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  1. I had assembled it and then painted but I'm not sure that was the best way to go. Some areas were a royal pain to try and reach. As far as the base goes I'm rather clueless. I want to keep it simple since it is a gaming piece and knowing 11yr olds it won't receive the gentlest care. Any good ideas? Hugs Nevy
  2. My daughter had a chance to play in a recent con with a friends father as a DM. She asked me to paint this up for her the night before she was to use it. I can see having taken the picture that she could use a bit more highlight in her hair. Any other suggestions or comments? Hugs Nevy
  3. Here is what I did with him. I did this a few months ago and he has seen a lot of game play so he isn't in the best of shape anymore. But here he is for what its worth Hugs Nevy
  4. Thank you guys for all the wonderful suggestions! I've worked up some of the highlights more, tried to add more grain to the bow and provide more contrast between it and the leather and adjusted the gamma and contrast. Infact holding her next to the photo the color is right on (at least on this computer) Thanks so much for all the help! Hugs Nevy
  5. Oberfrosch: Yes! Those colors are much truer to what she looks like. I was rather disapointed in my photographic abilities. I knew she came out too dark but couldn't figure out the right combination to lighten her up. What did you do? Jubilee: I think you are right about the bow and the leather on the top being a bit too similar in color. I'll try lightening the bow and attempt to stick some more of a wood grain look on it. I'll also try a walnut wash to the gold to tone it down a bit. Thanks for the ideas! Enchantra: Ooo... I think I do need to change my avatar. Thanks Flint: I'll bring the highlights up a bit more. I was feeling that the hair was a bit flatter than I was after. I touch up both it and the red. Thanks! Hugs Nevy
  6. I am almost done with this one but I have the feeling I need to add a bit more. I thought I would get your input and help to make this look better. Thanks in advance! Hugs Nevy
  7. Wow! Very big difference. They don't really look like the same paint job. Great job! Hugs Nevy
  8. Woohoo! Great job. You should be very proud of yourself! Hugs Nevy
  9. I'll try adding a bit more of a yellow, dirty, can't brush my teeth kind of look to the teeth and pinkish-purple wash to the gums tonight. Thanks for the input all! Hugs Nevy
  10. Thanks guys for all the great compliments. I've been painting figures off and on for the last 2 years but have been working hard to improve for the last 6 months. I've become the designated painter for our gaming group over the last few months. I been keeping bases very simple for that reason. Right now I usually get 2-3 minis done a week. The DM will usually ask for one particular figure done up and leave the rest to play with up to me. I must say I REALLY cringed when I was handed this nasty! Hugs Nevy
  11. Well I am finally biting the bullet and posting a mini. I have lurked for a long time but just couldn't bring myself to post. I've been practicing both my painting skills and photo skills for the last 6 months and don't have any excuses for putting things off any longer. Actually just by taking the photo I was able to notice a few things that need a bit more work myself... such as the inside of his mouth. I am looking forward to any and all comments on this and future minis. Hugs Nevy
  12. I don't know... maybe I like being teased. I personally am glad you posted the bits and parts you did. It's like an appetizer to a fine meal. I am looking forward to what the rest of the meal will be like because the amount you have shared is awesome! Thank you. Hugs Nevy
  13. Oh my! Congrats; I would say you have improved tremendously! I have lurked here gathering advise for a year myself but I think having seen the amount you've impoved with input from everyone shows that just reading isn't enough. Awesome job Flynn. You should be very proud of yourself! And, I think I am going to need to follow in your footsteps and start posting pics for that extra help myself. You can pat yourself on the back for finally getting me to take that step! Hugs Nevy
  14. While I really like this mini and the way you finished it off is quick looks good; I have to say I agree with Cade. The first thing I noticed were the thumbs. Either the Gnome tinker that created him was in a miniacal mood or was a bit harebrained. Not that that is a bad thing. I have some players that are conviced that there are some seriously evil gnomes out there that are very batty. This would would just be more proof of that theory. Hugs Nevy
  15. They are all awesome! The hubby and I were both drooling. Infact, we were going through them all and each and every one of them would have a place on our shelves. Quite a few of them would even fit with the AU campaign we are doing. We can hardly wait for them to come out. Got to start saving up for the whole bunch right now! Hugs Nevy
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