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  1. I've never had any trouble using an actual speed-variable electric drill on minis. I realize this is not for everybody, but I am always surprised that more people do not simply use the most obvious tool. With practice, you may find you are able to drill even very small, fragile parts. I suppose there's an art to it, but we are all artists of kind here, yes? I have a Dremel, of course, which I use for fifty other techniques. I never had any luck using it for drilling. It's either a pin vice or an actual drill for me.
  2. I've always pronounced it PEAR-ee-tun, similar to how TaleSpinner does, but with the accent on the first syllable. Both Greek and Latin were spoken widely - very widely - and so pronunciation did vary, and at least in the case of Latin, the sentence form and structure was very loose. That said, I am not sure this was a true mythological creature from antiquity. I believe Jorge Luis Borges invented it, but claimed he found it in an old manuscript. Not sure if anybody has ever seen said manuscript.
  3. Kudos to you for catching the logo! I made up stencils in styrene for a few different logos, including Stark Industries, CyberDyne, and InGen.
  4. Very nice, and a great base, too!
  5. Love the dirty capes.
  6. Thank you! It's worse than you think. Those "space bunnies" are Robbie Rabbits from Silent Hill. Shhhh... they're watching us.
  7. I blame that IMEF trooper in the first few pics. He claimed he was just there to show off scale, but he had a suspicious look about him.
  8. Sometimes I like to turn the shipping containers into bunkers or other little outposty things. I got some kind of not-great pics this time. They're taken in various stages, so flock missing in some/not in others, and some areas do not appear painted here, that were painted later. EDIT: Hmmm.... I stuck these here because they started out as Reaper (models), but now I wonder if this should be in the terrain section.
  9. There are plastic Bonsai trees on eBay in the $10 range, and I think some of them come with free shipping. They would end up in the Huge to Colossal range, unless you trim them down, but I have seen some with some pretty nice texture and a good selection of branches. Michaels has these long styrofoam cylinders in three-packs that you can get pretty cheap with their weekly coupons. I use those sometimes to quickly make thick-trunked, giant trees of the Redwood or Sequoia varieties. It's pretty easy to carve a bark texture into them, which can then be puttied up with wood filler or spackle to fill in the air pockets and add detail. With just a few well-placed wire branches you could get pretty much any sized treant in a hurry.
  10. Awesome - that exposed leg adds a lot of character to the piece.
  11. Bruunwald

    Urkin Shaman

    Very nice. Oddball question: I notice two different styles of bases, a 30mm round lip and a flat 40mm. Does twisted have loose rules for basing or space, or was that just an aesthetic choice?
  12. Rain falls hard Burns dry... a dream Or a song... that hits you so hard... Filling you up.... Suddenly gone.
  13. Others have already touched on the bog/peat (European) mummy. Which is a fun idea. Just to throw an alternative out there, there are Mesoamerican mummies, too, usually found in dry caves (one famous one well preserved in a sitting position), which were thought to be sacrifices of a kind and have a spooky element all their own. With a little work you could transport one to a jungle swamp setting, where the swamp has encroached on the mummy's resting place.
  14. Yeah, this technique has long been a go-to for creating rust and similar textures. That is, until liquid greenstuff came along and made it much easier.
  15. Bruunwald

    Black Smith

    He's awesome, but it begs the question: by equipping the "murder hobos," does he become complicit in their "crimes?"
  16. Although, relatedly, hundreds of TSA screeners have called out sick now, rather than work without pay. I am not in any way a fan of the TSA, but I would think they would be considered "essential," too, so... there it is, I guess. Patience ended.
  17. This goes to Corsair's recommendation (above). Woodland Scenics has a line of flock that is basically not much more than green powder, that can be used to simulate moss at 28mm size, or general grass cover at smaller scales.
  18. 1. Interesting. If I recall, liner is akin to ink, which I typically do not thin in the airbrush as it is quite thin already. But when I do thin it, I don't use water, I use Vallejo's Airbrush thinner. Same kind I use when I thin paints that are not specifically formulated for airbrush. It's made to thin so the paint can pass through, but does not produce a beading effect like water sometimes can. On that note, I prime Bones with primer. That's one of the conveniences of having an airbrush - no more worry about melting plastics with rattlecans and no more laboring to prime same by hand (or with weird materials). 2. When I paint a bunch at a time, I just double up packing tape on cardboard and press the minis down firmly. Your airbrush should not be so powerful that it is blowing them off of the taped surface. If it is, two things may be at play: you might need to turn your psi down on your compressor; or maybe you are holding the airbrush too close to the model. When I do individuals, I blue tack them to these very handy heavy rubber sink stoppers. You should be able to find them at hardware stores, like ACE. I reserve those for more detailed models needing more attention, though. 3. I don't have experience with Stylenz. I assume they are acrylic? Beading could be caused by a few things. I know you are experienced and know how to clean your models, so I would say maybe latent moisture in the airbush? That would go away after a minute or two, though... I tend to spray a very thin coat of primer first, then build up with a second, possibly third coat. I would say maybe try to "dust" the mini on the first pass? Hold the brush eight or so inches away and release the paint slowly to get a quick dusting first.
  19. I'm going to necro this thread because it's a fine idea. In fact, I found it while searching for this very suggestion/function. Being how easy it is for a popular Bones model to sell out (probably to the very same people who already have multiple copies of it from their Kickstarter pledges), and how long it takes to get same back in stock, some kind of alert feature would be very, very welcome. I drive myself nuts checking on a thing over and over. Specifically, in this case, this thing, which would have been a great success at an upcoming convention.
  20. Does this figure count as nude? I've seen it on here before, painted up in flames and I don't think it caused any trouble. It's an elemental. It has no naughty bits.
  21. Huh... I thought the flock on the dwarf's axe was intentional until I read the caption. I've flocked a few undead. They tend to crawl up through all sorts of stuff. Hard to keep them buried.
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