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  1. 3 hours ago, TaleSpinner said:

    February 8:

    Do you carry cash for small purchases or rely on other means?



    (This questions stems from an encounter a the CS this morning where the guy in front of me used a credit card to buy a $1 cup of coffee and it got me wondering.)

    Generally, I do not carry cash. Only when I have change after something where I absolutely HAD to pay in cash (they still exist). Eventually, I usually hand that change over to the kid for his lunch.


    I've mainly relied on my check card (or whatever we're calling it now) for most purchases for... I don't know, really. Twenty years now? A little more than that.

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  2. 10 minutes ago, Gargs said:



    Seriously, at the end of the day, all that matters is that you are having fun. If you are having fun, then you are doing it right. We have people on the forums here who are absolutely incredible artists who seemingly make miracles happen with paint and miniatures. Then we also have people like me, where I'm excited when I generally hit most of the miniature with paint and the average person can at least tell what I was attempting to accomplish. But we all have one thing in common. We're having fun. 


    Painting is supposed to be fun?





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  3. 4 hours ago, TaleSpinner said:

    February 5:

    What was the most difficult technique you have ever attempted on a mini and how did it turn out?

    Eyes, every time I have to do them.


    Let me clarify that: I am a master of electronic/glowing/magical eyes, but normal, human eyes throw me into a panic each time. I end up either nailing them on the first try, or struggling, due to panic, and requiring a bunch of time to get them right.


    Yes, I know all the techniques and breathing exercises and the zen of the thing, and all that, yadda, blah. And I am fine painter otherwise, who does commissions and paints at shows, and all that. I get them done fine eventually.


    It's a mental block. I get weird thinking about it. I just can't break the habit of freaking out when I have to do "normal" eyes.

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  4. 5 hours ago, Orlando_the_Technicoloured said:

    I h\ave a feeling I've seen him somewhere


    (LoTR is what's coming up in the back of my mind with the kit, pipe and hood but I can't see him in any of the obvious places on Stunties site)

    I was thinking in a similar vein. Maybe not LoTR directly, but an Oldhammer or related from the days when they were copying that style more closely?

  5. I used to, way back in the day. I think I fell off for two reasons:


    1. The comics I liked tended to slow down and eventually disappear before their time, which I think made it harder and harder to start on new ones.


    2. I once had a more flexible desk job where I had normal breaks during the day, where I would check up on the comics I was following. I now have a job where I am being more closely monitored and people do not seem to know exactly what a break is.



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  6. 35 minutes ago, Beagle said:

    But what about if the players end up in a battle against a very powerful enemy? Aren’t you left with a situation where the players who want their characters protected can run outrageous risks that are likely to kill the characters of players who are prepared to lose characters?

    No. Because we got rid of all our dick players some time ago.


    And I never said any PC was completely immune to death. I just said that I am happy to work within each player's likes and styles.


    And to add to that... in my experience, it is exactly the people who slavishly covet and fetishize character death who do the outrageous crap that gets everybody killed. The players who don't like it tend to be much more cooperative and responsible with everybody else.


    You ever hear of Leroy Jenkins? He was an amateur compared to the KOADP (King of All Disruptive Players), nickname of a guy we gamed with for a numbers of years. That guy, our guy, was charging into dark rooms well before the internet was a thing, DESPERATE TO DIE AND TO GET THE WHOLE PARTY KILLED IN THE PROCESS. Laughing the whole time. Thrilled when his antics caused others harm. I could never say the opposite was true. I've never had a cautious player be a disruptive player.

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  7. On 1/24/2018 at 11:44 AM, Beagle said:




    Certainly wouldn't work for me, I think I'd find it tiresome if the same two players were the ones consistently losing their characters but player x's character always seems to come through OK. Feels a bit too much like Captain Kirk and his redshirts

    That assumes death occurs frequently enough to call it episodic. It doesn't. It also assumes that the PCs who die are treated as extras with no lines. They aren't. It also assumes characters do not leave the game in ways other than death. They do.

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  8. I treat this on a player-by-player basis. Some players are pretty vehemently against PC death, while others cherish it in absurdist, almost fetishist ways. Then there are those in-between, who expect it and want it to matter.


    The tastes of all the players in my group are well known to each other, so nobody is surprised at one-another's reactions to these things, or to how I manage the danger across the board.




    There is danger for everybody, of course. But since fun is the ultimate goal, "fair" can screw itself in the conventional sense. I am being fair. Fair to each player's style and enjoyment. If one player wants me to come at them with a dagger every five minutes, I am happy to work that into their story. If another likes it when the cavalry shows up, that person can have that too. I am good enough at my job that I can scare the bejeezuz out of them in the process.

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  9. 11 hours ago, Thes Hunter said:

    WEDNESDAY- (I needed to remind myself cause I kept thinking it was Monday or a Tuesday.) 


    Jan 24th, 

    Today is HUMP Day! And for a reason... I associate it with Tacos. Even though it is not Tuesday, and tacos are for Tuesday. 


    Do you have any food you associate with a particular day of the week? (Especially hump day.) 

    If so why?

    I used to associate burgers with Friday, since for a time we were being very good about what we ate most nights of the week, and we reserved Friday as junk food night.


    Then my kid entered high school, and everything has been sort of a free-for-all the past four years. Very hectic. Hard to plan anything too far ahead of time.


    I guess I do think of Tuesday as pizza night, in the back of my mind. The Round Table downtown does 30% off on Tuesdays. Very tempting. But we rarely take advantage of it.

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  10. 10 hours ago, Thes Hunter said:

    Jan 23rd. 


    What hobbying did you accomplish this weekend?


    (and if no hobbying, what other thing did you accomplish?)

    "Accomplish" is a tricky word here. I DID a lot. Did I accomplish anything in the sense of completion?


