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  1. Look I'm not going to defend what he said, BUT last year I did ask if I could run a game with REAPER figures on a back table somewhere durring reapercon. I was quickly put in my place and told you need to find some space other than reapers facilities. I wasn't real pleased at the time and could see why someone could react in this fashion.
  2. Posting Vannessa's entry (she doesn't have an account set up) Summertime Blues
  3. Okay I saw a figure in show off that was a thief with two daggers jumping the miniature supported by his cape. I didn't need it at the time, but now a friend wants that figure and I can't find it. Anyone know what it is?
  4. Thanks, yes I think a different color shield would have jumped out more. I think when I stuck with the same color as the skin I was thinking about puffer fish. These guys are small so if they have shields skin color it looks like there are more and bigger :) I'd think about the boss and rivits if these weren't just going to the tabletop to play Song of Blades and Heroes.
  5. The next batch of 4 will be green they are rounding the bend but the first one is nearly completed. And to show that these are indeed small the scale picture :P
  6. Very nice! I love the yellow tones in the skin. There are huge debates about how orcs reproduce. I like the orcs need the earth to reproduce which pushes me to the yellow tones for a little chlorophyll in the blood. When you go this route, try a figure with some darker red hair. I think it looks really good with the green and yellow tones.
  7. Her skin tones scream red head, but with the red coat I'd say stay black :0 nice work
  8. I'm picturing a Micheal Phelps kobold with the non flaming staff end going up to the mouth :P I'm just saying the first thing that popped to mind :P
  9. The wizard? has the same split kilt in front and a one piece square in back. The top is a sleeveless toga. There are 2 v ruffles under his chin, and what looks like a shallow hood on his back. looks like half a skull belt buckle. With a little file work you could make him look topless.
  10. I bought them seperately at Reaper, but I have two of the staff guys at home, my first thought was a sleveless leather vest. I'll post the ensemble later tonight ;)
  11. Added 4 more red Kobolds, painting time was spread out so I'm not sure how much I put in , but It has to be 10 - 12 hours thought about using that cat hair as an arrow but it wont stay :)
  12. On ebay I picked up 12 different color schemes 6 dice each, so I can change out the cold ones :P http://stores.shop.ebay.com/jspassnthrus-d...s__W0QQ_armrsZ1
  13. The one thing that goes over well on TV series are bad guys and George has plenty of interesting bad guys. Hopefully on HBO they wont get caught up in the audience just doesnt have the attention span to keep up with a storyline.
  14. Gasp, Lazlo didn't tell him toothbrushes make random spots!
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