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  1. I'm a little late getting in on this discussion... I've gone through just about every magnification option mentioned here and a few others. They all have their goods and bads, but for my situation I finally settled on the headband visor style. I use the optivisor brand with a #7 lens most of the time, but it can get heavy and occasionally the strap around my head gives me headaches, especially when I'm short on sleep. When I get that, I toggle to my mageyes. Reading glasses were not strong enough for me, so I tried going the route of getting a pair of clip ons to boost the magnifi
  2. Wow! Thanks for the tip Laszlo! I've been using beeswax for years in my sewing, how come I never thought of it? Jen
  3. I have to wonder if anyone will be daring enough to show up with a unicycle.
  4. Welcome to the boards Mrs. F! First off, allow me to say congrats to you. This is very very good for your first works. Not only painting, but sculpting too? Bravo! I am not a sculptor at all, so I can't comment on that part much. I do see a marked improvement when you switched away from the ash clay on the mushroom man. Perhaps the ash clay has a porus nature that contributed to the rough surface texture? I love the mushroom guy too. I think the next step for you would be to play around with highlighting and shading. I agree that the body needs something more. Perhaps try
  5. I think my personal favorite part was hearing Michael ask Jason if he wanted to suck on his shirt...
  6. Oh wow.... Yeah, I agree, this is my favorite take on this mini so far. She's dark and moody, but sensual and rich. Her face is beautifully done, full of expression. You achieved a perfect balance of red and green. It's so easy to make that come out looking Christmasy. I love the purple glazes in the shadows. The occasional splashes of clear strong color (blue and red gems, yellowish green on her sleeves, the center front of the bodice, gold trim here and there) keep your eye dancing without seeming out of place. Nice warm to cool lighting shift from the front to the back... The base work
  7. And now a word from the peanut gallery... In my opinion the RMS paints are one of the best out there for the hobby, especially with the triad system and all. That being said, they are a bit of an investment for a beginner and not they only way to paint. Since you are interested in primarily doing tabletop minis for RPGs at first, it might be a good idea to play around a little more before you start buying specialty supplies to help determine if you are really going to enjoy the hobby and actually stick with it enough to justify the more expensive stuff. At least for a month or two.
  8. Nice work Dude! Nice blends and contrast in the skintones, and you did a great job on the blends merging his dark lower half with his torso! I vote for a few glazes of red or pink around the nostrils, mouth and eyes. It would bring them out more and give them a fleshy look, and generally help to draw focus to the face. Beauty stuff... Jen
  9. Are you talking about washes or glazes? Washes are applied to the whole surface in a rather uncontrolled manner (very good for fur) and glazes are applied in a tightly controlled area. If your glazes are coming out grainy it could be a couple different things causing it. It could be that your paint is old and funky (has it been exposed to freezing temps?) or it could be that you are thinning so much that the binder is breaking down. If thinning is the cause, try mixing in a little bit of brush on sealer. It's clear so it wont change the color, but it will help to hold the pigment together
  10. Howdy CP! Check out these threads: linky and linky number two. Derek goes into a fair bit of detail on the colors he used. The NMM recipe he gave me worked out fabulous! Good luck! Jen
  11. You might be able to convince the newbies that you don't have anything to offer, but those of us who have been around a few years know better! Heck, there's stuff I want to learn from you myself! But we shall "discuss" that at another time.... <evil laugh> Actually the timing for this thread was pretty good for me. About a month ago I finally bought a table top tripod for taking WIP shots right at my desk. I've been shooting pics of my Gen Con entry in different stages as I went along, "and now we add another layer of highlights... and now we deepen the shadows... Pushing the contras
  12. Yeah, I would be more than happy to offer up info if I knew what you guys were looking for. Is there anything in particular that's on your wishlist? Jen K
  13. Wow! Really, really nice Josh! Rich colors and I love the blends. Good to see that your new laid back life in Mexico has not dulled your skills. Great to have you back, Jen
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