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  1. I just saw this! I didn't even know this was a thing. COOL! Thanks!!
  2. This is a valid topic and one that Reaper should be very open to consider. It annoys me when someone just closes a debate with the "can't please everyone" statement. I get it. Majority rules. And you can't make everything perfect for everyone. Yet, why can't you consider some changes? Why not try to see if there's other options? My first RC was the 2017 con and it was a non holiday in October. When it went to Labor Day in 2018, I first cringed. Usually Holiday Weekend Cons are more expensive, more crowded. The reason you do a holiday con is to take advantage of the weekend. More people usually take the long weekend to go somewhere. You want to take advance of the Monday in some form. I've been to cons that took that extra day and used it. I also understand its a great "pack out" day too. In this case, it makes perfect sense for Reaper to use that extra day to allow staff to decompress and get ready to go back to work on Tuesday. Yet, Reaper also has the power to say Tuesday is a holiday for their staff too. It's all relative. Sunday has been considered universally to be a sleep late and lazy day in hotel cons. But it doesn't have to be. Working with cons, the "pack out" is critical and caused by the time consuming aspect to flip everything around so another exhibit can move in. Thats the biz! BUT, I will always support a non Holiday Weekend and/or weekend that doesn't conflict with another competing event. Sunday could do with some rework though. I think the Auction takes way too long. It's exclusive to only high rollers as everything is priced to dang high. I think it should be about an hour and be for the unique stuff. Open a (Dave & Busters-like store) Brinewood store, trade some reaper bucks for some smalls (cups, brushes, hats, shirts, etc.)
  3. But you'll have to act fast....they are on sale for only 7 minutes!!! BUHAHAHAAHAHA
  4. Please tell me these will not sell out in 7 minutes!!!!!! I joke I kid I comedy
  5. I found this curious and gave it a try. I also got the $129 a night "reapercon 2022" rate. Yet the room is marked as ADA or folks that have disabilities and not to reserve if you do not need such a room. Mmmm....
  6. Sorry to be a sourpuss but I disagree with this entire statement. "fortunate" that Reaper got what they got? Thats like saying I was fortunate to get the last roll in the bakery and it was only slightly dirty since I found it on the floor". It's obvious this hotel has over many rooms still waiting to be reserved. The new rate is $418+. Thats what the hotel business calls price hiking for holiday weekends and knowing there's an event bringing people in - and news flash.... its not the con down in the convention space. Thats a slap in the convention host's face. Sorry. If the Embassy had provided a honest amount of rooms, more of the con goers would have been able to get a room. - maybe everyone so far. Perhaps rooms would still be up for grabs. The partnered hotels still have rooms at con rates. So this is evidence this is not a person vs number of rooms issue. Am I excited for ReaperCon? Yes. Am I completely satisfied as a customer? No. I like being at the Embassy. I got in 2018 and 2019. My experience will now be different. Now, many are now facing a decision to pay $250-$420 a room if they want to be in the "con hotel" and that could be interpreted as elitist ... those with faster modems, quicker mouse clicks or just who's willing to pay the higher dollar. I just feel Reaper is a better company than this, they are either shrugging it off, and/or feel sorry for them as they got bullied by Hilton/Embassy . Also, this is usually settled in the contracts. If memory serves, Ron told me it was for 5 years. Well, 2020 was a bust but 2022 is year FIVE. Maybe time to renegotiate or relocate. Again, if this con was one week earlier. I could predict the hotel would have agreed block out the entire hotel at $129 a night. We'd be happy and they'd be happy with a full house.... I want to be excited, I do....
  7. the sad part is that this issue is due in part (my opinion) to Reaper. Either they haven't been able to negotiate a proper block for the hotel because the hotel is not willing to provide a good block of rooms and/or the hotel knows it's a holiday weekend and wants to price hike for football and other guests. We drive in from Denver. We can easily stay a mile or more away. Yet, the experience of being in the hotel, to which a "hotel con" is being held in, is just much more satisfying than being down the road. I finally found ReaperCon in 2017. Before the new location, they were holding the convention in strip mall exhibition space. Our hotel was a ways away but we managed. When I returned in 2018 to the new hotel, ReaperCon became my Graceland of getaway cons. I jump at going again in 2019. When I booked rooms for 2020 (con cancelled), it was already getting crazy to get a room. Rates quickly doubled and felt the allocated room block was much smaller. I missed the booking in 2021, but after hearing the stories I was kinda of happy I decided to do a skip year. In 2018, my room rate was $94. In 2019 it was $99. By 2020 I think it was definitely $129 or higher. I think it was still the con rate. Yet, 2022, I'm paying $254 - non con rate. I just checked today, one-day after going up, and the room rates are now $419. Definitely a situation where the hotel wants to get a cash grab. I doubt they will provide more rooms. And those that might open up from the reaper block may just get magically lost to the big money machine. My suggestion is: Reaper should move the con to either the weekend before or after Labor Day. Would it really stop anyone from going? Or, now that the 5 year contract deal ends this year(?) maybe find a new location or press the hotel to contract the entire 300+ rooms at the con rate*. They are guaranteed a sold out booking either way. Just my 2cents. Better for ReaperCon, Better for Us. 😎 * off site hotels are currently $109 and $114. Embassy was $129. $15-20 is not that big of issue and I'm sure Cygnwulf you'd be happy to be in the Con Hotel!!!
