good way to start without locking my self into a color scheme, I decided that I will make a forest mottled camouflage scheme, and I am going to use a white and blue unit insignia and Templar logo. I am waiting for the primer to dry on the 4 models, and then I'll post before pics.
  4. Here is the big mess o' mechs I have put them together, have not glued anything yet, some heating to reshape will have to happen One of my Spectres is missing his legs, I sent a message to [email protected] I am going to work one unit at a time I think, at least to begin. I will start posting them as I work.
  5. She is the Sylph reaper#14522 http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/sylph
  6. Thank you both, I had a lot of fun making her, now just time to pick a new project.
  7. I had the mini all set to deliver to her new owner, when my cat decided to take out his jealousy on her, he broke off one wing, and bit the mini several times. First I have some pix of the damage And Here I have the fixed portion (you can still see the tooth marks a bit And Finally, I have pics from after I repainted and completed the base. I delivered the mini after I finished fixing her, and he was quite happy.
  8. Ok starting on blending and skin highlights for the facenext.
  9. Got it, Body next! I'm going to paint everything in its basic color, hair yellow, dress blue and etc. Ok Here Be Pics! Oh, and I realized that I did not show the back side of the wings yet.
  10. Well, not a lot more to show, I just started on the body, no real details at all, what would you like to see?
  11. Ok, I have been working only on the Front side of the wings, I am leaving the back gray for now. I used weathered stone, Ghost white, and pearl white on the vanes of the wings. I tried a very thin line of Ghost white, and then blending in small dots of Pearl along the edge. I am thinking of waiting several hours to make sure that all is dry, and then I will do another layer of weathered stone, followed by some more "silvering" at the edges and tips. Let me know what you all think so far
  12. Ok next I inked in the low spots of the wings, this gives it a stained glass kind of look I am not really good at NMM, but I am going to try to "Silver" the wings with NMM for all of the veins. We'll see how it turns out.
  13. So I glued the wings to pins attached to corks, glued the mini to the base, and primered them all. The guy who asked me to paint for him has vaguely hinted ata color scheme, he wants silvers, golds, and an angelic look if I can manage. When I showed him the stained glass translucent look he was quite taken by it, so it might be a good way to go as well.
  14. I am getting ready to enter my Sylph into a contest this weekend. I think she is some of the best work I have done. Thanks everyone for advice! http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/55687-sylph-contest-mini/ One of the gamers I am with liked the previous mini so well, that he offered me $5 to paint one for him in his color scheme (does that make me a pro?). Any how, I want to do the best job I can for the princely sum I am comissioned for this grand artistic work :) So I intend to capture every stage of the piece and use what advice I can get. I have the pieces glued, and as soon as they dry I will post before pix.
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