    I'm actually not sure. I have a table at a convention coming up next month, and I am neck deep in terrains and minis and all related paraphernalia. I reached a few milestones in terms of prep, but can't think of anything that I can say is actually 100% complete.

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  11. 53 minutes ago, Werkrobotwerk said:

    The funny thing about it is, it doesn't seem to extend to the RPGs! I've had 4 or 5 campaigns now that were a whole table  of burned out 40k players who were totally up for playing rogue trader or dark heresy. So they still love the game, but just don't want to deal with it's nonsense.

    Or you could say, they still love the setting. Not necessarily the game.


    Those are different rulesets.


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  12. Whenever someone says "rage quit," I think of some big Cheetos-stained dude flipping a table over, sending cups of Mountain Dew flying.


    Or, of the story my friend Scott tells, of the time he was beating some kid at 40K at the local GW store, and the kid got angry, and swiped his arm across the table, sending both of their armies hurtling across the room.

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  13. 4 hours ago, Beagle said:



    What's less understandable is why all of the American adaptations have made the Martians impervious to human weapons, something that isn't true in the book in which a number of Martians are destroyed in the fighting (at least five in just the three short engagements mentioned - it's unclear if HMS Thunderchild destroys two or three) which makes it more of a 'war'.

    I wonder if this Hollywood change was made to effect the psyche of the average American and the associated of horror of not being able to stop something with a gun....?

    Apologies for generalisations, but you know, it's what I do

    The simplest reason is likely that it just ratchets up the danger, and therefore the tension. By the time the first big Hollywood adaptation had been made, the genre was already full of other examples of films where human weapons had no effect. If you come to it from that perspective, then War of the Worlds cannot be seen to do less, in the mind of a Hollywood producer, since then it wouldn't be as suspenseful as the next most previous alien invasion flick.


    I doubt Hollywood bothered to exercise the sort of deep, weird thought required to think that Americans are generally terrified of problems that cannot be solved with guns, which is a very, very offensive generalization for which you should be punished by withholding walkies, fetch, and biscuits.


    Simplest answer, guys. Usually the right one.

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  14. For the D&D 5E game, I'm running Tomb of Annihilation. I have the following players:

    - A Tielfling Warlock ( happens to be played by Mr. Mouse, who is the biggest rules lawyer I've ever met )


    I always put the rules lawyers to good use by having them look something up, if everybody is uncertain. They tend to appreciate it if you get them involved at what they are good at.

    First, I make a ruling, advising that this is what is happening this time to keep the game going. Then I turn to the rules lawyer and say, "hey, when you get a chance, can you look

    that up so we know better next time?"


    - A Svirfneblin (sp?) Cleric ( this player is having trouble getting into the roleplaying...not sure what to do for him )


    Don't force it. Encourage the players who are good at roleplaying to play with him, and to encourage him. The more he sees

    everybody else being comfortable with it, the more comfortable he will feel.


    - A Firbolg Paladin ( this player is great at roleplaying, but I can't seem to make opportunities for him to do so within the city )


    Is it because the character race is so unusual? Maybe write up a rival NPC human who WAS the biggest guy in town, and now is envious. They don't have to fight. Just make him competitive.


    - A Half-Elf Rogue ( this player is doing great, even with it being his first time )




    - A Halfling Bard ( this player can't be consistently at meetings, but we have found ways around that. He does argue with a large number of my DMing decisions )


    See #1. Advise him that what the GM says needs to stand for many reasons, not the least of which is to keep the momentum of the game going. If these are rules issues, remind him

    that there is already a rules lawyer, and that these things will get ironed out over time. He just has to deal with it for the time being. If these are story points, ask him what he likes in a

    game and then sort of work some of it in, but not just as he has described.


    Above all, be frank about these things. Communication is 90% of all of this.

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  15. 6 minutes ago, Rat13 said:

    I have officially left the game. In its entirety here is my parting message:


    After the first session my wife decided to quit the game. Instead of immediately following her I gave the game one more session. Now I too am dropping out.

    I only joined this campaign because my wife wanted to play in an ongoing game, without her there is no reason to continue.

    We feel that you are too attached to your world and your particular story. Instead of being able to make our own decisions we are railroaded into doing things we disagree with.

    I understand the burdens of DMing on top of story and world building, but when players feel like they have no choice this ceases to be a game. We wish you luck with the campaign but we're done.

    Yeah, people ought to know why players are abandoning ship, so they can have a chance at a course correction.


    And then, I looked at the conversation going on in the posts above, and my eyes fell out of my head.

    How did we get to horse breeding?!

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  16. I don't know that I trust others so much as I just trust myself a lot. If you can trust yourself pretty completely, you don't end up being as emotionally invested in your trust in others, and thus that trust seems less scary.


    I do have a general faith in the abilities of others, and of people on the whole, though I am not at all surprised when they mess up or act terribly. But I trust myself to save enough fat from the fryer that I am not so worried about what others do, as I might have been when I was younger.


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  17. My old lead fu is a little rusty, but here goes...


    1. Homicidal Insectoid Flying Squirrel by Weirdfigs

    2. Nondescript Gnome (we called him Gnomedescript back in the day) by JusThere Metals

    3. Gold Digging Centaur by Nugget Productions

    4. Due-Holding-an-Axe-Mildly-Interested-in-Something-Over-There by Meh Minis

    5. Lady Bic Satyr by Femifigs

    6. Wizard Hailing a Cab by NYC Miniatures

    7. Milo

    8. Goatee Earth Elemental by Gillette

    9. Guy Who Stole Jubei Kibagami's Hat by Animeobscura References

    10. Clutch Popping Wizard by Kawasaki

    11. My attention span does not extend this far...



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