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  1. Not the bees! NOT THE BEES!! It's awesome!
  2. Awesome. Where does that nasty guy at the bottom come from?
  3. Actually, the idea has been around for awhile. There are several sellers on Etsy offering this sort of thing. Which is no strike against this creator. The more the merrier, I say.
  4. The original Tremors was a well-budgeted, critically acclaimed movie that did well at the box office and was said to have 're-invigorated" the monster movie genre. It has legions of affectionate fans and has a script that is considered very well written by most screenwriters. It is now considered a classic. The sequels were cheesy B-movies. The same should not be said of the original. The mini's awesome, though.
  5. When I assembled my fence whole I found that not every point where the iron fence crossbars meet the posts naturally touched, leaving very small gaps between the pieces at those points. This was after I had already done some sanding on the brick portions to flatten their sides, so should have met up flat. The solution was to tip the posts a little in some areas, and then shore up beneath, or just fill in the ground with putty before texturing it like dirt. Additionally, putty was needed to blend the brick sections. I don't know how this would affect your decision. I can see an argu
  6. Yeah, I make a lot of terrain, so I mold many small elements like these to help speed up the process. Wherever I realized that I was making a thing over and over again, I just molded the most recent one I was working on. Like, doors and window frames and little control panels. That sort of thing. EDIT: Actually, if you look closely at the background of some of the pics above, you can see plastic blisters containing some wall elements. You probably can't make them out clearly, but those are window and wall panels that can be added to walls to give them a post-apocalyptic look.
  7. Woodland Scenics has this line of fine-leaf foliage for their trees that is made up of little tiny bits of their coarse ground flock mixed with poly fibers and small sticks for a more "realistic" look. They also make a slightly thicker version that is for making shrubs, etc. That's all this is, in the dead leaf variety. Then there's a nice sprinkling of 4Grounds dead leaves cover and some fine ground cover beneath.
  8. I used tiled and quarter round styrene bits to build one, and then molded it. I was working on several little sci-fi pieces that needed solar panels, so it was just easier to mold one and cast them off in resin. Just the frame/tiled section is the resin piece. The angled thingy it stands on is little bits of spare styrene with rivets punched in with a leather punch.
  9. A tiny cemetery put together with Reaper statues, tombstones, Harrowgate stuff, etc. The iron was a tedious paint (even for a rust monger like myself), but the flock was a lot of fun to lay out. Thanks for looking!
  10. Continuing my strange obsession with turning shipping containers into... other... I give you a pair of what appear to be some kind of communication shacks made from the new, smaller shipping containers. Yes, those tiny radar/radio dishes are Lego pieces. Thanks for looking!
  11. Whatever that is, I love it. The metal looks really old. That looks like something from the early '80s, maybe? The bases make these look less like gaming minis and more like those weird, hard semi-pewter things you find in gift shops.
  12. A good, easy rule of thumb for a figure not wearing makeup is to mix a soft, rosy color into whatever you are using as the skin base. Mix up with whatever you were using to highlight the skin to highlight the lips as well, always keeping it a bit rosy. You're going for a subtle difference from the skin of the face.
  13. As the Dr. said, the medium (thus the fix) depends on the size of the gap. Any chance you can share a pic of the offending pieces? I don't think anybody will get into any trouble over this.
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