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  1. I do a lot of weird fiction in our games, and specifically have run a long-time game set in Silent Hill, with Mythos fragments thrown in. I find that it's both scarier and less convoluted when I do not overthink these things, or stick too specifically to canon as provided in rule/sourcebooks, etc. Continuity is always important to some degree, but keep in mind that Lovecraft himself considered all of this stuff to be best when re-interpreted, scattershot, inconsistent, etc. It adds to the mystery and the chaos of the thing.


    All that said, the first thing that comes to my mind, is that Mythos creatures tend to dream and to think in the abstract, and any consideration they might have in passing for us mere mortals can skew our reality or our perception of it pretty severely. I think you could just get away with the backstory character somehow popping up momentarily and incidentally on Nyarlathotep's radar. Any intense emotions, lingering guilt, whatever the character is subconsciously experiencing, would be enough for proximity to an Eldritch being to propel him (and companions) to the other plane, etc.


    In our games, it is generally understood that the action is mostly taking place in a demiplane of the characters' unconscious design, populated with clues and reminders of whatever they are trying to repress. Simple proximity to the power that enables this shift, is enough. It's like not knowing you are psychic, until you come within range of a powerful battery, at which point your demons are activated against your will.

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  2. 1898 Miniatures has a Rough Rider Teddy Roosevelt. Gringo 40s has two of them (one is mounted).

    Black Tree made a Lincoln in an old Dr. Who line. Ainsty Castings did a Vampire Hunter Lincoln. Perry Miniatures had a Lincoln.

    I seem to remember a Grant in an old set somewhere...


    You just have to do a search for these things. They are out there. Best bet is to search specifically for a President by name, and include "28mm" and "miniature" in your searches.





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  3. I've never had any trouble using an actual speed-variable electric drill on minis. I realize this is not for everybody, but I am always surprised that more people do not simply use the most obvious tool. With practice, you may find you are able to drill even very small, fragile parts. I suppose there's an art to it, but we are all artists of kind here, yes?


    I have a Dremel, of course, which I use for fifty other techniques. I never had any luck using it for drilling. It's either a pin vice or an actual drill for me.

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  4. I've always pronounced it PEAR-ee-tun, similar to how TaleSpinner does, but with the accent on the first syllable.


    Both Greek and Latin were spoken widely - very widely - and so pronunciation did vary, and at least in the case of Latin, the sentence form and structure was very loose. That said, I am not sure this was a true mythological creature from antiquity. I believe Jorge Luis Borges invented it, but claimed he found it in an old manuscript. Not sure if anybody has ever seen said manuscript.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Sanael said:

    These are awesome!


    ... And I feel sorry for any Weyland-Yutani employees who have no better shelter than makeshift container-shacks! That... Well, it can't possibly be safe.

    Kudos to you for catching the logo! I made up stencils in styrene for a few different logos, including Stark Industries, CyberDyne, and InGen.

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  6. 2 hours ago, Inarah said:

    Those are awesome and inspiring. Thank you!

    Thank you!

    3 hours ago, Kangaroorex said:

    I thought it was the pink space bunnies in the alien cloning tubes...

    It's worse than you think. Those "space bunnies" are Robbie Rabbits from Silent Hill.


    Shhhh... they're watching us.

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  7. There are plastic Bonsai trees on eBay in the $10 range, and I think some of them come with free shipping. They would end up in the Huge to Colossal range, unless you trim them down, but I have seen some with some pretty nice texture and a good selection of branches.


    Michaels has these long styrofoam cylinders in three-packs that you can get pretty cheap with their weekly coupons. I use those sometimes to quickly make thick-trunked, giant trees of the Redwood or Sequoia varieties. It's pretty easy to carve a bark texture into them, which can then be puttied up with wood filler or spackle to fill in the air pockets and add detail. With just a few well-placed wire branches you could get pretty much any sized treant in a hurry.

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  8. Others have already touched on the bog/peat (European) mummy. Which is a fun idea.


    Just to throw an alternative out there, there are Mesoamerican mummies, too, usually found in dry caves (one famous one well preserved in a sitting position), which were thought to be sacrifices of a kind and have a spooky element all their own. With a little work you could transport one to a jungle swamp setting, where the swamp has encroached on the mummy's resting place.

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  9. 5 minutes ago, Clearman said:

    It does work, but I personally don't recommend it in situations where you want a smooth finish.  The baking soda can create a texture that would generally be unwanted on a model.  It's great for terrain though. 

    Yeah, this technique has long been a go-to for creating rust and similar textures. That is, until liquid greenstuff came along and made it much easier.

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  10. 19 minutes ago, NebulousMissy said:

    Now US Customs... they're affected to heck and back. However, since the vast most of those employees are 'essential' there wouldn't be much of a slowdown in parcel shipping. Until, of course, the fact that they're all working without pay causes people to walk off the job.

    Although, relatedly, hundreds of TSA screeners have called out sick now, rather than work without pay. I am not in any way a fan of the TSA, but I would think they would be considered "essential," too, so... there it is, I guess. Patience ended.

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