  8. Well, to me its still a small con. I've actually been a Director of a 100K attended comic con. So yes, this is still a small con. And that's what I loved about it. The people were great. The fandom, the community and the organizers. I was late to the ReaperCon experience and my first con was 2017. It was amazing. Then 2018 happened, the new hotel was a massive perk. It reminded me of cons I attended in the 90s and early 00s. Since, I've organized a very large comic con, I know the logistics to put on a convention. So, I've seen the strings at the puppet show. Yet, Ron, Ed, Dave and everyone at Reaper impressed me 2017-2019. I know Reaper will bend over to make the attendees happy. I'm not so concerned about hotel swag or even the swag bags (you can get these even if you don't attend). It's the experience. It's that magical feeling you get when you attend something. (some call it the Disney effect, which was actually a training I attended haha) The experience is everything. Reaper does it well. Yet, stresses like getting a hotel room, or massive cost increases, can hurt that experience, even if it's no fault by Reaper. Thus, perhaps I'm just voicing that frustration. Since, I've already worked through problems like this at that big con, I can't help but find them and want to provide solutions. I'm probably wrong in thinking that way. Oh well, I have to just consider if its worth attending with a $1100 hotel bill vs the con rate of $600. Maybe its not staying in the con hotel which does hurt my personal experience. Maybe I will wait till the other hotels go up. Or maybe I'll pass. (wife's bugging me to go back to Disneyland, to which I paid about the same price for hotel last year in Anaheim). Thanks for listening to my fickle opinions.
  9. wow. either the small con is no longer a small con or there was very little rooms in the con block? What is the Con Rate? The website says $129 yet I booked a room at $254 and yes the Code was filled in CESRCM. Did I get the rate? If so, this is like 2 1/2 more than in 2019/20. Will I get a Reaper hotel swag?
  10. the mouslings offered in Bones III KS are "Ah-Sum!" Will they ever be done in metal? or are mouslings' future only going to be plastic? just love the geisha mousling and the dwarf mouslings....
  11. Even geniuses are limited to the base product given to them. I thought they turned out great! I would reiterate that I think each girl should have different colored hair--pink, blue, green, etc. Then they would totally have an anime look.
  12. So, TSR ran D&D for 20+ years. Somehow they went into the red and WOTC came in for the rescue. But did D&D suffer because WOTC didn't bring the TSR folks over? Or are they just being too "corporate" thus executives not gamers are making the creative decisions? Everyone hated the 3.0 and 3.5 rules. Where did they go wrong? What if Dragon and Dungeon were combined into one magazine thus able to combine their content? Thus giving fans something vs. nothing?
  13. Isn’t Sooner™ the sequel to Soon™? Does anyone know when the Trilogy will be complete with Soonest™?
  14. WOW! I have to agree with Mattmcl... Compared to your stuff...my stuff just sucks! I'm jealous at your skills but I will focus my life to striving for that level. The photography on your miniatures is very well done and makes the presentation half the joy. I really like the female paladin and the base ROCKS! (no pun intended...okay...it was....) So do you enter contests and just take home all the trophies with this level of minis?
  15. This is sad. Sounds like another way to cut expenses. The excuse that people go online or rather have electronic versions of this information is just an excuse to cover corporate decisions based on executives who know nothing of the fandom or hobby. I'm sorry, you can't take a PDF with you on the bus, train or in the can. Magazines are great for many reasons--portability is one of them! I'm wondering if its Paizo. I have subscribed to the Star Wars Insider for a decade which was published by them at one time then shifted to IDG and now has gone to Titan. I wonder if magazine publication is a rollercoaster market.
  16. I'm waiting for the "One Million Served...or posted" landmark.....
  17. The bases are very creative and look great. Wow, 2-3 hours for all of em? It would take me 2-3 hours each. I guess I'm too OCD when it comes to details. Great work!
  18. WOW! Looks GREAT. I can't think of any criticism. I look forward to seeing your other minis.
  19. Dark Maiden is very nice. The wood works well off the red dress. I'm impressed as the wood really looks like....wood!
  20. Looking Good. The highlights and weathering looks nice.
  21. Very nice. Great colors. I really like the detail in the helmet and the hightlights and shading around the brim of the helmet.
  22. the water and the shadows are looing great! Its looking very realistic. I'm interested in seeing it completed.
  23. Still looks good. Again, just curious to see some of the shading and highlights in a more diffused indoor light. The outdoor shots really gave it some nice glints and hot spots. But I was curious if it was just an illusion of light or if it was truly painted. Thanks keep painting.
  24. I was thinking of a Chinese line. Something with Wushu roots ala Crouching Tiger or House of Flying Daggers. I could see them with the traditional layered robes and thin steel blades similar to Green Destiny. I've looked for something similar but haven't found em yet.
  25. Very Nice! This is a very nice piece. Those flowers are great even if they were just to cover a flaw. What kind of flowers are those? and where did you get them? Keep it up!
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