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  1. Interesting..Me too. I painted a mini for his spouse "Mrs. Ken Ott". Sent a early June. No confirmation of receipt. Just hope it got there (and in 1 piece)
  2. I received a very cool Drow elf from Colorado yesterday. Super free hand on the cloak and wonderfully blended armour. Super Duper. Thanks. I can post pics if you don't have them.
  3. Dang...However I did already pick up the minis from a French online group. Saracens and The Lost (Egares). The quality of the casting is outstanding. Very smooth, no mold lines. Solid metal more akin to GW/Reaper and less like Rackham. Assembly was easy, pieces fit great and took a pin easily. To me the Saracen sculpts outpace the Egares from a quality standpoint. Bases are nice but not as deep as Privateer Press.
  4. Yes...with full English rules as well. I've talked w/ one of the translators on the project who will also be at their booth. Should have the whole shebang in English.
  5. But whoever gets a mini from you is getting a real treat that is easily worth the wait. Christian Thanks for the compliment...I'm not sure the mini deserves it. Here she is.....in the mail tomorrow.
  6. OK - just base coated mine. I'm in overdrive though..
  7. use the base as a guide.... Check out all the painted stuff in the CAV fan area. You can get an idea by looking at the Hex bases. Its big...I have a Ghast which is not as bulky but considerably longer.
  8. I like the colors but not happy w/ the execution. Enjoy.
  9. Even if the capacity is below average....is there any reason not to take the Free base if you are running an infantry or Mech Inf Section....or are those sections below average when comparing identical points of an armor section.
  10. I'm enjoying painting up the CAV mini. So far I've finished about 2K. Here is some work from last night. The colors are to reflect the factions home world which is a water world. Thanks for looking.
  11. I didn't think the Light Inf w/ Heavy mortar had bulky SA? Are mortars automatically Bulky? Regarding walking - I didn't think it was a viable option. I thought the Mortar section had to have sufficient transports to haul all the stands? I am incorrect in that assumption?
  12. In the Malvernis Faction ability it allows you to receive a free stand of Rifle Team Infantry Stand in your Mech infantry section and infantry section. Questions: Are these the 84 point variety only? Can the stand bring you up to the minimum requirements for a Section as well as above the maximum?
  13. Armor section Butcher 403 Chieftan (2)@ 156 = 312 Kahn 169 Total 884 Rifle Section Armored Rifle Team (3) x119 = 357 1 rifle team (free for Faction) Total = 357 Flight Section Long Bow (2) x 74 = 158 Total = 158 Mortar Section Hedgehog 168 Transport upgrade 10 Light Infantry w/ Heavy Mortar (4) x105 = 420 Total = 598 Overall 1997 pts
  14. For a first attempt this is quite nice. (and I'm no expert so bear with me) I was thinking the paint looked like it could have been thinned more. Especially as you go up in value (lighter). I then read that you used craft paints. While craft paints can obtain a solid look, I find they tend to break down when thinned to the levels needed for sucessful NMM. One way around this is to try a glaze over the top after completeing your layers. Some folks use smoke for both the steel and gold. This will bring those transitions together. then you go back and hit the top highlights w/ white/ivory.
  15. Thanks - seems like my thinking is on the right track. How much is the upgrade to transport/X. Is there a limit...ie Transport/X+1 or Transport/X+2 max.
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